Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 722

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 722

“I think you’re mistaken; other people would have to protect themselves against you,” Jamie teased.

With Narissa’’s skills, there weren’t many ordinary men who would be able to get close to her.

Hearing that, she glared fiercely at him.

They both began to stare at each other, as if they were having a battle through their gazes.

Elise, however, couldn’t care less about them.She dashed over to Trevor to check on him.

Fortunately, he was fine.

However, today’s incident made her realize that Trevor needed the surgery as soon as possible so that he could regain his basic self-protection ability and avoid a repeat of today’s situation.

All of them thought that they had had enough for the day.

But when Elise stepped into the house as she brought Trevor home, she saw Jeanie crying with her phone in her hand.

“Yoyo!” Jeanie called out to her, sobbing.

“Your dad is gone.”

Upon hearing that, Elise felt as if she had been struck by lightning.She was stunned for a few seconds before she regained her composure and pushed Jeanie away.

“What exactly do you mean? What happened to him?”

Blood ties were true, whether Elise believed in them or not.

Despite having severed all ties with Austin, Elise felt her heart sink when she learned of his death.

Eventually, it was her who tried to calm herself down and brought Jeanie back to the Anderson Family.It turned out that Austin had taken his own life.

His body had been transported to the hospital and was awaiting burial.

Elise examined the study room where he committed suicide and discovered nothing suspicious.

Instead, she found his suicide note.It read, ‘Jeanie, my wife.I’ve disappointed you.

If we ever get the chance to be husband and wife again, I will love and adore you even more.

The Andersons are counting on you in the future.

Yoona, on the other hand, has severed all ties with me and is no longer one of the Andersons.

Do not let her meddle in Anderson Family’s matters, and she is not allowed to attend my funeral as my child.

Please abide by my wishes.

Elise put the note down, feeling miserable.

Blood ties or father-daughter relationships were all nonsense.

Even when he was dying, Austin did not forget to cut off his relationship with her.He appeared to hate her to his very core.

Elise laughed at herself for still having expectations on him.But her tears dropped while she was laughing.She wiped her tears away with her hand and laughed louder, hoping that her heart would hear her laughter and stop feeling sad.

It was of no use at all.Her heart, as if suffocated, was unable to breathe.

At that point, a servant knocked on the door from the outside.

“Miss Yoona, a man named Marcus is looking for you outside right now.”

“Serve him some tea.I’ll be there soon.”

Elise quickly calmed herself down and touched up her makeup before heading downstairs.

Marcus was sitting on the living room sofa.

When he saw Elise approaching, he immediately stood up.

“Miss Anderson.” Marcus greeted her with an accent.


She walked up to him and shook his hand.

“I believe you’ve come to discuss some business matters with my father.You saw what just happened.Something happened within the Anderson family, and I’m afraid you’ll have to pay a visit at a later time.”

“I heard about Mr.Anderson’s incident.Please accept my condolences.”

Marcus’ words were courteous and thoughtful.

“Don’t be concerned about me.We can leave after assisting you with Mr.Anderson’s funeral arrangements.”

“We?” Elise frowned.

“Are you referring to you and me? Where are we going?”

“You know nothing about it?”

Marcus was shocked.She simply returned his inquiry.

“What should I be aware of?”

Marcus’ gaze dimmed when he heard that.

After a brief moment of consideration, he answered, “Well, let me explain the entire thing to you’ Elise then learned about the unknown side of Tissote’s Anderson Family from him.The Andersons were not well off in their early years.Despite them being in the medical field, their company was struggling.The situation persisted until one day, when Austin’s grandfather, who was also Elise’s great-grandfather, met Marcus’ master by chance.

Marcus’ master then helped the Anderson Family grow their business to become Cittadel’s leading medical corporation.

But it wasn’t without conditions.

Both of them agreed that if the future Anderson Family leader had a daughter,

she would have to marry Marcus’ master when she reached the appropriate age.

If the Andersons refused, Marcus’ master had the authority to reclaim everything they had given to the Andersons, including their lives.

“So, Miss Anderson, I’ve come to pick you up for your marriage with my master.”

Marcus was becoming more and more courteous to her.

Elise, on the other hand, had mixed feelings.

Many images flashed through her mind, including those in which Austin intentionally distanced himself from her, where he was biased against her in favour of Faye, where he treated her as if she didn’t exist, and the suicide note

she had just discovered…

Was it due to such an agreement that Austin severed all ties with her? Was everything he did just to get out of the Anderson Family’s obligations pursuant to that agreement? If so, then it all made sense.

That was why, after Faye died, Austin publicly announced his intention to cut all ties with Elise.

All that he did was to protect her.

But what about Faye? Was she adopted by chance, or was it a deliberate act?

What was the real reason for Elise being sent to the Sinclairs? Only Austin knew all the answers.

With these in her mind, Elise felt even sadder now.She had always thought that Austin hated her, but it turned out that his love for her was immense.

Parents were capable of doing anything for their children.

At this moment, she truly understood the meaning of this.

Seeing that Elise had not responded for a long time, Marcus urged, “Miss Anderson, my master has informed Mr.Anderson a few years ago, but everything was delayed until now.My master is getting impatient.Please pack your belongings and leave with me soon.”

Elise simply took a deep breath to calm herself down before turning around to face Marcus.

Calmly, she stated, “It’s too late now.I’m already married”


Marcus was taken aback and didn’t know what to say.

“The agreement was a thing in the past.It’s the new generation now, and there’s no place for arranged marriage.Since the Anderson Family is indebted to you,

you have the right to take away the Andersons’ assets.Inform your master that he can send his men to collect the assets at any time”

Elise then continued calmly, “For the rest, even without your master, the Anderson Family would have carried on the lineage.Hence, we owe you nothing.Please convey the same to your master.”

“That being the case, I shall leave first.”

Marcus did not pester any further and simply left.Elise raised her head as she stood in the middle of the lobby.

Taking in her surroundings, she couldn’t help but feel sentimental.

Such a large family business was, after all, a dream that couldn’t be sustained.

Life was short; there was no necessity to be obsessed over it.

On a sunny afternoon, Danny abruptly ran into Elise’s house.

Elise was enjoying her lunch break.

Meanwhile, Narissa, who was dressed in Elise’s pajamas and had on a facial sheet mask, was walking down the stairs when she ran into him.He then approached her and began blabbering.

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