Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 712

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 712

Abby was sitting on the bed in the wedding room of the Mellor Residence without any emotion on her face.

The heavy shackles on both her wrists and ankles was a stark contrast from the pure white wedding gown she had on.

On the other hand, her stepmother, Belladonna Calum had a gratified expression on.

“Look at you,” she cooed.

“You are the Young Miss of the Mellor Family after all.A little dolling up is all it takes for you to bloom like a flower.Oh—Abby, you won’t go wrong as long as you do as I say.Be good to your husband after you marry him, and do your best

to improve the relationship between our family and their household.Our motherand-daughter relationship will never end that way.It will be easier for me to support you as well.”

Abby’s face was cold and there wasn’t any emotion on her face as she muttered, “You are not my mother, and the Mellor Family will not fall into your hands like you wish!”

Belladonna smiled disdainfully when she heard Abby’s words.

“That is not up for you to decide.Won’t the Mellor Family be under my control after you get married anyway?”

She then let out an arrogant laugh before she eventually walked out of the room and closed the door behind her.

Abby’s fingers were tightly intertwined and her nails almost broke her skin.

You have to come, Miss Sinclair! Abby desperately thought to herself.

I will be waiting for you! I will take my own life if you don’t.

I can’t stand this kind of humiliation! As soon as Belladonna got to the lobby from the backyard, she heard the emcee for the event announce, “The honored guests have arrived!”

She then looked to the emcee, only to see that he was escorting a beautiful couple toward her.

Alexander was the first to extend his good wishes.

“Congratulations, Mrs.Mellor,” he offered.

“Thank you for your congratulation.May I know who I am speaking to?”

Belladonna hadn’t got the faintest idea who Alexander was.

“They are esteemed guests who came all the way from Tissot!”

The emcee then huddled closer to Belladonna as he whispered in her ear, “The wedding gift they brought is a diamond called ‘Desert Heart’ It is a priceless jewel!”

The moment Belladonna learned that the strangers in front of her were rich and powerful, the expression on her face instantly changed as she voluntarily reached out to shake his hand.

“Oh my, esteemed you are.How may I address you, sir?”

“Kenneth Bailey.”

“Mr.Bailey it is.”

Belladonna then looked at Elise.

“I presume you are Mrs, Bailey, then.My dear son-in- law, hurry over and greet our esteemed guests.”

Belladonna was calling out to her son-in-law, Old Man Chewy, who was around her age.

“Greetings,” the old man gave his hello with a satisfied look on his face.

The atmosphere was harmonious for a while before Elise suddenly butted in,

“You are mistaken, Mrs.Mellor. I am not Mr.Bailey’s wife.I am a fortune teller that Mr.Bailey has hired”

As if she had the answer right on the tips of her fingers, Elise started rubbing her fingers together as she spoke.

“Mrs.Mellor” she revealed.

“You have good luck ahead of you.All your wishes will surely come true.”

Upon hearing this, Belladonna laughed heartily and thanked Elise.

There was nothing that gave more pleasure to a middle-aged woman who, while having a dead husband and a married daughter, was sitting on top of a pile of family fortune.

Elise continued rubbing her fingers together and turned to look at the old man.Her expression instantly became solemn then.

“Mr.Chewy, your forehead looks dull.You might have disaster heading your way.You will inevitably lose money.It was in Cittadel’s culture to be superstitious.Having to hear something like this on such a Joyous occasion immediately made a frown appear on Old Man Chewy’s face.In order to not embarrass Alexander, Belladonna quickly brought him and Elise to their respective seats to witness the wedding ceremony that soon began.

The Wedding March started to play in the background.

Abby, dressed in her gown while surrounded by four young flower girls, slowly walked to the stage from a distance.She tried her best to take each step slowly but alas, she still reached the end of the aisle.

With her hand tightly grabbing onto a pair of scissors hidden in the skirt of her dress, Abby puffed out her chest and lifted her chin as she took a long, deep breath.

You are a daughter of the Mellor Family.You cannot cry.You have to maintain your dignity even if you were to die! At that instant, she closed her eyes when she decided to personally end it all.

