Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 728

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 728

As if Ariel could not see Danny, she calmly walked to the bar and poured a glass of red wine.

Raising her head, she took a small sip.

Danny’s gaze followed the bright red liquid in the cup going into the slender white neck, all the way down to the looming curves.

His Adam’s apple bobbed as he averted his gaze.

Ariel checked his every movement.She lowered her brows and smiled.

“You have seen every inch of my body last night.Why are you being shy now?”

she deliberately teased.

“I’m not shy!”

Danny stubbornly puffed out his chest.

Ariel squinted.

After a closer look, she asked jokingly, “Is this your first time?”

Danny avoided her gaze in embarrassment and did not answer.

“It is your first time!”

Ariel affirmed and laughed.

“Jeez! You’re too cute.”

Danny’s ears were red, but he didn’t know how to refute her.He was angry and ashamed, and his expression gradually turned resentful.

Ariel finally couldn’t stand it any longer and told him the truth.

“I was just kidding.Nothing happened last night.”


Danny instantly relaxed upon hearing that.

“What happened to my clothes?”

“The waiter helped you to take them off,” Ariel answered.

“I’m not interested in your small and skinny body.”

“I’m not skinny!”

At that point, Danny impulsively let go of the curtain to expose his upper body.

Clear muscle lines came into view.

Ariel took a deep breath and hurriedly turned her head away.

Why is this boy growing so fast?! Ariel’s face suddenly turned red.

Danny was confused as he looked down and touched his six-pack.I’m rather sexy, but she’s not interested in me?! As Danny was distracted, Ariel quickly put down the glass.She then ran to the bed, lifted the quilt, and covered herself


“I didn’t sleep well on the sofa last night.I have to sleep now.Get out and don’t disturb me!”

Danny’s face fell when he heard that and he grumbled, “Okay…”

Then, he picked up his clothes and walked out while wearing them.As he did so,

he reflected on himself.I’m not as old as Ariel, and she’s richer than me. She crushed me with darts too.

Now, even she is more experienced in bed than me.I am no match to her, and I’m a failure.

He looked at the bed and let out a frustrated sigh before opening the door.Then,

he left dejectedly.

When the door closed, Ariel stuck her head out of the quilt and took several breaths.That was too close! Fortunately, Danny is easy to fool.If I let a little kid discover I only have a knack for talking, I will lose all respect.

Still, he really is kind of cute.

Austin’s funeral was held as scheduled by Elise.

As a family, Alexandcr stood with Elise at the church to thank the guests who came to pay their respects.

Almost everyone was present when Elise saw Marcus again.

However, he did not come alone.

Instead, he was walking behind a young man.

After a bow, Marcus took the initiative to introduce both parties.

“Miss Anderson, this is my master, Elijah Boyle”


Elise nodded to thank him.

Ehjah responded in the same way, then took a seat.It was only after that did Russell come with Danicl and Tania in tow.

After a bow, Russell called Elise and Alexander into the lounge.

“Thank you for preparing the funeral for Austin these two days, Elise,” Russell said proudly as always.

“It is my duty as a daughter,” Elise said without emotion.

Russell nodded.Then, he got straight to the point.

“You have been working far too long and you must be tired.After the funeral, you can rest at home.I will handle the affairs of the Anderson Family on behalf of your father, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Alexander’s glance became sharp in an instant.

“Do you mean you want to monopoly my father-in-law’s property?”

“Hey, don’t say it like that.I’m not monopolizing.The Anderson Family’s property should be inherited by the Andersons.As Austin has passed away, it’s only natural that I take over.”

Russell took it for granted.

“Uncle Russell, although Austin is not here, Yoyo is.You can’t do this!” Jeanie scolded.


Russell sarcastically grinned, confident that he was on the winning end.

“Jeanie, don’t you forget—before Austin passed away, he had cut ties with Elise.She is no longer a part of the Anderson Family.”

“That’s right!”

Daniel remembered what Elise did to him and was angry.

“You don’t have the right to inherit the Anderson Family’s property!”

Upon hearing that, Alexander looked at them darkly.

Meanwhile, Daniel instantly fell silent and hid weakly behind Russell.

Flise didn’t want to spoil the funeral, so she tried to calm down the situation.

“We will talk about it later.”

“Elise Sinclair!”

Russell then announced arrogantly, “You know it’s useless to delay the inevitable.There’s only so many elders in the Anderson Family, and I have many ways to take over the company.”

Elise’s gaze turned cold.

Then, she looked at Tania, who didn’t dare to interject, and asked, “Are you sure you want to be the head of the Anderson Family?”

“It’s not about what I want.This is where I belong.”

Russell squinted with a sinister gleam.

“Sure,” Elise readily agreed.

“I will announce before everyone that you will be the head of the Anderson Family after the funeral.I hope you can bear the stress that comes with the position.”

“You don’t have to worry about me.”

As Russell got what he wanted, his tone got lighter.Then, they went to the church and the funeral proceeded as planned.

As the guests were about to get up and leave, Russell couldn’t wait and walked over to urge Elise to act quickly.So, Elise spoke immediately and stopped everyone.

“Everyone, please wait a minute.I have something to announce.From now on,

Mr.Russell Anderson will replace my father, Austin Anderson, as the president of Anderson Pharmaceuticals.So, you can negotiate with Mr.Russell Anderson for any business dealings”

Russell felt amazing and expressed his thoughts with his charisma as the head.

“Please be rest assured, I will make the Anderson Family better than ever!”

Everyone whispered, “Russell really is impatient.Austin had just passed away,

and now he is fighting for the inheritance.How cruel!”

However, Russell turned a deaf car to all that.He was still being arrogant, and his gestures exuded the joy of a winner.

Elise ignored his actions.She walked straight to Marcus and Elijah when the guests were almost gone.

“Mr.Boyle.Now, Russell is the head of the Anderson Family.You can ask him everything you want.”

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