Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 729

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 729

Ehjah stood up and looked at Russell before his gaze fell back to Elise.

“I will take them in since you asked.However, I want you too.”

Elijah’s voice was magnetic and domineering.He tilted his head as he spoke before he instructed Marcus in a low tone.

Marcus nodded respectfully, then took a group of eight bodyguards to rush straight to Russell’s family.Tania was being held by two bodyguards, and she desperately called for help.

“Dad, Daniel, save me!”

Before Russell and Daniel could react, they were pressed to the ground.

“Who are you?! How dare you attack us in public?!” Russcll roared.

“Someone, call the police!”

Elise supported Jeanie and stood off to one side, looking indifferent and cold.

Alexander didn’t even look at the family.

Elijah, however, walked up to Russell and stepped on his face to stop him from making a sound.

“Incompetent piece of trash! You dare to think of being the head of the Anderson Family?”

He paused and looked at Elise to show off.

“Now, I will clean up the rubbish for my future wife”

Then, his expression turned cold, and Elijah instructed his subordinate, “Send the men to Africa to labour.As for the girl, take her as a cleaner!”

“Yes, sir!”

As Marcus heard the order, he led the bodyguards to take the family away from the back door.When they left, Elijah tidied up his clothes and walked up to Elise with a light smile.

“Honcy, how did I do?”

Alexander stepped forward abruptly and blocked Elise from Elijah’s view.

Alexander’s dark eyes emitted a cold gleam as he growled, “My wife isn’t interested in random people and issues.”

At that point, Elijah stopped smiling and he suddenly turned icy.

“You are Alexander Griffith, right? How dare you still be arrogant after robbing my fiancée? Do you think you are powerful enough?’

“Just enough to protect Elise,”

Alexander said lightly, but his tone was filled with traces of hostility.

“What if I fight you for Elise?”

Elijah playfully smiled.

“You have a marriage contract, but I have one too.Ellie was a member of the Anderson Family, and it was only later that she became Elise Sinclair.No matter how one sees it, you’re the one who is cutting in line’

“You may try.”

A cold gleam flashed in Alexander’s eyes.

The two men faced each other in silence.

Their gazes were dark and filled with hostility, and the atmosphere was tense.

Elise watched them for a while, then took the initiative to step forward and take Alexander’s arm.

“Mr.Boyle, I’m thrilled to know you like me.However, I can’t return your feelings.I hope you can give up on me soon.

Let’s go, Alexander.”

Alexander was tense all over.

Elise had to pull him twice before she managed to drag him away.

Elijah looked at the both of them leaving and his gaze gradually became unreadable.

“Master, do I need to stop them?” Marcus asked.

“Let’s not be hasty…” Elijah was nothing short of a walking nightmare for Alexander.

Alexander predicted Elijah was either on par or even a better man than him.If he wasn’t careful enough, Elijah would surely take his place.

Alexander stood in front of the French windows and fell into a trance, unaware Elise was approaching.

“What are you thinking about?”

Elise hugged him from behind, rubbing her chin on his shoulder.Alexander smiled immediately.

“I was thinking that God treats me well, which is why I can get to know you earlier than Elijah.”

“Late or early, it doesn’t matter.” Elise said, “Elijah and I are doomed from the beginning.We wouldn’t be together even if we had met carlier.”

Alexander’s complex thoughts were suddenly untangled by Elise.He turned around and looked at her with joy, his body immediately relaxing.

Indeed, everything was destined.If they were not fated to be together, so be it.

Elise was Alexander’s wife, and no one could change that fact.

Suddenly, both Alexander and Elise’s cell phones rang.

They checked the notification and found a message sent by the same sender.

‘Our Family will officially start filming the day after tomorrow.Please remain in the filming location for a period of time.Any further questions, please call 835xxx for clarification..”

As the duo wondered what that was, a WhatsApp message appeared on Alexander’s screen.

When he clicked in, it was a newly created WhatsApp group.

The Griffiths were members of that group.

Alexander sent a series of question marks to the chat.

The next second, Madeline’s message popped up on the screen.

Tagging everyone, she wrote, ‘Dear all, I have promised the team to record our family’s daily life.

You must move back to the house and give your cooperation if you consider yourself my son! [The money has been credited.Those who do not cooperate will pay the liquidated damages on my behalf]:

Brendan answered, ‘Noted: ‘Noted, Jack responded too.

Danny said, ‘Noted too “

[Mainly because I can’t afford to pay the liquidated damages]. Alexander grinned.

Clicking on the upper right hand corner, he invited Elise into the group,

thereafter replying, ‘Noted from my wife and L’ Elise laughed too.

“She has a hidden intention”

“Even you know it.”

Alexander put his arms around Elise’s shoulders, rubbing his hands up and down.

“It’s too obvious”

Elise said, “There’s no way your mom will go to the show for that measly sum.She probably misses her sons, but she’s too prideful to say it.Hence, she’s using this opportunity to bring everyone together.”

“If you don’t want to meet her, I’ll go back by myself,” Alexander murmured softly.

“What are you talking about? It’s only been a few days since marriage, and you want to leave me alone?” Elisc said jokingly.

“You do have a point.”

Alexander nodded, then reached forward and carried Elise into his arms.

At that, Elise was shocked.

“What are you doing?”

“What do you think? We are newlyweds burning with desire.Let’s go; I can’t wait anymore.”

Alexander smiled ambiguously.

“That’s not what I meant!”

Elise squeezed her fists and thumped his chest.

“But I meant that,”

Alexander murmured as he walked toward the bedroom.

The next day, Elise and Alexander moved back to the Griffith Residence.

The moment they put down their luggage, however, Madeline immediately came over to find fault.

“The recording will start tomorrow.Except for the cleaners, all other employees have been dismissed.You are my daughter-in-law, so you must wake up early to make breakfast tomorrow”

“That’s unnecessary.Just ask them to come back.”

Alexander then continued, “Ellie is my wife, and I can’t bear to see her work”

“Do you mean I am the one who must do it?”

Madeline rolled her eyes.

“As a mother-in-law, is it a sin to eat a meal made by my daughter-in-law?”

“That’s not what I meant—”

Before Alexander could finish his words, Elise interrupted, “It’s alright.I should be polite to my in-laws.”

“Now that’s more like it,”

Madeline muttered, She then turned around and walked away.

Alexander sighed.

Turning around, he hugged Elise in his arms and coaxed softly, “You can treat this as a vacation.I’ll make breakfast tomorrow.”

Elise reached up and held Alexander’s face, thereafter saying seriously, “Your mom is taking the initiative for once.Let her be satisfied.Then, we can truly be a family.”

Maybe Madeline has already had a change of heart, it’s just that she hasn’t changed her attitude.So, I won’t be fussy about it.

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