However, a second before she could take the scissors out, the old man beside her answered his phone and suddenly ran to the table of guests under the stage.

“Miss Fortune Teller!”

Old Man Chewy suddenly pulled one of the female guests out of her seat.

“Your readings are accurate! My company has just been targeted by an opponent and lost over 100 million.What should I do?!”

Abby immediately lost the strength in her arms when she saw the female guest’s face.

The scissors then fell on the stage as it planted firmly into the soft foam board.

Just like she expected, her teacher would never disappoint her.

Elise, in all seriousness, let out a sigh.

“Oh—to be honest, Mr.Chewy, there is a reason for the crisis your company is undergoing.I don’t know if I should tell you this.”

“Do tell! Please don’t have any reservations!”

With the pain of losing his money still fresh, Old Man Chewy’s only priority now was to come up with a way to stop his losses as soon as possible.

“In that case, please allow whatever nonsense that might come out of my mouth now.”

Elise hooked her finger, motioning the old man to get closer.She then said mysteriously, “Mr.Chewy, this daughter of the Mellor Family is a jinx that will bring bad luck to her husband.I am afraid that the tragedy that happened to the

Mellor household will happen again if you bring her home!”

Belladonna had been eavesdropping the whole time the duo whispered to each other.She had only intended to stick her nose where it didn’t belong.

However, she started to panic when she heard Elise’s words.

“You d*mn woman! What the hell are you talking about? My daughter is an innocent and pure woman.She has good fortune! How dare you slander her like this?!”

Belladonna had completely forgotten that she was trying to appease Alexander,

or in this case, Kenneth.

On the other hand, Old Man Chewy was convinced.He immediately ripped out the ‘groom’ badge on his chest and threw it on the ground angrily.

“Good fortune, my *ss! A jinx is a jinx!”

“What are you doing, Mr.Chewy?! We can’t return the dowry to you if you break the contract at the last minute!”

Belladonna couldn’t possibly return the easily acquired wealth that was in her hands.

“I already lost 100 million even though your daughter and I aren’t married yet.I might go bankrupt and be in debt if she officially becomes my wife!”

Old Man Chewy now suspected the Mellors of fabricating Abby’s fortune and causing his loss.

Still enraged, he spat, “Take that meager dowry as my condolatory money for the deceased head of the Mellor household.From now on, there will not be any contact between the Mellor and Chewy Family!”

He then turned to Elise, and his words and tone were courteous again.

“Miss Fortune Teller, please stay in Salt Stone City for a few more days.I will drop by for a visit some day!”

Elise only nodded her head without agreeing nor rejecting.He pressed his palms together and after thanking her again and again, he left the residence at lightning speed, as though he was terrified of the Mellors.

Seeing this situation, other guests were also afraid of attracting bad luck, and they all disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The courtyard, which was still bustling with noise a while ago, had now turned dead silent.

Belladonna was so angry that she had the urge to hit Elise.

“You witch! Who allowed you to wreak havoc here? How dare you ruin my plans?! I will chase you down to the ends of the earth if you don’t explain yourself now!”

Belladonna swung a hand in Flise’s direction, but Alexander reacted just in time and pulled Elise into his embrace.

Someone grabbed Belladonna’s hand while it was still mid-air.

Abby put herself between the couple and Belladonna, and with a hard shove,

the former yelled, “Don’t you even try to hurt Miss Sinclair!”

Belladonna lost her footing and fell to the ground.She turned her head to look,

and her head seemed to clear thal instant as she pointed at Abby and chided,

“You unfilial br*t! You actually colluded with outsiders to bring down the household name.Are you not ashamed ar all to betray your dead father this way?!””You were the one who betrayed Mr.Mellor, weren’t you, Mrs.Mellor?”

Alexander suddenly brought up.

Belladonna’’s phone fell out right at this moment and its ringtone went off after receiving a new notification.

“A new message?” he continued as he raised his eyebrows.

“Why don’t you take a look? I am sure it is something extremely entertaining.”

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