Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 723

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 723

“Anyway, Elise, the prospects for this project are very promising.If you invest in it, you will undoubtedly be pleased with the results!” Danny promised.

Narissa grinned at that.

“So, you’re here to borrow money?”

He smiled as he scratched the back of his head and said, “I’m here to invite you,

my dear sister-in-law, to be my partner.After all, the goodies should be kept within the family.”

“Why didn’t you ask your brother, then?” she intentionally teased him.

“I’m closer to you than I am to my brother!” He began to fawn over her.

“Do you remember, my dear sister- in-law, that I severed all ties with my brother because of you? I’m now your real brother!”


She satisfiedly nodded her head.

“Then address me as your sister”

Jamie was sitting on the sofa, smilingly shaking his head.


Danny was stunned.

“Can I?”

“Why not?”

Narissa crossed her arms, as if anticipating a good show.

“Do you want the money?”

“Of course!”

Aman should not easily compromise, but he was willing to do so for Elise.


“How much do you want?”

Just as he was speaking, Elise’s voice resonated from upstairs.

Danny raised his head and saw Elise looking down at him.He then turned around and looked at Narissa, who was sitting beside him, and jumped in shock.

“Jamic, am I having hallucinations? Why am I seeing two Elises?!” he asked,

while pulling Jamie up.

Jamie also joined in on the fun.

He drew his lips together and said, “Where? Oh my, are you suffering from any terminal illnesses? Do you feel dizzy right now?”

“Now that you’ve said so, I indeed feel a little dizzy…”

Perhaps due to some psychological effect, Danny felt his legs wobbling.

“Come, let me help you.Don’t fall down.”

Jamie resisted his urge to laugh and held Danny from behind.

Danny, on the other hand, felt weak and leaned almost completely on Jamie.

Narissa burst out laughing so hard that her facial sheet mask nearly fell off.

“You two are a match made in heaven! It’s hilarious!”

She continued to laugh as she spoke.

“That’s enough.Stop teasing him.”

Elise walked to the sofa and sat down.

Jamie then pushed Danny away and tidied his clothes in disgust.

“How dare you have the nerve to claim that you are Boss’ brother?”

Narissa removed her mask, but her smile remained.

Danny was now certain that she was nota hallucination.

“Who can tell me what happened?” he asked, feeling stunned.

“She’s a close friend of mine who came here for the holidays.”

Elise just brushed it off.

“You said you had an investment project for me?”

Danny immediately pushed what had happened earlier to the back of his mind and responded, “Yes.It’s about a new type of energy.I guarantee you will not lose money?”


Elise nodded and said in a business-like manner, “Tell your partner to prepare the relevant information.I’ll go to your company in a few days to hear your presentation.Also, find a lawyer to draft a detailed shareholders agreement.Though this is your first time doing business, I hope you can be more cautious.”

“Don’t worry, Elise! I won’t let you down!” Danny said agitatedly.

“That’s a deal, then.I need to leave now.My partner has found another investor,

and I need to pick her up from the hotel.”

“Go ahead.”

“Bye, my dear sister-in-law.I love you!”

He then made a love sign and dashed outside.

When Danny passed by Narissa, he walked back and looked at her from top to bottom, thereafter saying, “Though you’re a beauty, my sister-in-law is way prettier!”

With that, he dashed out without even looking back “You—”

Narissa wanted to chase after him and let him have a taste of her skills, but she restrained her urge.

Turning around, she saw Jamie laughing discreetly.

“What are you laughing at? Is it that funny?” she fiercely reprimanded.

“Did I actually laugh?”

Jamie raised his brows and spoke up without fear.

“If you have evidence of my laughing, you are free to call the cops.”

Narissa was already infuriated by Danny.

With Jamie’s words now, she immediately became furious and took off her slippers while sprinting to Jamie, intending to slam him with them.


Both of them got into a fight.

Even though Jamie retaliated, he did yield a little and no one was hurt.

Elise, on the other hand, was used to them behaving in such a way.She poured herself a cup of water before walking past them and headed upstairs, as if she did not see them.

In front of Sierra Hotel, Danny had just parked his car and unbuckled his seatbelt when someone knocked on the window.He turned around and opened the door.

At that instant, he was mesmerized by the long-haired lady standing in front of him.She had a delicate oval face with fair skin.Her facial features were cute beneath her sunglasses, and she had big, watery eyes.Her eyes were slightly

raised at the ends, adding to her a charismatic appearance.

Everyone enjoyed beautiful things, and Danny was no exception.

When he saw her, he began to smile.

“Hey, how do I go to the science park?”

The woman’s voice was sweet and gentle, unlike her cool appearance.

Danny’s bright smile never faded.

“Turn left after you go out of the door.After two traffic lights, turn right twice and then left again to arrive.”

She raised her head and looked at the door, almost showing her cleavage.

Danny swallowed his saliva and looked away, ever the gentleman.

The woman then turned back again.She smiled when she saw his flushed face and said in a deep voice, “Thank you.”

After that, she put on her sunglasses and headed to the direction behind his car.

A few minutes later, a red Porsche sprinted past him.

Danny took a glance at the car plate, and he unknowingly smiled.

“Her car plate is as cool as she is.”

He didn’t get out of the car until the car behind him honked, jolting him back to reality.Then, he instructed the doorman to drive his car away.

“Could you help me check which room Ariel Whitney is in?” he asked the receptionist.

“Miss Whitney? The one staying in the president suite, right? She just went out.Didn’t you notice her? She’s dressed in red and drives a red sports car.”

“That’s Ariel?”

Her appearance, which made his heart race, flashed through his mind.

Danny then left the hotel and pursued Ariel in the direction he had just given.But when he reached the company, he did not see her car.He first checked with his partner to make sure she wasn’t upstairs.

After getting such a confirmation, he began driving around the area.

However, he did not find her.

As he passed by a shopping center while stuck in traffic, he frustratingly looked at the advertising wall by the roadside and saw the image of the 777 car plate.

“Latest’s news: a red Porsche crashed into the river twenty minutes ago…”

Oh my.

My investor crashed into the river? Danny didn’t hesitate and immediately turned the car around and rushed to the nearby hospital.

When he arrived, he noticed Ariel, who was wearing sunglasses and walking outside while holding onto the corridor wall.

“Miss Whitney”

He went up to her.

“Are you alright?”

She raised her head and met his gaze through her sunglasses.

“President Griffith?”

“You can just call me Danny.”

Danny was confident in socializing with his business partners.

“I saw on the news that your car had crashed into the river.Are you injured?”

“No, ” she responded, standing up straight.

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