Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 713

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 713

Belladonna hesitantly turned on the screen of her phone, and her face immediately fell after she took a glance at it.

There was detailed data of her transfer of the property.

Even the names of the middle-persons who had handled it were recorded.Sheb knew that she would have to spend the rest of her life in prison if any of this information came to light.

Despite wobbling, Belladonna hurriedly stumbled to her feet and grabbed Alexander by his hand before she knelt down humbly.

“Please let me go, Mr.Bailey.Just name a price.I will give you exactly what you want.I can do anything as long… as long as you don’t tell on me!”

Alexander’s face remained impassive as he stood there without moving a muscle.

Elise, who was standing off to one side, raised her eyebrows while she took Belladonna’’s hand and flung it away.

“It’s too late, Mrs.Mellor.I just told you that Miss Mellor is a jinx, didn’t I? You have been by her side for too long to escape your fate”

Upon hearing that, Belladonna was too stunned to move.She had to press her palms against the floor to keep herself from falling as her mind ran out of ideas to get herself out of this.

At the same time, a police car came to a stop in front of the residence’s entrance.

The car doors then opened to reveal four or five officers in police uniforms.

Their conduct was strictly professional as they swiftly showed their badges right after they entered the building.

“Mrs.Belladonna Calum,” one of them announced.

“You are suspected of illegally embezzling assets for personal use, creating false accounts, and conspiring to commit murder on top of many other crimes.This is an arrest warrant.Consider yourself arrested.”

“No! Sir, this is a misunderstanding.I didn’t do any of those.I have been framed!”

Belladonna argued.

“We will know if it is a misunderstanding or not after our investigation!”

The police did not care about what she had to say and they slapped a pair of handcuffs on Belladonna, thereafter dragging her out with them.

“Abby, you have to save me.Tell them! Tell them that I have been framed.Quickly, Abby!”

The person in question only calmly watched with an unwavering gaze as Belladonna was roughly moved into the car.

Save her? It isn’t as though Belladonna has ever gone light on me even when I was on the verge of death from getting beaten.

This was all a result of Belladonna’s own behavior.There was nothing for Abby to sympathize about.

The one thing that Abby couldn’t forgive was how her father had been stabbed in the back in exchange for his sincerity.

Even the Mellor family name almost fell to doom because of it.

Wiping away the last tear rolling down her face, Abby watched the police car drive away before she knelt in front of Elise.

“Please accept my gratitude, Miss Sinclair!”

What followed after that was the bright sound of a forehead knocking against the floor.

Elise immediately helped the girl up when she realized what had just happened.

“You don’t have to do this.After all, we didn’t really do anything.”

“No.You are my teacher for life.My life is yours to hold.I will always stand on your side no matter what you may come across in the future, Miss Sinclair!”

Abby sincerely stated.

“We can talk about this another time.”

Elise changed the topic of their conversation.

As she looked at the disordered courtyard, she said in all earnesty, “I am afraid you will have to carry the reputation of a jinx from now on.It will most likely affect your chances of a marriage in the future.I am really sorry about that.This was the only way we could get Old Man Chewy to be the one between you two to first annul the marriage.”

Abby shook her head and said it didn’t matter.

“I am not worried.I only want to inherit my father’s craftsmanship and keep our family name alive.No one will dare get ideas with me again then.”

Hearing that, Elise nodded in relief.

“You are mentally strong.The Mellor Family will definitely flourish in your good hands.”

A smile finally appeared on Abby’s face.

“How long will you be staying in Salt Stone City, Miss Sinclair?”

“We are not sure yet.Is something the matter?” Elise asked.

“An embroidery contest will soon be held in the city.Since the Mellors are a family of embroiderers and I more or less have my father’s true teachings down,

I will be participating in the contest this time around as well.But I have no one else I am close with.I was hoping that you would be there to cheer me on, Miss Sinclair…”

The smile on Abby’s face couldn’t hide her grief as she mentioned about not having a family there for her.

Elise then patted the girl on the shoulder.

“We are people who are close to you.I don’t want to feel like you are all alone.When is the competition?”

“It is in three days,” Abby replied.

“Alright.Three days from now, we will be there to watch you get your first-place trophy”

Alexander received a call in the middle of the night that a suspicious person had been caught at the mine.And so, he and Elise set off for the mine again.

When he entered through the door for further interrogation, she stayed outside and went once around the excavated rough jadeite.

Elise had two fist-sized stones in her hands when she went into where Alexander was.

He only had to take a brief glance at the stones to know exactly what had happened during his absence.

“Tell me, who told you to put these Peculiar Jadcite in this mine?” The man only lowered his head and said nothing.

It seemed that they had reached an impasse.

Elise threw the rough stones in front of him and as she dusted off her palms,

she observed, “This is the stone I found in the pile of stones at the main entrance.You should be familiar with it.You can easily tell that it has an uncommon color, and that it is top quality jadeite even after only casually polishing it.The thing is, we have already selected the pile of rough stones.Did you honestly think we would be so careless as to miss these two glaringly obvious stones?”

The man’s expression started changing after he heard her words, but he continued to press his lips together, refusing to let a word slip.

“Allow us to take him outside, Mr.Bailey.He will surely spill after we rough him up.”

The supervisor at the mine was going to use force on the man.

Alexander gave it a moment, and his thin lips parted slightly as he uttered three short words.

“Let him go”

Even though his subordinates thought it was strange, they did not dare question his decision, so they obediently let the person go outside.

After everyone left, Alexander stepped forward and picked up one of the rough stones to closely inspect it.

“Who do you think it is?” Elise asked.

“It must be a powerful person for them to know that we are looking into Peculiar Jadeite.However, they don’t seem very skilled if they had to resort to using a dumb thief like the one from earlier.I have some leads, but I can’t pinpoint any particular person now”

Alexander answered thoughtfully.

“I think there is another possibility.”

Elise then told him her thoughts.

“If someone is using these Peculiar Jadeites to deliberately lure us to Salt Stone City, they must have some kind of connection with the casino.The perpetrator could even be the same group of people.He smiled slightly at that.

“So what you are saying is that those people from the casino deliberately made themselves look like prey to get us to bite the bait, when in fact, they are the real hunters?”

“Eureka! Spot on.” She snapped her fingers.

“And that is why we don’t have to do anything other than sit and wait.They are the ones who are like a cat on a hot tin Alexander hummed and nodded in agreement with her thoughts.He then walked over and wrapped his arms

around her waist.

“In that case, I will be enjoying a relaxing vacation with Mrs.Griffith.

Back in Tissote, Jamie had personally come to Flise’s home to help install the company’s latest technology.He had always personally handled all things regarding Elise.

After he was done, he made sure to shut the door before he left.

Just as he arrived at the entrance of the building, a motorcycle suddenly came to a stop in front of him, preventing him from going straight ahead.

Jamic’’s eyes narrowed as he instinctively became morc alert.

The motorcyclist had a professional racer uniform on, and the helmet was a limited edition one made in Italy.

The most eye-catching item of all was definitely the baseball bat tied to the modified motorcycle.

Jamie could tell at a glance that this person came harboring ill intentions.Are they trying to pick a fight with Boss? he wondered as he sucked in a deep breath.His expression also unknowingly turned solemn as he barked, “Who are

you? Why are you here?”

The person still with the helmet on tilted their head to peer at him, and as if Jamie hadn’t spoken a word, they continued on and pressed the hidden buckle of their helmet.

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