Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 718

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 718

Sergio was clearly unconvinced.He only rolled his eyes before turning around to walk away.

Seeing that, the teacher in charge of the group immediately asked the other students to remain and chased after him in front of Elise and the others.

“What exactly are you doing? Have you read the internship guide before coming here? Do you know that should you leave on your own, I will be held liable if anything happens to you?”

He then decided to take a step back in order not to jeopardize the entire internship program.

“Come on.Now, follow the group and I’ll pretend nothing ever happened.”

Sergio, on the other hand, remained unmoved and he had an arrogant expression.That infuriated the teacher.

Just as he was about to scold Sergio, Elise approached him and motioned for him to calm down.

After that, she approached him, took his hand in hers, and placed the Purple Jade that she had just picked up on his palm.

“Can you tell me what this is?”

“It’s one of the minerals,” he responded, “A jade’

“Not too bad.At least you know it’s jade.”

She gave a satisfied nod.

“However, you are not entirely correct.Although it is jade, it is purple in color”

“I know.It is an extremely rare Purple Jade.This exceptional shade of purple is the most valuable of all,”Sergio responded without hesitation.

“Correct.You know a lot more than I thought”

Elise began to see him in a new light, though she didn’t let it show.

“But do you know that less than one percent of this mine has been mined and yet, we have discovered tens of dozens of peculiar Jades?” she continued.

“How could this be?”

Sergio was skeptical of her words.

“Even ordinary jades require over ten thousand years of deposit formation.In addition, unusual jades require special minerals to form.How are so many of them able to appear in the same mine?”

“Consider this—if you weren’t here today, would you have discovered it?

Cittadelians always claim that what one learns from books is always superficial.There’s also the adage where the proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

“Do you still consider the practical internship to be a waste of time?”

Her words caused Sergio to clutch the Purple Jade even more tightly in his hands.

After a brief moment of thought, he solemnly nodded.

“I understand it now.Thank you.I’ll never forget what you said.”

Elise smiled comfortingly when she heard that.

“Since fate allows us to meet today, take this jade as a gift.”

“I cannot accept it.This is far too precious!”

Sergio immediately declined and wanted to hand the jade back to her.

“I never retract my words,” she said, pushing his hand away.

“If you feel unworthy, put in the extra effort.In the future, I hope to sce another master’s degree in physics at Cittadel.”

After hearing that, he took a deep breath while holding the jade in his palm and exclaimed, “I will accomplish that!”

“Return to your group.Finish your internship and return sooner.The mine is extremely hot,” she reminded him.

Sergio then returned to the group with the teacher.

Everyone assumed this was a one-time meeting but unexpectedly, Elise saw Sergio again a few days later.

But this time, she saw him on the news.

“News alert: Six physics students went into Reya Forest as a group to finish their graduation thesis.They all lost contact at 3.00AM, and the police have now deployed all of their resources to conduct the search and rescue.”

“It is reported that the Reya Forest is also known as the cannibal forest.There are rumors that the black hole was created here.Many scientists and experts have arrived here to investigate the scientific phenomena that occurred.So far,

all of them who went missing remained unfound.Due to its location at the boundary of Rosepeak and Cittadel, its ownership remains controversial,

contributing to its unsolved mysteries.”

Elise furrowed her brows at the photos of the missing person displayed on the television before looking somberly at Alexander, who sat beside her.

Sergio, who hated being under the sun and sweating, went into the forest after listening to her words, but she did not expect that her words would bring trouble to the six students! Why don’t these fellows think twice before doing anything?!

Without Elise even saying anything, Alexander wrapped his arms around her and said, “I know what you’re thinking.Let’s look for them together.He was able to quickly form a search and rescue team under Smith Co., and the entire group then proceeded to the entrance of Reya Forest.However, when they arrived at the entrance, they discovered that it had been sealed and a large number of police officers, as well as the family members of the missing, had gathered outside.The sirens of police cars and the cries of the people added to the eerie atmosphere of the mysterious forest.Elise got out of the car and, along with Alexander, attempted to liaise with the police officers in order for them to join the search and rescue.

However, due to public pressure, the police refused to allow the public into the forest.

Just as they were about to give up hope, a few more police cars arrived.

Simon got out of one of them.

Elise, who was in despair, had her hopes rekindled and approached him.


“Elise? Why are you here?”

Simon was shocked.

“I know the students who went missing inside.Could you please talk to the police to allow us to join the search and rescue?” she pleaded.

“Are you joining too?”he asked with a frown as he looked at her outfit.

She could tell he was going to decline her, so she wore a solemn expression.

“Yes, I’d like to participate.The students entered because of my words, and it is my responsibility to get them out.”

“No way.Anyone here can enter except for you.”

Simon was adamant on not allowing Elise to take the risk.

“The police will handle the rescue.You’re all inexperienced with the situation and will only add to the casualties.”

At this point, Alexander cut him off.

“You can rely on us.Several people have gone missing in recent years, and we have entered several times to look for them.We’ve had enough experience exploring it.”

Simon looked at ‘Kenneth’, and his gaze turned toa defensive one.

“I know you.You’re Smith Co’s decision maker.Are you the one who brought Elise here?”

“This is not the time for that, Mr.Bull.I have to join the rescue team.You understand me well, and you are aware that no one can change my mind.If you refuse to ask them to bring us, I’ll go in on my own, and it’ll be your fault if I meet

a wild beast or have an accident and injure myself!”

She abruptly cut them off.

“You’re playing this on me yet again.Can’t you just stay right here and not make me worried?”

Simon could feel his anger causing him headache.

“l keep using it as long as it’s useful! So, are you going to assist me or not?”

Elise inquired, her face determined.He looked her in the eyes and eventually sighed, indicating his defeat.

“Well, Ill help you to tell them’ Then, before proceeding, he reminded them once more, “But don’t put yourself in danger just to save them.Simply do your best within your limitations.Understand?”

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