A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 1710

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 1710

Jun met Marcelo’s eyes fearlessly. “Are you Jared?” “You wish!” Marcello shook his head. “If so, I have no interest in dueling you. Get hold of Jared right now.”

His words nettled Marcelo greatly. Is he belittling me as he thinks I’m not as good as Jared? That was Marcelo’s final straw.

“You foolish ronin should think twice before assuming Jared is the sole expert in the entire martial arts world. I’m well capable of defeating you single-handedly”

With that, he drove his fist at Jun. Jun slanted his body slightly and ducked the blow with ease. He bounded into the air and landed in the courtyard.

At the failed attack, Marcelo followed closely behind before leaping up to deliver a kick.

Jun blocked his attack, the force of it pushing him several steps backward. Marcelo landed in front of Jun. “Do you still think I’m just some third-rate fighter?”

“I guess I take it back. As a Greater Martial Arts Marquis, you might prove yourself a worthy opponent.”

Jun then reached for his katana, which remained sheathed, and aimed a strike at him. “What insolence!”

Marcelo huffed out a breath at Jun’s refusal to deploy a weapon and stretched out his right hand. He caught hold of Jun’s scabbard, and their electrifying auras clashed.

A loud boom resonated in the area, and Marcelo felt a humungous driving force radiating from the katana.

It uncannily passed through the blade without any resistance and penetrated his body.

Marcelo felt his heart stutter before his aura diminished. Stumbling several steps back, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Not so cocky now, I suppose? What at disgrace!” Jun mocked disdainfully as his glacial gaze surveyed the crowd. “Come on out and face me, Jared. Don’t be such a coward.”

“Damn you, it’s over for you now!”

Marcelo felt the stinging humiliation of being publicly bested. He reached for the Nine-section Whip at his belt. With a flick of his wrist, it instantly transformed into a baton. “You still haven’t given up?”

Jun narrowed his eyes. “I’ve had enough of your empty talk. Let’s get down to business.”

Marcelo swung his baton at Marcelo, and the sound of it slicing through the air reverberated throughout the void.

The martial prowess of a Greater Martial Arts Marquis was something to behold! Jun swiftly used his katana as a shield to parry once more.

The harsh clang of the weapons colliding sent Marcelo’s Nine-section Whip ricocheting in the opposite direction.

At the same time, it morphed into a venomous snake that lunged toward Jun’s back. Marcelo had successfully hatched a surprise with the Nine-section Whip’s secret feature.

It landed on Jun and shredded the skin on his back into bloody strips. Marcelo’s boosted confidence at the successful blow was reflected in his delighted expression.

“You leave me with no choice.” Jun grimaced. “Unleash your full power on me then! I have nothing to fear!”

Marcelo continued with his onslaught. Jun unsheathed his sword this time around and slashed it forward.

In a blink of an eye, Jun’s katana was back in its scabbard. The Nine-section Whip was rent into pieces and rendered useless.

The onlookers gasped at Jun’s masterful sword-wielding that was as quick as lightning.

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