Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 709

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 709

It took 30 minutes before Jack finally arrived at Winona’s house.

When she didn’t come to the door after he pressed the doorbell twice, he reached out and attempted to turn the doorknob.

Click! Click!

“Are you home, Winona?”


Despite all the noise he was making, there was still no response from behind the door.He took out his phone and called her again, and he could hear the ringtone coming from inside after the call got connected.

That was the confirmation he needed to know that Winona was at home after all.

He then immediately kept his phone before putting all his force into slamming his body against the door.

The door frame seemed to loosen by the second time he did that.

Seeing this, Jack took a few steps backward, and used his momentum from a quick run toward the door to try to knock the door down.He managed to get it open this time.His inertia kept him going for a bit until he stood there with his feet firmly planted on the floor.

It was then that he saw Winona lying on the floor.

“Winona? Winona!”

He ran over and supported her, only for her to remain motionless with her eyes tightly shut.He then quickly carried her in his arms as he rushed out the door.

However, the elevator stayed on the 22nd floor no matter how long he seemed to wait.

Thirty seconds had passed by the time he was too concerned to continue waiting, so he headed straight to the emergency exit while still carrying her.

Jack didn’t stop once to take a breather as he ran all the way to the first floor from the 18th floor they were at.

Just as they had reached downstairs, a weak voice softly called out from his chest area.


The man was huffing and puffing for air, but as soon as he heard his name being called, he gradually slowed down his strides and lowered his head at the same time Winona weakly looked up at him with a meek gaze.

It was just a simple look she was giving him, and yet he immediately came to a stop on the spot when he looked at her.

“Tam famished.” The woman blinked innocently.

“Did you bring cake for me?”

He almost laughed out loud when he heard that, but he stayed calm as he reprimanded her, “You fainted, but you are still thinking about eating?”

“It’s nothing serious.I have low blood sugar.I occasionally get lightheaded when I don’t eat.I will be fine after I take something,” she assured while giving him an exhausted smile.

He sighed after she said that.

“So do you want to eat or go home for now?”

“I want to eat something,” she said.

“I want to eat lamb soup from the breakfast restaurant by the entrance of the residential area”

“What a glutton,” Jack casually remarked as he subconsciously headed toward the restaurant with her still in his arms.


Winona lightly tugged on his jacket.

“I… I can walk on my own.”

Upon realizing the situation, he quickly placed her feet first on the ground.He swiftly tidied himself up a little bit, and that was all it took for him to look like the exquisite man that he was.

Winona, however, was still wearing her work clothes from yesterday.

Not only was her hair frizzy and dry, her skin also looked terrible.

“Let’s go.”

She only brushed out the wrinkles on her clothes before she started marching forward in long steps.She hadn’t even taken her first step when Jack grabbed her by the collar, stopping her from going anywhere.


She almost fell as she stumbled.

“Aren’t we going to get food?”

“Even ghosts would hide from you if they were to see you in your current state.How is my sister-in-law supposed to not feel ashamed if someone took a photo of you now and posted it online?”

Jack even made a disdainful face at her.

Winona combed her fingers through her hair, and when she imagined how she looked like now, all of her thoughts of going outside instantly vanished.

Still, she craved the lamb soup from that specific shop.They always stop selling after the afternoon, which meant she would have to wait until tomorrow for it.

But going out with her current appearance would definitely make news that would be harmful to Elise’s reputation.She suddenly couldn’t decide what she should do now.

The man almost laughed as he looked at her having an inner debate with herself.

“Are you actually hesitating between Elise’s reputation and a bowl of lamb soup?”

Winona scratched the back of her head as she lowered her chin.It wasn’t like she wanted to have this kind of conflict.

She was just so hungry! Not only that, they were talking about the lamb soup!

The man could only let out another sigh as he conceded, “Go home.Remove your makeup and wash your face, then wait for me.”

As Jack abruptly tossed out that one sentence, he turned around, showing her his handsome back as he headed in the direction she mentioned.

“Thank you, Mr.Jack!”

It was in that instant Winona decided that she, too, wanted to be Jack’s diehard fan from today onward! After half an hour, she held in her hands a disposable lunch box as she gulped down the last mouthful of lamb soup before she let out a satisfied sigh.

“Yummy! If only I could have another bowl…”

Jack’s eyebrows lifted out of amusement at that, but he still complained, “You still aren’t full even though I added extra meat for you? Aren’t you afraid you will ruin your stomach? I also went and got the restaurant owner’s phone number just now; should I tell him to deliver us another bowl?”

“No, it is fine,” Winona said with her lips pursed while shaking her head.

“You know how good things won’t feel so good anymore once you overdo it?

One bowl is enough for me. I will look forward to it next time if I keep it at one bowl.”


Jack didn’t insist, and proceeded to get into a more comfortable sitting position and pretended to joke, “I heard that someone is brokenhearted.”

He already had an odd feeling when Elise sent him the message this morning.He could guess that thal was the case after seeing Winona in such a terrible state.

Presently, Winona only pressed her lips together and lowered her head.

Silence seemed like it was the best answer an adult could give.

Being the ever-observant man that he was, Jack didn’t press for an answer.

“Now that’s better,” he nonchalantly commented with a brisk smile.

“What good is a love affair anyway? If you put your heart and soul into working for Elise, I promise you a lifetime of eating different good food!”

“Alright!” Winona cheered.

As the conversation came to an end, they both gradually realized that something felt a little out of place.

They then fell silent as they turned to look in different directions.

The air was getting intimate by the second, but neither one of them said or did anything to break the atmosphere.

After all, this situation was a special case.It was always easy for a heartbroken woman and a single man to get into an entanglement.

However, they knew for sure that they would realize that they had only acted impulsively once their minds were clear.

At least, this was what was going through Winona’’s head.

There was a place in Salt Stone City where water could be seen for miles right after opening the window.

For Elise who grew up in Northwest, she had always found a sense of longing for canal towns.

After the tourists around the area had returned to their lodging at night, she took the chance to go on a stroll at the alley near the body of water with Alexander.

Every river and bridge here was something that was worthy of admiration to her.

They kept walking in the direction where the moon hung high, until they were in a deeper part of town.

Just as they were passing through a narrow alley, a cowering figure suddenly popped out from the side and fell in front of them.

Elise quickly bent down to look at the person’s face illuminated by moonlight—it was the champion from the Calligraphy Contest not long ago, Abby Mellor.She then turned to Alexander and urged, “I know her.”

It took him a mere second to understand what she was saying, and he picked Abby up and slung her arm across his shoulders to support her.

Elise hurried forward and helped him with it as well.

The two then proceeded to work hand in hand to bring Abby to the nearest hospital.

After an emergency treatment was administered, Abby finally regained consciousness and she slowly opened her eyes.

“What happened?” Elise calmly asked, only for Abby’s tears to roll along the corners of her eyes before she even uttered a reply.

Certain spots on the pillow underneath her head had turned wet as she babbled, “My stepmother…She didn’t believe me when I said I would rebuild the Mellor Family.She took a ten million dowry in exchange for my hand in marriage

with a 60-year-old man.I’m only 17 years old.I didn’t agree to it, so 1 put up a fight.She beat me up because of that…”

Learning about the unjust, Elise immediately exploded in anger and roared,

“You can totally make a police report! What right does she have to control your life when you are legally the heiress of the Mellor Family?!”

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