A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 1707

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 1707

When he saw the look on Jared’s face, Verner suggested cordially, “Jared, you’re currently the strongest among the younger generation here. Whenever you have the time, shall we spar?”

“You must be kidding, Verner. There’s no way I’m your match. You have defeated tens of men in a single breath, shocking the entire martial arts world. I’m nothing but a sideshow when compared to you.”

Jared was extremely humble in his response, which took Verner by surprise. After all, no one expected someone as young and powerful as him to admit being inferior to someone else.

Consequently, Verner was amazed when Jared ridiculed himself by admitting he was a sideshow.

“Jared, there’s no way you’re capable of establishing a sect if you’re that weak. In fact, you’re the only person to have done so at such a young age. Thus, there’s no need to be humble. All of us are well aware of your strength, which is the reason why we’re hoping.

you can show us a thing or two. I’m sure you’ll oblige, won’t you?” At that moment, Marcelo of the Garcia family finally spoke in a hostile tone.

Despite the minute change in Jared’s expression, he simply smiled in return. “Marcelo, I’m happy to spar with you, but today isn’t the day.”

“Fine. In that case, name a day, and I’ll see you at the martial arts arena.”

Marcelo was anxious for it to happen. Before Jared could reply, a voice outside rang out suddenly. “President Norton of the Warriors Alliance has arrived.”

The mention of the Warriors Alliance gave everyone a shock, for it was public knowledge that they and Jared were mortal enemies.

Why have they come? Are they here to congratulate Jared or to cause trouble? As a grim look descended upon Jared’s face, Godrick immediately ordered his men to take up defensive positions.

They had to be prepared for battle in the event the Warriors Alliance had come bearing hostile intentions. Soon, Skylar strode in together with a young man who was casually dressed.

What seemed strange was that Skylar was following the man from behind, as if he was a subordinate.

“Skylar, what are you doing here? Are you trying to cause trouble?” Jared threw Skylar an icy glare. “If you try anything funny today, I’ll obliterate you from the face of the earth.”

Just as Skylar was about to speak, he was stopped by the young man.

“I suppose you must be Jared Chance. I’m Jake Gasper, the current leader of the Warriors Alliance. I have replaced Skylar in the role due to his failings. I understand that there has been some misunderstanding between you and the Warriors Alliance. Therefore, I have come here today to mend our relationship and to congratulate you on founding a sect at such a young age. Here is a present to show my sincerity.”

Jake gestured with his hand the moment he finished. Thereafter, a reluctant Skylar handed over his scepter. “The Warriors Alliance offers you this sacred martial arts relic as a humble gift,” Jake explained with a slight smile on his face..

When they saw the Warriors Alliance present such a valuable present, many in the crowd gasped in awe while the eyes of some glistened in envy. Despite Jared’s surprise, he still reached out to accept the scepter.

Holding it in his hand, Jared instantly injected a surge of spiritual energy into it. However, a smirk soon spread across his face. “If my guess is correct, this scepter can only be used a few more times, at the most.”

He hadn’t believed the Warriors Alliance’s sudden change of heart was sincere. It turned out that there wasn’t much residual power in the scepter, leaving it on the brink of shattering.

The power of sacred martial arts relics was limited. Hence, wielding such a weapon wasn’t the equivalent of having a Martial Arts Saint by one’s side.

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