Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 715

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 715

The men exchanged glances, and they soon came to mutual agreement to bring both Trevor and Yvonne with them.

At the same time at the entrance of Tissote University, Elliot was leaning against his car when he saw Mikayla at a distance.He then waved at her and slightly raised his voice, “Over here.”

She sauntered over, and she teased when she reached him, “Why did an insensitive man like you suddenly decide to organize a gathering today?”

“I am not an insensitive man,” he fervently denied.

“Do I need a reason to have a gathering? Friends should frequently meet up to have fun together anyway.”

Mikayla only nodded at that.She knew the true reason for his actions, but she was going to wait until he confessed himself.

Just like she expected, Elliot spilled his guts the next second.

“Honestly, I have a reason for doing this today,” he explained.

“Mica was upset when I brought up Boss a few days ago.I bet they argued with each other.I wanted everyone to go out and have a relaxing time.It will be easier to talk things out then.”

“Huh.I didn’t think you would know what to do in situations like this.”

Mikayla’s words seemed to have an underlying meaning.She couldn’t help but think that Elliot’s relationship with Mica was an unusual one.

“What are you talking about? We are all friends.How can I possibly just quietly sit by and watch? Just look at Sheldon with his terrible temper.He would have caused so much trouble if it wasn’t because I was cleaning up the mess he

made the whole time.Of course, I am not saying that Boss has a foul temper.I am just giving an example.I won’t sit back and watch no matter if it concerns Boss or anyone at all,” he declared with a stern face.

“I know.Mikayla sighed.It seemed like she had over thought things.This man knew no gender when it came to friends.Everything he did was for the sake of the ‘code of brotherhood’. Mica arrived not long after.

“Yay! Mikayla is here as well.”

The women had privately met up a few times, and had gotten close with each other because of Elise.

They linked their arms together as soon as they met.

“What is the plan today?”

Mica turned to Trevor and asked.

“Not a lot of people have gone to my father’s new resort.I have booked the place for two whole days this weekend for us to go crazy at.How does my plan sound? Not too bad, huh?”

His face was calm as he asked them.

“Not too bad? It sounds like a great plan to me!”

Mica might have started hating the rich if it wasn’t because she had known earlier on that Trevor had no money.And so, the few of them stayed at the resort and had their fill of fun for those two days.

Trevor was the one who personally sent everyone back to the dormitory on Sunday night.

Unfortunately, they bumped into Sebastian on their way back.

As soon as Sebastian saw them, he scurried toward them before he grabbed Mica by the hand and blurted out, “Where have you been to these two days?

Why didn’t you reply to my messages? You got me worrying about you!”

“I was with my friends.I haven’t checked my phone,’ Mica answered coldly.

“Let’s not talk about this.I am meeting up with my friends, and I wanted to bring you along.Let’s go.”

Sebastian started pulling her along with him as he marched outside of the university compound.

“Hold on.”

Mikayla followed along out of worry about Mica going by herself with Sebastian.

“I have been wanting to make new friends.Do you mind it if I tag along?”

“Not at all,” Sebastian said kindly.

“I will come along as well, then, ‘Trevor volunteered.He loved joining in where the fun seemed to be.However, Sebastian’s reaction toward him was cold.It was obvious he thought of Trevor as his enemy.He didn’t say anything in response,

making it awkward for everyone, except Trevor.He still went with them at last.

Sebastian eventually brought them to the VIP room of a luxury club, where he received the welcomes of everyone right as he stepped in the room.

“Oh my, the genius is finally here.We have been waiting for you for too long”

“Apologies, I came late because I had something to do.I am buying today.Go ahead and order anything you want!”

Sebastian then waved a waiter over.

“Get us a bottle of champagne and two bottles of whiskeys.You can pair anything else with that.”

Even though Sebastian said he wanted to introduce Mica to his friends, he only chatted with his friends from the moment he sat down.He completely ignored Mica and the rest of them.

After about an hour of having fun, the waiter came into the room with the bill.

He asked around before he finally headed in Sebastian’s direction.

Just when everyone thought Sebastian was going to pay the bill, the waiter suddenly turned around and came to Mica.

“Miss Mica, Mr.Walker says that he didn’t bring his wallet with him, and that he will need you to pay the bill on his behalf now,’ the waiter politely said to her.

Mica’s face fell, but still she subconsciously reached out to take the bill.

Trevor, however, was one step ahead of her.

As he took the bill, he offered, “Let me pay.It doesn’t make sense for a lady to pay for a night out”

Mikayla was sitting beside Mica and she quickly nodded.

She then leaned closer to Mica and reminded, “See? How come your boyfriend doesn’t understand something even your friend does? You have to keep your eyes open when you pick your man, Mica.”

Upon hearing this, Mica seemed to be in deep thought as she looked over at Sebastian.

After a moment, she turned her head back and covered the QR code to make payments as she stopped Trevor from paying.

“Actually—” she said to the waiter, “—we are not done for the night.We won’t be paying now.Please bring in another box of red wine.”

Mica then pointed at Sebastian, who was flushed from all the alcohol he had had tonight.

The waiter nodded in acknowledgement before he swiftly made his exit.

“What are you doing? I know you have money, but you shouldn’t be spending it like this.”

This was getting hard to watch for Mikayla.She had no respect for men who spent women’s money.Has Mica gone crazy from being in love? she wondered.If she is, it doesn’t seem right for any of us to say anything more.


Mica suddenly put a finger to her lips as she threw Trevor and Mikayla a knowing look, telling them to escape while they could.

The duo immediately understood what she meant.

After they took their bags, they loudly announced to the crowd in the room,

“Toilet break!”

Thus, they made their grandiose exit.They kept running until they reached the streets, and only stopped after turning around two corners.They were gasping for air, but all of them had a wide grin on their faces.


Mikayla had her palms pressed against her knees before she flashed Mica a thumbs-up.

“Good job.”

Trevor over-exaggerated as he sucked in onc deep breath after another.

“That was exciting.This is the first time in my life I have ever dined and dashed”

Mica laughed out loud as she looked at her friends.She was grateful for them,

as they were the ones who let her know that love wasn’t a necessity to keep her alive.She had also realized from this that she was but an ATM machine to Sebastian.

Mica would break up with Sebastian, and she would continue waiting for truc love.But there was no way she would be another person’s ATM machine.

Of course, she would make sure she apologized to Elise the next time they met.

Jamie was sitting on the hood of his car outside an internet-famous dessert store.

As he took a look at the watch on his wrist, his other hand began tapping at inconsistent intervals against the windshield.

Narissa’s motorcycle soon came rushing in his direction before it came to a perfect stop in front of his car.

Now that she was here, he got off his car and stood up straight as he showed her his watch.

“Ten minutes,” he concluded with a smile on his face as he pointed at the watch.

“You came later than me by 10 whole minutes.Pretty weak, don’t you think?”

Narissa rolled her eyes at him after she took off her helmet.

“That’s because I am not familiar with the roads in Tissote.Just you wait and see.I might win someday.Also, your car has four wheels and my motorcycle only has two.It wasn’t fair.You will never catch my ride if I were to modify my


She then shoved her helmet at his chest before she stomped her way into the store.

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