Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 721

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 721

After settling Narissa down, Elise returned to her courtyard house to meet Jeanie.She appeared to be slimmer, and her gray hairs appeared to have increased significantly.She hadn’t been eating much or sleeping well since Trevor went missing.

Upon seeing that, Elise couldn’t help it when her heart ached for Jeanie.

After accompanying Jeanie to eat something, Elise soothed Jeanie to sleep.

Shortly after Jeanie fell asleep, Elise received an anonymous message.

‘Trevor is in my hands.If you want to save him, you must come to XX Factory in the suburbs within an hour, alone.The journey from the courtyard house to the suburbs would take at least forty minutes.

With traffic, it was impossible to get there in one hour.

The sender of the message clearly did not give her a chance to consider.

After a brief moment of thought, Elise went to her room and took a tiny location tracker before driving to the suburbs.

At the same time, she called Julius and told him and his men to go to the factory as well.

As soon as he received the news, Jamie dashed out the door without any delay.

But Narissa stopped him at the main door.

“Where are you going? Wanna try out my newly modified car? Let’s have a game?”

“You can play all you want, but I don’t have time for it.”

He walked past her at an even faster pace.


Narissa stopped him again.

“What do you mean? Are you afraid of competing with me? You’re scared of losing, aren’t you?”

Hearing that, he couldn’t hold it any longer and turned around, solemnly saying,

“I’m not concerned with winning or losing.What I really want now is for Boss to be safe.”

“Is Elise in trouble?”

Narissa immediately understood what Jamie meant.

“What happened?”

However, Jamie felt that Narissa did not value Elise at all.He was angry with that, although he had no idea why.Hence, he said nothing and simply turned around, took out the car keys, and got into the driver seat.

Just as he was about to start the engine, Narissa got into the car as well.

Noticing that, he tilted his head and gave her a stern glare.

“Come on; drive now! What if something bad happens to Elise if you don’t act quickly enough?”

Unlike her previous playful demeanor, Narissa exuded a completely different vibe right now.It was as if she were a different person.

Jamie remained silent for a few moments before starting the engine and driving away.

Meanwhile, in order to ensure that Julius and his men would get here on time,

Elise tried to time her arrival and only reached the factory at the last five minutes.

Two cars were parked in front of the factory, and a few men in suits and masks were waiting for her.

The moment she stepped down from the car, the men surrounded her and used a device to scan her from head to toe.

As such, her location tracker was taken away by them.

“Miss Sinclair, our cars are not bad as well.Why not give them a shot?”

She was then stuffed into one of their cars, blindfolded.

The car was then driven in the opposite direction.

At the same time, Jamie made an emergency stop by the roadside and slammed the steering wheel, loudly sounding the horn.


“What happened?”

Narissa was anxious.

“Boss’s location signal has vanished!” he exclaimed, feeling frustrated.

Narissa paused for a moment before pulling out her phone and connecting it to the car’s screen.She then pressed a few times on the screen and a navigation panel, as well as a small red dot, appeared.

“Follow this,” she instructed.

Jamie was stunned.

“What is this?”

“Isn’t it obvious enough? It’s a location tracker,” she replied calmly.

“Of course I know it’s a location tracker! But the one Boss had has already been destroyed.Why is yours sull functioning?” Jamie inquired, intrigued.

“Perhaps I am wealthier.”

As if it wasn’t a big deal, Narissa went on, “I use the most advanced materials from Diajan, which cannot be detected by those ordinary scanners”

“I see.” Jamie nodded admiringly.

Then, sensing something strange, he asked, “But why did you place a location tracker on Boss?”

Jamie’s words stunned Narissa, and she then turned around and smacked him in the back of his head.

“Why are you asking so many questions? Drive now! Elise is in danger!”

“Oh—you’re right!”

He pushed all doubts to the back of his mind and concentrated on driving.

Seeing that he did not pursue things further, Narissa exhaled a sigh of relief.She, of course, did not have the peculiar habit of tracking or eavesdropping on Elise.

The location tracker was mainly to keep the Cubers at bay.

If they really pursued her here, Narissa would be able to hide herself and not make things difficult for Elise.It was, after all, a good thing that the tracker could now serve a truly useful purpose.

Two hours later, Elise was brought to a construction site.

The structure next to them was only built to its frame, and the scaffolding and cement sand were strewn about.

After removing the blindfold, Elise saw Trevor and Yvonne hanging midway, with the hard concrete floor beneath them.

Falling from that height would almost certainly result in death.

Soon after, a man emerged from the fourth-floor platform.

And he had a face that was familiar to Elise.

“It’s been a long time since we last met.”

From his height, Johan smiled down at her.

Elise, however, simply squinted and stared at his face, not even batting an eyelid.His voice sounded familiar, but it couldn’t have been Johan.

The man had already gone insane, and it was impossible for him to harm anyone again!

“Who exactly are you?” Elise asked with a cold tone.

“You’re as clever as you always are,” Johan said, smiling.

“However, you will never have the opportunity lose my true identity”

Then his smile faded and was replaced by a solemn expression.

Looking ahead, he inquired, “One is your biological brother, and the other is an innocent lady who has previously been harmed by the Andersons.You can only save one of them.Tell me which one you’re going to pick.”

Elise went silent.She did not want to make such a choice.

“Please, Elise, save your brother.I came here myself and he should live!”

Yvonne shouted hoarsely with all her might.

That made Elise frown even further.

Unconsciously, she began clenching her fists so ughuy that they nearly bled.

“You’re taking too long.”

Johan had run out of patience and he told his men, “Do it now!”

Just after his command, the two axes swung in unison, severing both ropes.

Trevor and Yvonne both began to plummet at breakneck speed.

In that split second, Elise had no time to think and dashed toward Trevor, pulling his rope.

Just as she thought she was about to let Yvonne down, a figure rushed out from the stone piles behind them and saved her.

Seeing that, Elise finally had her heart at ease.She then took a look at the man who had saved Yvonne and realized he was Jamie.

Jamie slowly put Yvonne down and started dealing with Johan’s men.

Elise did the same, putting Trevor down slowly before preparing to tackle Johan.

But Narissa was there as well, and she managed to catch Johan as he walked out of the building ahead of Elise.

They then fought, but her strength was not as great as a man’s, and she appeared to be at a disadvantage.

At the most critical point, she took out a silver needle and inserted it directly into Johan’s neck.

His neck instantly stiffened.

Seeing that all his men had been defeated by Jamie, Johan seized the opportunity to flee.

Narissa wanted to run after him, but Elise stopped her.

“Don’t rush.When a man is desperate, he will do anything”It was only then that Narissa relented.

“Fine, I’ll let him off today.But El, your anesthetic needle, or whatever it is, really is useful! Make more so I can use them to protect myself’

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