Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 716

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 716

“You know how to modify motorcycles?”

Jamie’s interest had been piqued.

“Does this mean Boss does as well? Come on, tell me some stories from you and Boss’ younger days.”

Narissa got to a random window seat that she found and after sitting down, she started flipping through the menu.

“Are you interested in El or me?” she scoffed.

She came to a pause then as she warningly lifted her gaze from the menu to him.

“You do remember that El is a married woman, yes?”

Jamie’s eyes immediately got dim after he heard her words.

Even his expression had started looking unnatural as he put the helmet at the side of the table.

Seeing him fall silent made Narissa smile contently.She turned to the waiter and hooked her finger to gesture for him to come take her order.

“This, this and this.I don’t want these three items.Bring me everything else.”

Jamie’s eyebrows shot up at that.

“Can you finish everything you ordered?”

Aren’t women supposed to have an appetite as small as a bird’s? Why is it different for this woman?

“What? Are you actually upset because I’m ordering?”

She narrowed her eyes dangerously at him.

“I am just worried you will end up with a stomach ache.Get anything you want.”

He got up from his seat while he buttoned up the front of his suit jacket.

“I will have a black coffee with a bit of milk.No sugar.That is all for me”

Jamie headed to the washroom after that.His coffee came around the same time as the food Narissa ordered was served.

An evil grin began to appear on her face after she peered at the coffee a few times.She then extended her hand and moved the coffee in front of her…

After Jamie came back from the washroom, he sat down and automatically brought the cup of coffee to his lips.

As soon as he took a sip of it, he spit it out with an agonized expression on his face.

“F*ck, what is this? Why the hell is it salty?!”

The strange taste that lingered in his mouth made him stomp his feet.


The woman in front of him suddenly burst out laughing.

“I dare you to call me weak again! Serves you right!”

“You d*mn woman—”

Jamie was so enraged he would have gone off on her if it wasn’t because of Elise’s sake.He swallowed his anger and forced a smile then before he squeezed out his next words through his teeth.

“You are evil.”

“Prick,” she childishly mocked him.

“Wretch,’ he rebutted.


She rolled her eyes bitterly.


Jamie jumped to his feet and his anger finally reached its peak.

“I set aside a business that could have brought in tens of millions, go here and there with you, make sure all your demands are met, and even missed my favorite car racing for you.Yet, you are calling me a cheapskate?!”

Realizing that she had gone overboard with her joke, Narissa timidly gulped before she somewhat apologetically muttered, “I’m sorry.I know I don’t think things through before I speak.Don’t take this to heart.I only spoke like that

because I thought we were getting close…Anyway, I am sorry”

She was chewing on her lower lip as she sincerely apologized.She had even stopped eating and had obediently leaned back against the backrest of the chair.

Jamie only continued to look down upon her with an indifferent expression.

It was impossible for her to know what he was thinking at the moment.

The air was getting more and more awkward and suffocating until he suddenly sat down on his chair again.

After a few seconds, he chuckled devilishly.

“I scared you, didn’t I? Oh—you are easy to deal with.I fooled you! We will see if you still behave so arrogantly after this!”

Hearing this, Nairssa immediately realized that she had fallen for his prank.

“How dare you play tricks on me!”

She grabbed a fork and poked it in his direction.

“Hey, hey.”

He pointed at the fork and gravely warned, “That was a joke.Don’t get all serious now.There will be a price to pay even if we are both Boss’ friends.”

Still enraged, Narissa plunged her fork into the dessert in front of her, and then aggressively shoved it into her mouth as she glared at him resentfully.I will get you for this some day.

This isn’t over, Jamie Keller! It was finally the day of the embroidery contest back at Salt Stone City.

The yearly contest was a widely celebrated occasion which always attracted a steady flow of tourists.

A location had even been specifically built to house the contest.

Elise and Alexander managed to secure a spot near the stage as they got there early.

The audience seats were already fully occupied half an hour before the contest.

This was proof of the citizens of Salt Stone City’s passion toward the embroidery contest.

The contest officially began at 9 AM.It didn’t take long for Elise to spot Abby within the crowd of contestants.

Abby was at the top of her game with every precise stitch she made.She seemed much more in her element now compared to the Calligraphy Contest last time.

It even looked like she would definitely be the winner this time.

Not only Elise, but everyone else who was present also thought so.

“There is a representative from Mellor Family this time.We just might be surprised by who the champion is’

“The Mellors have godly embroidery skills, but it is unfortunate how the Mellors seem to be short-lived.Their daughter, Abby Mellor was but a young child when the previous head of the household passed away.I wonder if she inherited the

real techniques from her father.We will know the answer to that in a short while.”

“Sul, we are all from the same city.It is an occasion worthy of celebrating no matter who it is that wins.”

It was a rare crowd that, oddly enough, was showing their full support without bringing anyone down.

Elise and Alexander continued to watch the stage with full concentration.

However, the organizer of the event seemed to have encountered some troubles, as no one took the stage even when it was time to announce the result of the competition.

The judges of the competition started talking with one another in hushed voices,

frowning as they did so.

There seemed to be an issue that was difficult to resolve.

Soon after, Abby and another girl in a coat were asked to stand on the stage.

After a discussion, the caped girl suddenly walked to the podium and stood in front of the microphone.She was obviously displeased with the fairness of the competition.

“Good day, everyone.My name is Ekaterina Miiyagi.The judges have told me to go on an extra round with Miss Abby Mellor, but [ don’t agree.Our works should already have been judged.I don’t understand why we need to go another


The girl had a proud attitude as she spoke, though her sentences were ungrammatical.Her name, unique to the locals, was proof that she was from Rosepeak, an entirely different country.

For someone of her identity to criticize the fairness of the competition was a strange thing to do—it was as if she was saying that Cittadelians were sore losers.

As soon as she said those words, the audience immediately erupted in anger.

“What gives you the right to take part in a competition for Cittadelians, you Rosepicker?!”

“Who cares what your name is.Get the hell out of our country, Rosepicker!”

“How dare a Rosepicker talk about fairness when your people have been stealing our culture? Do you think you can walk all over us just because we have been keeping quiet?”

Ekaterina didn’t shrink from the intimidation at all.

She kept her head held high as she retorted, “Embroidcry has a long history.It is debatable whether or not it is a culture exclusive to Cittadel.But what I am sure of today is that the best embroider in Cittadel has been defeated by me!”

Her words had managed to anger the entire crowd.

A few men from the audience were about to rush on stage to beat her up,

prompting the security personnel at the event to step forward and keep the men under control.

The emcee of the event was standing with the judges when he unwillingly shouted into the microphone, “Be quiet if you are a Cittadelian.Don’t do something that will make others look down on us!”

Among all the commotion, Elise noticed Abby secretly wiping away her tears while standing in a corner.

Elise and Alexander briefly exchanged glances before they started walking toward her.


She lightly patted the young girl on her shoulder.

“Miss Sinclair.”

The tip of Abby’s nose began to sting when she saw Elise, and her tears quickly rolled down her cheeks again.

“I am sorry.I’m sorry, Miss Sinclair.I have let you down.I lost…”

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