Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 725

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 725

On the Sea Ring Road, a well-tuned supercar and an unremarkable rental car were at the starting line.

The sound of the engines were resounding.

Jamie glanced at Narissa one last time before he averted his gaze confidently.

When the hand of the clock pointed to twelve, he stepped on the pedal and his car sped forward like an arrow.

Every part of his car was state of the art, and he quickly left Narissa behind.

The race was two kilometers long.

The one who went around the lighthouse and returned to the starting point first would be the winner.

When Jamie turned around, he passed by Narissa, who had just arrived at the lighthouse.

“You’re quite close, aren’t you?”

Jamie’s focused gaze held a gleam of victory.

Then, he accelerated to distance himself from Narissa.

Jamic was approaching the finishing line when he glanced behind through the rearview mirror.

Narissa had come close, and their gap was gradually narrowing.

However, she had no chance to win as Jamie was right before the finish line.He floored the accelerator and raced over the line.Then, he curled his lips proudly,

ready to slow down for a nice drift.

However, the brake was not functioning despite him stepping on it a few times.

“What happened?”

Jamie was caught off guard and he quickly stabilized the steering wheel.His car,

however, continued to go at maximum speed and could not slow down.

Moreover, the car was shaking.If Jamie did not slow down immediately, the car would likely fall apart while driving.

The only fortunate thing was there were not many cars around, and it was a straight path at Sea Ring Road, which decreased the possibility of him rushing into the sea at a turn.

Jamie quickly summoned the onboard navigation system and tried to search for an escape route.

However, the option given by the computer was fifteen kilometers away and he needed to pass through the urban area.

Hence, it was out of the question.

At the same time, a yellow car passed by with a whoosh.

Narissa overtook his car at high speed.

Before he could react, Narissa suddenly slowed down and went backward to hit him directly.

Under the violent collision, Jamie’s car had slowed down significantly.

The sound of the brakes cut through the air.

After sliding for a kilometer, the car finally stopped.

Feeling like he had escaped from death, Jamie sighed in relief and unbuckled his scat belt to get out of the car.He turned his head and found a long scratch by the car’s rear.His expression turned solemn at that.

“See that?”

Narissa walked up to him.

“I remember the track at Ender Mountain was a ring road.It was filled with curved roads.If you did drive it for the race, do you think you can come back alive?”

Jamie’s expression turned dark as he clenched his fists.

“Lucas Potter, you d*ck! I must find him now!”

“What’s the hurry?”

Narissa held him back.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to beat that guy on the track in three days?”

Jamie calmed down.However, he turned sullen as he looked at the badly damaged car.

“The car is destroyed.What can I do?”

Narissa, however, was calm “There’s still three days.It’s enough to modify a car..”

“Easy for you to say..”

Jamie looked depressed.

“The competition was decided half a year ago.Our cars were modified again and again to meet the highest performance.Even if I can modify a car in three days, I can’t win against that guy”

“It isn’t impossible if you beg me..”

Narissa crossed her arms and looked at him with a smiling face.

Jamie raised his head in disbelief.

“Can you come up with another car like this in three days?”

He didn’t mean to look down on Narissa.However, not even the famous figure in Cittadel who modified this racing car could promise he could finish it in three days.How could a girl such as Narissa do the impossible? “If you don’t trust me,


Narissa turned her head arrogantly and left.

“Wait! Stop!”

Jamie chased after her and put his arm around her shoulders.

“Bro, family should always help each other, no? If you had told me earlier, I would’ve put you on a pedestal!”

Narissa stopped and tilted her head in disgust.

“Are you cursing me to die sooner? Also, I’m not your brother.Brothers hold grudges!”

“Sister, then..”

Jamie retracted his arm and pulled Narissa over to him to plead softly.

“Sis, please help me.That guy is evil.Boss won’t be happy if I lose to him too!”

Their faces were so close together that Narissa could feel Jamie’s breath when talking.She struggled like an eel when she felt the heat and escaped his embrace.

“Fine, I’ll help you..”

Narissa turned her back to him as her heart galloped.

However, she was still haughty.

“I’ll have you know that I help you not because I like you.It’s all because of El!”

“Yeah, yeah.I’m just a nobody and not worthy of Young Mistress Cuber.Boss is the one who is worthy of your attention..”

Jamie took a hint and gave her some respect.

Smiling, he leaned over and murmured, “There is a restaurant that went viral recently.I was supposed to celebrate my victory in that restaurant.I wonder if I have the honor to invite you to a meal?”

As he said that, he elegantly stretched out his hand in an inviting gesture.

Narissa pursed her lips and smiled lightly.

Then, she immediately regained her coldness.

Clearing her throat, she pretended to be calm as she stated, “I suppose I can spare some time for that..”

She placed her hand on Jamie’s.

“Will you lead the way?”

“Of course..”

Jamie slowly led her forward.

After taking two steps, he returned to his senses with a confused look.

Wait a minute…

Why am I following Narissa again? However, he was relieved in the next second.I don’t care; I will be happy if I win against Lucas! Jamie was dogged by bad luck.He realized this was a small world as he walked into the restaurant.

Lucas Potter, who was trying to kill Jamie by destroying the brake, led his gang to celebrate at this restaurant.

“Jamie the coward must have potty pants as he didn’t dare to come! Haha!”

“Of course! Not many Cittadelian could rival Boss’ racing skill! Jamie should just drop dead!”

Jamie turned thunderous and he couldn’t control his expression.

At that point, Lucas had also noticed them, so he kicked the chair off to one side and walked over.

“Hey, aren’t you the Young Master Jamie?”

Lucas hissed as he covered his nose.

“Why do I smell urine? Can’t someone control his d*ck?”


Lucas’ gang burst into laughter.

Jamie hid his fist in the pocket as a cold gleam flashed in his eyes.

Before he could speak, Lucas turned his attention to Narissa.

“Your racing skills are mediocre, but your woman is quite something.Can you let me play with her for a few days”

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