Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 714

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 714

Huh, how arrogant! I might have pissed my pants if it weren’t because I have seen how poised Boss is before.

Instead of voicing that out, Jamie only squinted and waited to see what the person was up to.

However, the other party then took off their helmet to charmingly let their silky long locks free, and Jamie’s composure seemed to fly out the window.He had to blink a few times to make sure that he wasn’t hallucinating.

Because the moment the female rider turned her head, Jamie thought that he was seeing another Elise! It took him another closer look to realize that it wasn’t who he thought she was.

Have I been missing Boss so much that I am starting to imagine seeing her? As he wondered about the possibility, the woman went around her motorcycle and was about to walk past him when he suddenly grabbed her by her wrist.It

surprised him when his ‘illusion’ felt warm to touch.

The woman, however, was deeply offended, and didn’t even say a word as she defended herself.

“Hey, that was a misunderstanding.I didn’t mean to—”

Knowing that he was in the wrong, Jamie intended to evade her attacks.

However, she seemed to get more and more ruthless with her relentless punches and kicks.

Unable to duck anymore, he fought back, and finally managed to press her against the wall.

Both of their mingled breaths were inconsistent and heavy from the vigorous workout they just did.

This was the first time, other than the times he sparred with Elise, that Jamie felt satisfied fighting with a woman.The corners of his lips slightly raised from excitement, but his gaze was as sharp as a hawk’s as he observed her.

“Not bad at all.You can fight.Where did you learn it from? Fess up! Who was the one who told you to come cause trouble at Boss’ place?”

“Why do I have to tell you that? Also, who are you? And who the hell is your boss?!”

The woman struggled to break free from him as she growled.

“Stop pretending,” he growled.

“I only have one boss, and she is Elise Sinclair.You better tell me the truth now!”

Jamie proceeded to use more force to pin her against the wall, completely restricting her movement.

“Are you crazy?! I am E!’s best friend, Narissa Cuber! Why would I ever do anything to hurt her?!”

The woman rolled her eyes as a baffled expression appeared on her face.

Jamie froze upon hearing that.

“Best friend?” he repeated in disbelief.

Since when does Boss have a best friend? And they look identical! Narissa took the chance while Jamie was distracted to shove at him, making enough distance to land a kick on his abdomen.

He stumbled two steps backward after being kicked, and he subconsciously brushed his hand over the part that she had landed a kick on.He then kept staring at her with suspicious eyes.

Despite that, she dusted off her palms before crossing her arms in front of her chest, and arrogantly leaned against the door frame as though nothing in the world could faze her.

Jamie couldn’t help but frown as he looked at her.

From the look on her face down to her actions, she looked like a carbon copy of Elise.

Even though he did somewhat trust her claim that she was Flise’s best friend,

he still gave Elise a call just to be sure.

“Narissa Cuber?”

Elise immediately let out a resigned sigh when she heard the name.

“Pass her the phone”

Her reaction alone had helped Jamie confirm Narissa’s identity.

He dutifully tossed his phone at her and informed, “Boss wants to speak to you.”

The woman’s face, which looked as though she was annoyed with the whole world, immediately morphed into a sweet one the instant she pressed the phone to her ear.

“Hello? El, it’s me! I bet you missed me.Look how good I am to you by coming to see you! Where are you? Come home soon!”

The man was dumbfounded as he watched her.

What a talented woman, he silently praised.Not only is she a fighter, she is a professional at face-changing!

“You snuck out again, didn’t you, Narissa?” Elise asked, her voice laced with familiar exhaustion.

“You will make me sad if you say that.Just tell me if you want to see me or not!”

Narissa was literally hugging the phone as she cooed.

Jamie eventually broke out in goosebumps as he listened to her talk, and he pretended to shiver out of disgust.

Noticing this, Narissa quickly threw him a piercing gaze, as if warning him to stop it with the theatrics.

“Just stay in Tissote for a while since you went all the way there.I am attending to some business in Salt Stone City.I will be back as soon as I am done.I have servants at home, you can just tell them if there is anything you need.”

“Okey dokey”

Narissa proceeded to nonchalantly hang up the call before tossing it back to Jamic.

“What did Boss say?” Jamie asked.

Without batting an eyelash, she lied, “She wanted you to take good care of me and listen to everything I say.Don’t go against me or else, she will draw a line between you two and cut ties with you”

One of his eyebrows shot up as he looked at Narissa suspiciously.He was about to continue interrogating her when he received a message from her on WhatsApp.

‘Jamie, keep an eye on Narissa before I get back.Don’t let her leave Tissote.It was only then that Jamie felt more at ease as he kept his phone.

“Since you are Boss’ friend, let’s bury the hatchet.”

He volunteered to reconcile by reaching out to shake Narissa’s hand.

“I apologize for offending you earlier.”

She ulted her head to look at him, and that was when she had the impulse to tease the man.

“I am your Boss’ friend, not yours,” she singsonged playfully.

“Which is why you have to call me Boss as well!”

“I can’t do that.”

Jamie slipped one hand into his pocket as his attitude got firm.

“I only have one boss.No one else can take her place”


Narissa’s cheeks puffed out in anger.

“Is this how you apologize? Don’t make me tell El!”

“Go ahead.I still won’t call you Boss.”

He seemed like he wouldn’t budge from his decision.

“How dare you?! Hmph!”

In the end, Narissa could do nothing but sulk.

Jamie knew he shouldn’t tease her too much.

After all, she was a friend of Elise’s.

After fishing out his car key, he tried to get on her good side again.

“Let’s go.I’ll drive us to get some good food.”

“I don’t sit in annoying men’s cars!”

Narissa proudly got on her motorcycle again and huffed, “Address!”

“Sierra Hotel,” Jamie said innocently.

As soon as he said that, she popped her helmet on and revved up the engine of her motorcycle.

With that, she rode away in the blink of an eye.

As Jamie watched her figure disappearing into the distance, he let out a small smile and muttered to himself, “Interesting.”

At the same time, Trevor was quickly lying in the bed of a ward in one of Tissote’s private hospitals.The only indicator that he was still alive was the heart rate monitor beside him.

Yvonne was sitting by the bedside with a wet towel in her hand as she meticulously wiped him down.She was also massaging him to get his blood circulation going.

“You have been asleep for too long, Trevor.It is about time you woke up.Do you know that everyone is waiting for you to wake up? Actually, I quite like the way things are now.I take care of you, and your family takes care of me.Isn’t this how marriages are, anyway? All I ask for is for us to be together forever.But still, I want you to wake up.I know you are a good person, and good people shouldn’t meet this kind of fate.I won’t ask you to take responsibility as long as you wake up.You have my word.”

However, as usual, he didn’t give any response even after she waited for some time after speaking.

Yvonne was quite used to this, and she only smiled bitterly as she continued taking care of him.

There was a sudden commotion from the corridor outside.It seemed like someone had fainted.

Hearing this, she set the towel aside and curiously went and opened the door to the ward.

As soon as she reached the door, a few burly men with shades on came pushing their way in.

One of them even held a knife to her neck as he forced her to stand by the wall.

The rest of them headed straight toward Trevor.

After they did this and that, they brought him out along with the bed that he was still in.

‘They were passing by Yvonne when she suddenly reached out and grabbed onto the bed’s guardrail.

“I’m warning you, you better don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong.”

The man inched closer again with his knife.

Yvonne looked at the dangerous cold glint of the knife and gulped nervously, but she still stubbornly held on.

“I’m sure you are not going to kill him since you’re taking him away.It is going to be a hassle to take care of him, so take me with you.I am his wife.Let me take care of him.It will be a burden off your shoulder!”

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