A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 1706

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 1706

Despite all the nonsense Astrid was spewing, Jared didn’t even get to interrupt. “Jared, it turns out that you still miss my sister. In that case, why haven’t you visited us in such a long time? My sister has even been calling out your name in her sleep.”

Millie, who had come forward, asked in a teasing tone. “I… I was just too busy and didn’t manage to find the time,” Jared replied in embarrassment.

“That’s not going to be a problem going forward. We’ll be seeing each other very often.” A look of delight flashed across Millie’s face. “Why?” Jared was stunned.

“Cecilia has decided to move Crimson Palace here. Being near to each other, we’ll be able to meet frequently.” Millie finished with a giggle.

The news blew Jared away, as he didn’t expect Cecilia to make such a momentous decision. In response to Jared’s silence, Millie continued, “Cecilia did this for you. Therefore, you cannot let her down.”

With that, Millie skipped away to catch up with her sister. Dumbfounded, Jared didn’t know how to even react.

Considering that he already had enough women to deal with, he didn’t expect Cecilia to join the fray. More than an hour later, most of the guests had already arrived.

Jared went around, toasting his guests at every table. Regardless of their true intentions for coming, Jared treated everyone present as his honored guest.

That said, there was one table in particular that Jared was terrified to approach-the one where Cecilia and Astrid were seated.

Jared didn’t know whose bright idea it was to concentrate all the women at a single table. Seated there were Cecilia, Astrid, Evangeline, Lizbeth, Lyanna, and a few others.

With so many of them gathered there, he couldn’t help but worry about a fight breaking out anytime.

Despite his concerns, he steeled himself and walked over. After all, he had to show his appreciation to Cecilia for traveling such at great distance to attend the event.

As Jared approached the table, every single one of the women’s gazes fell upon him. The pressure he felt was more intense than when he faced a Martial Arts Saint.

“Ms. Jingle, thank you for coming all this way. Here’s a toast to you.” Upon finishing his sentence awkwardly, Jared downed his drink in a single gulp.

The embarrassed look on Jared’s face elicited a discreet laugh from Cecilia before she, too, downed her drink completely. “Ladies, please continue to enjoy yourselves while I entertain the other guests.”

After Jared was done mumbling a reply, he quickly turned and left as if he was fleeing. Behind him, the clear sounds of feminine laughter were subsequently heard.

At the end of his rounds, Jared joined Verner’s table. Since all of them were young and talented martial artists, he intended to get to know them better.

Be they friend or foe, there was no harm in doing so.

No sooner had Jared taken his seat than Verner gave him an envious look. “Jared, it looks like you’re more than just an outstanding martial

artist from our generation. I’m surprised that you’re a casanova too, with so many women by your side. I’m more than willing to sacrifice my cultivation just to be in the same position as you are.”

It was clear that Verner’s admiration was sincere and he wasn’t just being polite. After all, every single woman at the table was a stunning beauty in her own right.

Cecilia, in particular, would captivate anyone whose eyes fell upon her. Every movement of hers, including something as simple as a smile, exuded the air of an angel who had descended from the heavens itself.

If it weren’t for Jared’s presence, plenty of men would have already hit on her.

As for Melanie and Lyanna, both of them were born gorgeous. Regardless of the charm they exuded or the sparkle in their eyes, it was enough to stir up the desire of any man.

“That’s really funny, Verner. They’re all just friends…”

Jared smiled awkwardly. Thereafter, he unleashed an undetectable amount of spiritual sense to engulf the group, hoping to gauge their level of cultivation.

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