Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 727

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 727

Danny calmed down, took aim, and threw the dart.


The waiter said it as it was.Danny was getting embarrassed.So, he quickly adjusted his stance and threw it again.

“Eight.” The waiter’s voice was still indifferent.

”Danny, can you really do it? If you can’t, let us do it!” his friends yelled around him.

“Don’t spout nonsense! The last two darts were for me to familiarize myself with the venue.What do you understand about darts?” Danny shut them down outright.He then adjusted his posture again and fired three shots in a row.

“Eight, seven, six,” the waiter announced mercilessly.

“You’re getting a lesser score!”

At that point, the whole gang werc laughing at Danny.

“Sir, you have five darts left.If you can get 49 more marks, you can get the limited edition item” the waiter said in a strange tone.

He had seen too many incompetent customers that wanted the limited edition item on the menu.

“I know; you don’t have to remind me.”

Danny gritted his teeth and could only hold on.

When he was aiming, Ariel suddenly walked up and snatched his dart to throw it.

And just like that, she got ten marks.

Before Danny could react, she threw the remaining four darts and received forty scores in total.

Everyone was surprised upon seeing that.

“Miss Whitney, you’re amazing!”

“Congratulations! I will inform the chef to prepare and deliver the Spring Snow”

the waiter said enthusiastically.

At that point, Danny turned thunderous.What a heel turn! However, he couldn’t blame the waiter.

Even Danny himself wanted to applaud Ariel.

However, he was a prideful man.

At this point, he felt as if something was stuck in his chest, making him feel stuffy and uncomfortable.

Going to the clubhouse after dinner was a must for a business party.

However, Danny was still unhappy after entering the clubhouse.I have lost to a woman.

No one will take me seriously if everyone knows about it! If Elise knows about this, she might even cut ties with me! Danny was getting angrier the more he thought about it, and he drank glass after glass of wine.

At this time, someone proposed to play dice.

When Danny heard it, he just couldn’t sit still.He picked up two dice cups and sat next to Aricl.

“Miss Whitney, shall we play a few rounds?”

“No, thank you.I’m bad at this game,” Ariel politely declined.

“It’s okay.It’s just for fun.How about this—if you lose, drink a glass of wine.If I lose, my punishment is doubled.” Danny insisted, adamanant to regain his dignity as a man.

Ariel thought for a while, then asked, “How do you play?”

“Each player has four dice.Whoever has the highest point wins.”

Danny quickly explained the rules and finally smiled.

“Isn’t it easy?” Ariel noddcd.

“It’s quite simple.”

It was way easier than what she had played before.

“Let’s start.”

And so, Danny politely said, “You can go first.”

Ariel smiled lightly, then picked up the dice cup and shook it briefly before putting it down.

Upon seeing that, Danny felt underestimated.

“Did you just shake it twice?”

This was far too simple for Danny.

“Yes.” Ariel said, “It’s tiring to shake any longer”


Danny smacked his lips and shook the dice cup.I gave Ariel her chance.She must not blame me for winning if she doesn’t cherish it.

After performing some flashy skills, Danny threw the dice cup on the table exaggeratedly to open it.

Two sixes, one four, and one drive—the total was twenty- one points.He proudly grinned but quickly took it back.

Raising his chin and pretending to be calm, he pointed at Ariel’s dice up.

Ariel calmly opened it.She got two fives and two sixes, which made it a total of twenty-two points.

“Wow! Such luck.”

Ariel innocently said, “Just one point more than you”

Danny’s expression froze.Then, he opened his eyes to look again.It was indeed twenty-two points.

Such rotten luck I have! Still, he kept his promise.He then poured two glasses of liquor and drank it.


This time, Danny learned from his lesson.

Not only did he mess up the dice, he also deliberately exchanged the dice cup with Ariel.

After all, his luck was terrible today, so he would not take any risk.

This time, Ariel still shook the same amount of times before putting the cup down.

“You open it first,” Danny said proudly.

Ariel smiled and lifted the lid.She got four fives and two tens.

“Haha! I will win this round!”

Danny excitedly lifted the lid and stood up with confidence.

Ariel lowered her gaze to look at the table and then raised her head with a funny smile.

“It’s nineteen, smaller than twenty.”

“Nineteen? How could—”

Before Danny could finish his words, he saw the dice in the cup.He got three sixes and a one, which meant it was precisely nineteen points.He fell onto the sofa, feeling completely confused.

God is playing with me, right? I will never give up!


Danny closed the lid and was about to start over.

“Let’s not be hasty.” Ariel kept smiling.

“You should drink as punishment now, no?”

Hearing this, Danny frowned.

The two cups of liquor earlier were very strong and made him tipsy.He couldn’t handle more alcohol.

That being said, he was a man of his word.He would not be a sore loser.

Hence, he forced himself to drink, thereafter making Ariel continue the game.

However, there seemed to be a limitation that Danny couldn’t get rid of as he kept losing the game by one point.

Danny drank glass after glass.

Within half an hour, he completely lost consciousness.He and Ariel were the only ones left in the private room when he woke up.

Rubbing his temples, Danny sat up and undid his tie.

“I’ll take you back home”

Then, he stood up abruptly.

As soon as he did that, he staggered and fell down.His head now rested on Ariel’s thighs.

Danny’s vision and consciousness began to blur as the duo looked at each other.

Ultimately, he couldn’t tell whether it was a dream or reality.

“Miss Whitney…”

He lightly opened his mouth, and his voice was soft and sad as he mumbled,

“Why are you so amazing? W-Why can’t you let me win once? Just once.I didn’t …Once…”

As he said, he fell asleep.

Much like in a trance, Ariel stared at him and her smile gradually faded.She then said in a low voice and with rare tenderness, as if she were coaxing a child, “I will let you win next time”

Danny was woken up by the sound of the shower.

When he opened his eyes, he saw an unfamiliar ceiling.

Someone was obviously taking a shower in the bathroom.

Then, he instinctively lifted the quilt and glanced down, but he quickly covered himself again.


Danny wrinkled his face together with annoyance.

Did I sleep around after drinking?! More importantly, I can’t remember the girl!

Danny didn’t think much.So, he quickly lifted the quilt and got out of bed.

After finding his pants, he put them on.

As soon as he picked up his clothes, the sound of a door opening came from the bathroom.He quickly hid by the balcony and covered his upper body with a curtain.

The next second, he saw Ariel walking out in a bathrobe.

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