Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 710

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 710

Abby shook her head in despair as she cried, “It is useless.It is written in my father’s will that all the inheritance is to be handled by my stepmother before I come to age.She already came up with an excuse this time I came home that

she lost all the money, and that she won’t give me a penny!”

“This must have been hard on you.”

Elise knew exactly how helpless it felt to not have someone to rely on.

Abby finally broke out in tears, either because she was moved, or because she felt helpless.

Feeling upset as she watched Abby, Elise turned to throw a glance at Alexander before she turned to look at Abby again.She then gently placed her hand over the back of Abby’s palm.

“I won’t turn a blind eye against this.You are my student, after all.That means I am your teacher for life.Go ahead and take a rest.I will bring you home to take back what is rightfully yours when you are feeling better.”

“Miss Sinclair…”

Abby didn’t know what to say despite how grateful she was, so she started to get up to give her teacher a respectful bow when Elise stopped her.

“Alright, alright.There’s no need to do this for appearance’s sake.”

Elise firmly pressed down on her.

“You better make sure you stay alive.I won’t have a legitimate reason to help if you dic.All of the hardships you have to endure now would go to waste then.”

“I understand,” Abby replied as she sniffled.

“I will make sure I recover.You are my role model, Miss Sinclair.I am sure I will be able to stand on my own one day!”

“And I believe you will”

Elise lightly patted Abby on her arm as she added gently, “It is late now.Go ahead and sleep.Rest up!”

Elise seemed a little absent-minded after coming out of the hospital.

Noticing this, Alexander joked, “Weren’t you just giving out advice like a proper adult earlier? Why are you the one being down in the dumps now?”

“I am not unhappy”

She looked up at the moon and let out a long sigh.

“I am just thinking that there are too many sufferings in this world.I’m a mess as well, but I can’t seem to get used to watching people suffer.”

He raised his hand and caressed her on her head.

“This is probably why God gave you so many talents.You have never been arrogant and you empathize with others.You have no idea the warmth you bring to this world with your presence alone.”

Elise felt like a cat when he gently did that.Her mood, loo, somehow got a lot better after that.

This was probably because of the hormones released —like how cats felt when they were petted.

“Aren’t you a sweet talker today, Mr.Griffith?” she teased.

“You’re right.Do you know why?”

He swiftly scooped her into his embrace.

Seeing him playing along with her, she smilingly looked up at him and asked,



Alexander lowered his head and, out of nowhere, pecked her on her cupid’s bow.

His gaze was utterly gentle when he murmured, “Cos you are sweet.”

Under the 10-square-meter iron shed in Salt Stone City’s mine were piles of freshly mined jadeite rough stones.

Alexander, who had Kenneth’s mask on, and Elise stood beside the stones.

The pillar in the middle was their dividing line that separated the stones into two piles.

“I am picking the one one the left, and you take the right one.The victor is whoever picks out a Peculiar Jadeite first, or the most Peculiar Jadeite within 10 minutes,”

Elise confidently announced the rules of the competition.

Alexander folded his hands on his chest and raised his left eyebrow at that.

“Mrs.Griffith, do you think it is fair when there are obviously more stones on your side than mine?”

The corners of Elise’s lips curled, and she puffed her chest out as she turned to look at him.

“Are you sure you want to talk about fairness with your wife, Mr.Griffith?”

“Alright, alright.”

He could only let out a resigned sigh.

“I am not going to win anyway…”

However, the competition ended with a tie between the two who found two Peculiar Jadeite each.

“We have managed to find four Peculiar Jadeite in just this pile of rough stones.I wonder how many more are there in the unexplored mines.It seems that the effect of radiation is getting more and more widespread.It is probably time to

properly inspect Salt Stone City”

Looking at the mine in the distance, Elise and Alexander fell into contemplation while holding the Peculiar Jadeite in their hands.

Alexander headed to another mining area for some business dealings when night fell.

Having nothing better to do, Elise went on a stroll around town, where she randomly entered a bistro for a relaxing night out.Her glass of alcoholic beverage was served at the same time a bar singer went on stage.She picked up her glass but as soon as her eyes fell on the stage, she immediately placed it back down on the table.She couldn’t believe how she was meeting one acquaintance after another in this small city.

The stage only held one woman, who was holding an electric guitar and singing soulfully.

Her every movement and expression perfectly interpreted all the emotions the song was conveying.

The woman sang a total of two songs and by the end of her performance, she bowed to thank the audience before she began to pack her things.

However, a male guest swayed his way to the stage with a wine glass in his hand right at this moment, as if to invite her to drink.

“My job is to sing.I don’t do escorting.I apologize, as I can’t accept your drink,”

the woman insisted stubbornly despite the man being intimidating.

Upon rejection, the man swiftly threw the alcohol at her and started making a commotion, as though he was ready to get physical with her.

Luckily, the owner of the establishment realized it just in time, and he got his men to step forward and stop the drunkard.

It took them a good amount of appeasing him to finally calm him down.

The woman, however, was done packing up, and had left without apologizing nor asking for an apology.It was as though nothing out of the norm had happened.

Elise quickly went after the woman and when she caught up to her, Elise saw that the woman was tying her guitar to a motorcycle.

Elise walked over and passed her a piece of tissue paper she coincidentally had on her.

The woman only glanced at her indifferently before she lowered her gaze and continued to fix her guitar on her motorcycle.

Seeing this, Elise took the tissue back and, as if talking to herself, she commented, “Hennessy Zea, an international movie star and an all-rounder artist who had a bright future ahead.

You got married to Sheamus Gawin, the movie king then when you were at the top of your game.

That marriage, however, ended in rumors that destroyed your career, and you have never been able to get back on your feet.

The victim somehow became the instigator instead.”

Elise then added a brief question, “Did I get it right?”

Hennessy’s hands stopped moving after she heard all that.She leaned against her motorcycle, and rather nonchalantly asked in return, “You had me investigated?”

“You could say that.”

Elise turned in Hennessy’s direction to look at her face-to-face.

“But I can’t help but wonder—why did you so easily believe a man like Sheamus Gawin?”

“This is my private matter.It has nothing to do with you.”

Hennessy seemed reluctant to talk about the man.

“Bien, it is your freedom to not tell me.”

Elise walked over and handed Hennessy a business card.

“This is the reason I came to you.You can call and mention my name anytime you [eel like you can contribute in some way.I promise you a spectacular remuneration in return”

Right as Elise finished her words, Alexander had arrived to pick her up by the roadside across.

Elise waved her hand at him when he sounded the car horn, and she seemed to say something else to Hennessy before Elise crossed the road and got into the passenger’s seat of Alexander’s car.

“What has gotten you so happy?”

He massaged her on the crown of her head like it was a furry ball.

“How can I not be happy when I found my trump card?” she cheered.

“But she didn’t seem like she was cager to bother with you.”

The man was more realistic than she was.It was a fact that Hennessy had a naturally cold face.It happened to be the type that was all the rage as of now.

“Just you wait and see.” Elise looked ahead with an unwavering gaze.

“She will definitely come to me.”

There was no way someone who was still so passionate about music would allow themselves to die and rot away in an obscure corner.

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