Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 726

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 726

“What did you say?!”

Jamie was so angry that he wanted to get physical.


Lucas arrogantly provoked, “Come at me, then! I don’t like you anyway!”

The group of thugs behind him were excited and they were ready for a fight.

“Oh—wait a minute..”

Narissa walked between them.

Putting an index finger on Lucas’ chest, she pushed him away.

“Hottie, don’t be rash..”

Smiling, she looked at them with gleaming eyes.

Then, she deliberately put on a gentle and slow demeanor in order to make sure she looked very charming.

The smile on Lucas’ face deepened.He looked at her maliciously.

“Beauty, you’d best kick that piece of trash away.You should come with me; I will make you satisfied..”

“Who do you think you are—”


Before Jamie could finish his words, Narissa grabbed Lucas’ tie and leaned toward him.

“However, my passion is like fire.I wonder if you can handle it..”

“What are you doing?”

Jamie was stunned.

Why can’t I consistently predict her next move?


Narissa squinted at him.

“I just wanted to change my taste..”

Lucas smiled disgustingly.

“Did you hear that? She’s tired of you!”


Narissa turned her head.

With the back of her head to Lucas, she winked at Jamie and said, “Let’s not waste time.I can’t wait.We should immediately go to a nearby hotel and have fun!”

Jamie pursed his lips upon hearing that.He was confused at her blinking eyes.What does she mean? Are her eyes hurting?

“Sure! I love how straightforward you are..”

Lucas happily hugged Narissa and pushed Jamie away while ambling away.

The gang followed him and whistled all the way.

Jamie chased them ull the entrance but he eventually stopped.He then watched Narissa lead L.ucas into the opposite hotel from a distance, his gaze turning deep.

Lucas impatiently tried to get straight to the main event as soon as they entered the VIP room.

Narissa, however, skillfully pushed him away and dodged to the bathroom.

“Let me take a shower first.Please wait for me like a good boy”

After entering the bathroom and showering for at least ten minutes, she fanned her hair out before walking out, wrapped in a bathrobe.

Lucas greeted her with red wine.He then wrapped her waist with his arm, raised the glass and drank it.His gaze was getting bold and lustful.

Narissa smiled brightly, grabbed his tie and slowly loosened it.Her gaze was ambiguous and provocative.

Lucas lowered his head again and tried to kiss her at that point.

However, Narissa raised her index finger to block him.

“Don’t be hasty.Let’s do something exciting, okay?”

As she said, she took the tie to cover Lucas’ eyes.

“I’m going to take off your clothes..”

Narissa unbuttoned his shirt, but her face was cold and full of disgust.

What the heck Jamie is doing?! He’s too slow; it’s been twenty minutes! Didn’t he know what I meant?! Narissa tore off Lucas’ clothes, feeling annoyed the whole time.

After that, she was even more disgusted by him.

What is Lucas doing? Why does he have a belly full of fat in his twenties?

“Beauty, do go on! What are you waiting for?”

Lucas smiled disgustingly.

“Of course,, ” Narissa responded with a poker face.

After that, a flash of inspiration came to her.

After quickly taking off his trousers, she ran to the entrance and took her lipstick from the bag.She then opened the cap and created a work on his body.

“What are you doing?”

Lucas was getting impatient.

“I’m putting my mark on you.This way, you will completely belong to me today..”

Narissa said cutely.

Her cutesy tone made L.ucas excited as his smile appeared even more wretched.

When Narissa was about to run out of lipstick, she finally saw a figure appearing on the balcony.

After a while, Jamie opened the curtains and walked in lightly.

Seeing Lucas was wearing only his underwear, Jamie almost laughed out loud.

Narissa gestured for him to be quiet and raised her chin to make him take Lucas’ clothes and walk toward the entrance together.

“What are you doing? Why are you silent?”

Lucas noticed something was wrong.

As soon as he removed the blindfold, he saw Narissa and Jamie standing and smiling proudly at the entrance.

“Why are you here?”

After a short period of astonishment, Lucas became angry.

“You guys are playing with me, aren’t you?!”

“Of course we are playing with you.So what, you little d*ck?” Jamie said provocatively.

After speaking, he tugged Narissa along and ran out of the room.

Lucas didn’t think much and chased them.However, he bumped into a bunch of paparazzi with cameras when he reached the entrance.

Before reacting, the paparazzi had already aimed the cameras at him and caught the scene.

Lucas looked down, only to realize there was a member painted on his body,

and his nipples were circled.He instinctively covered them with his hand, but the camera was aimed under him instead.He rushed to the paparazzi angrily.

“No cameras! Don’t take my pictures! Do you hear me? I will sue you for bankruptcy!”

They were paparazzi because of their work ethics.They would never discriminate.

Whether one was a noble or everyday man, they would never let go of a good scoop.No matter how threatening Lucas was, they continued snapping pictures.

In the elevator, Narissa and Jamie laughed heartily.

“Good.That was really good! Hahaha!”

Jamie said excitedly, “I’ve finally got my revenge!”

“Well, you were too slow,, ” Narissa said coldly.

“You can’t blame me; how would I know what you were trying to say by blinking?

However, I have strong comprehension skills.I didn’t disappoint you, did I?”

Jamie hugged Narissa.

“We have such understanding, so we are brothers from now on.Don’t make such a cold face anymore; it’s not pretty!”

Narissa turned her face and looked at him with a smile.



Jamie nodded.

As he said that, Narissa slammed her elbow against his chest.

“Ouch! You—”

Jamie was in such pain that he couldn’t straighten his waist.

“Do you know women are thorns?”

After Narissa said those words, she walked out of the elevator gracefully.

Jamie rubbed his aching chest and leaned against the wall.He then followed her out.He looked at her back from a distance and sighed.

“What a moody woman..”

The waiter apologized when Danny and his company ordered from the menu in a private restaurant.

“I’m so sorry.Spring Snow is a limited item, and we do not have it at this hour..”

“What should we do? We’re here for the special item!”

One of the guests expressed dissatisfaction.

“Well, there’s a challenge in this restaurant—if you can score 85 in dart throwing, the boss can ask the chef to make one for you” the waiter said.


Danny urged the waiter to get the darts.

“This is my speciality.Just watch and learn!”

And so, the group went over to the dart-throwing area.

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