Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 719

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 719

“Don’t worry.I won’t push myself too hard,” Elise agreed.

Hence, through Simon’s arrangement, Elise and the others successfully gained entry to Reya Forest.

With Smith Co’s rescue team’s experience, they proceeded smoothly and managed to get into the deep forest with the least amount of effort possible.

But the difficulty began here.

Smith Co’s rescue team was unfamiliar with the trails in the depths, so they had to go slower to avoid any accidents.

Everyone was shouting for the missing students, including Elise.

“Sergio? Sergio! Can you hear us?”

Suddenly, Alexander pulled Elise back to prevent her from going any further.She immediately sensed that there might be danger nearby.

With that, she lowered her head to examine her surroundings and noticed a bone on the ground.Her raised leg was still in the air, having not yet stepped to the ground.

Seeing that, she couldn’t decide whether to go any further or take a step back.

Alexander then carefully pulled her a few steps backward.

After they managed to stand firmly in a safe place, they all began to examine the surroundings.

This location should be densely forested, but the plot of land in front of them was devoid of any green plants.

Furthermore, there were a few bones scattered around not far from them.

After some thought, Alexander walked to the side.

Picking up a stone at random, he threw it far.

The moment the stone hit the ground, a landmine exploded with a loud bang.

This confirmed their suspicions.

“This should be one of the ruins left over from the war.There are numerous landmines buried ahead, which were previously used to keep soldiers from pursuing them.However, it has now become an adventurers’ graveyard.”

Elise became solemn upon hearing this.

Even Alexander and her were on the verge of falling into this trap.

What about the six students? As if he could read her mind, Alexander hurriedly continued, “The skeletons on the ground appeared to have been there for a long time, and there are no broken limbs nearby.Perhaps the students had a detector and were able to avoid this area.They are most likely still alive’ Elise heaved a deep sigh of relief when she heard this.The rescue team then moved on.Things progressed smoothly when they moved forward, and they even found belongings left by the students.Following the critical information found on the belongings, they pursued all the way to the border.

It would be Rosepeak if they moved further.

Elise stood by the boundary pillar, gazing into the other half of the forest.

The six students had almost certainly arrived in Rosepeak.

But they were all intelligent students who were well aware of the dangers that awaited them once they crossed the border.

With that in mind, they would not have chosen to cross the border so easily.

So, what exactly drove them forward? Was there really a black hole in Rosepeak’s side of the forest? With an indescribable depressed feeling, Elise wrapped her coat tightly around her.

One of the rescuers found something and handed it to Kenneth.

“Mr.Bailey, this was found beside the boundary pillar’ Elise immediately recognized it as the Purple Jade she had given to Sergio.

There was also a card with it, which was Sergio’s student card.

Looking at the belongings, Elise fell into deep thought.

Sergio had intentionally left them here.He wouldn’t have had to do this if he had entered Rosepeak voluntarily.

It was then that Elise remembered that all of those who had gone missing were physics students.

And Simon was here to look into the previous disappearance of the physics professor.

Additionally, the majority of the adventurers who came to investigate the black hole legend were physics experts or scholars.

Was it possible that the whole thing was a planned scheme to kidnap the physics talents? They first spread rumors about the creation of the black hole in Reya Forest in order to attract physics experts or those who were learned in this field to this forest, and would then kidnap them across the border.

In this way, nobody would have discovered anything! She raised her head, as if she had suddenly thought of something, and looked at Alexander, who shared her solemn expression.He obviously had the same thought.

“People from Rosepeak?”

She made a bold guess.

But Alexander shook his head, disagreeing with what she said.

“Those who went to such lengths to kidnap our talents would not be so easily guessed.At the very least, we now know the students are safe.”

Elise didn’t say anything in response, but she knew he was correct.

No one would have gone to such lengths to kidnap the dead.

However, it was for sure that they were unable to bring the students back now.

“Let’s go back first.”

Alexander maintained his rationality and walked back, holding Elise the whole way.

“The weather here is unpredictable.We would be in big trouble if it rains later.”

Hence, Elise had no choice but to follow him back.

As they were leaving, she turned around to have a look.She felt as if she saw Sergio enthusiastically waving his hands at her.

But with the blow of the wind, nothing remained.

“Let’s go.”

Alexander gave her a light pat on the shoulder.She then turned her head back and walked slowly out of the forest as she clutched Sergio’s belongings.

Simon had been waiting outside for them.

When he noticed the lights from a distance, he quickly prepared a shawl and wrapped it around Elise as she walked out.

“Cover yourself with it.It’s cold now.”

Looking at Alexander, he asked, “Nothing happened, I suppose?”

“Yes.Everything progressed smoothly,” Alexander replied indifferently.

Then, after hesitating for a while, he pulled Simon aside and told him about their guesses.

When Simon heard Alexander’s words, his expression became solemn.

After a long while, he instructed heavy-heartedly, “Both Elise and you, don’t get yourself involved in this anymore”

After that, Alexander and his group left.

Since her return from Reya Forest, Elise had been waiting for news from the casino manager.She had a feeling that everything that happened in Salt Stone City had something to do with the man behind the casino, even though she

didn’t know why.

But before she could get anything from the manager, she first received Jeanie’s call.

“Yoyo, I have no choice but to look for you…”

Jeanie was sobbing, and that made Elise panicked as well, perhaps due to their blood ties.She was then informed of the disappearances of Trevor and Yvonne.

Jeanie had previously reported to the police, but nothing came of it.

After a few days, she couldn’t take it any longer and asked her daughter for assistance.

“I’ll be back very soon.”

After the conversation ended, Elise then dialed another number.

“Julius, help me to book the earliest available flight from Salt Stone City to Tissote.Also, inform everyone to use all their resources to find out where my brother, Trevor, is.”

“Don’t worry, Boss.I’ll locate him for you.”

She then started to pack her things after hanging up the call, but her heart was in such a mess that she couldn’t calm herself down to do so.

At this moment, Alexander entered the room.

Looking at the clothes scattered on the bed and the luggage strewn about, he raised his legs to walk over them and drew her into his embrace.

That immediately soothed her restlessness.

His large palm stroked her head, and he said warmly, “I’ll accompany you back”

This was an affirmation, not a request or pleading for her approval.

He made the decision to be with her whether she agreed or not, and whether or not she needed it.

Elise hugged him back.

Though she couldn’t bear to reject him, she pushed him away and said, “I wish for that too, but we need someone here in Salt Stone City.Don’t worry; I’ll be safe with Jamie and his men around.You stay here and look into the casino, and maybe we can follow this trail and find out who is behind it.The opportunity is right in front of us, and I don’t want to pass it up.”

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