Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 731

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 731

“Okay, okay.”

Narissa stood between Jamie and Lucas.

Then, she lightly said to Lucas, “I don’t want to postpone it either, as it’s too troublesome.However, we can increase the stake.The loser runs around the track naked; how about it?”

Lucas showed a wretched smile.

“Okay, little beauty.Since you said that, I can’t wait to start the game.”

Then, he said to his driver, “Did you hear that? If you want to see whether she has a good figure, you must do your best.”

“Don’t worry, I will let everyone have a good look at it”

The driver was confident.Jamie quickly pulled Narissa aside.

“Why didn’t you discuss this with me before agreeing? You know what? Forget it.Since we’ve done it, I can only bite the bullet.I’m fine with being naked.However, you will be in danger if you ever fall into the hands of the pervert, Lucas.You must find a chance to sneak away when the game starts.”

Narissa calmly listened to Jamie’s nagging before she smiled.

“You’re actually kind, you know?”

“Actually, you say? I’ve always been kind,”

Jamie instinctively retorted.

Behind them, Lucas urged impatiently, “Why are you dilly-dallying? Are you ready or not?”

As Jamie turned his head, Narissa passed by him and greeted Lucas.

“Yes.I will join the game too.”


Lucas showed a meaningful smile.

“It seems that you can’t wait to let everyone look at your naked body”

“Of course.It would be a waste to keep my good figure without someone to praise it.”

Narissa was immune to the provocation.

“Let’s get on the track now”

Lucas’s expression turned dark as he didn’t get the reaction he wanted.He turned his head and gave the driver a wink, and the latter drove the car to the track.

Narissa then walked to her heavy motorcycle, drove it over, and parked alongside the opponent’s racing car.

“What are you doing?”

Lucas scolded with irritation, “We are racing with a modified racing car, but you’re racing with two wheels?!”

“What’s the matter? You can change the driver, but we can’t change the type of automobile?”

Although Jamie didn’t know what Narissa was doing, his experience told him he should just trust her.

“Narissa can still crush you even if she drives a tractor!”

Narissa was not amused.

What tractor?! She straddled the motorcycle and clenched the brakes as she growled, “It’s rude to say this, but I only need two wheels to win against you.”


Lucas was utterly angered, but he quickly laughed.

“Fine, I’ll fulfill your wish if you want to lose.Don’t accuse me of bullying you with a four-wheeled car when you lose!”

“Save the talk for when you win.”

Narissa put on her helmet, and her aura burst into full force instantly.

Even Jamie could only silently scoot to one side.

Soon, the track was cleared, and the racc officially entered the countdown.

“Ten, nine, eight, seven…one!”

The flag was waved, and Narissa’s motorcycle flew like an arrow.

With a vroom, it disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Lucas’ driver followed closely behind.

Both chased each other on the straight road and did not give way to one another.

However, when entering the mountainous road, the shortcomings of the fourwheel drive began to be revealed.

Although the motorcycle had only two wheels, it was light and compact.So, it could retain the usual specd when cornering.

On the other hand, the four-wheel drive needed to slow down in advance.

The car slowed down frequently as there were more than a dozen curves on the mountain.

Narissa, who initially fell behind, was already far ahead.

In the end, Narissa was the first to cross the finish line.It was after a minute only then did the car arrive.

Narissa took off her helmet and let out a sigh of relief.

Just as she calmed down, Jamie suddenly rushed over.

Hugging her, he shook her vigorously.

“Bro, you’re so strong! Besides Boss, you have the best racing skills ever!”

Lucas was bearing a grudge since the start of the game.Now, he couldn’t take it anymore as he saw how happy they were.She must be a super racer! She pretended to be ignorant and tricked me into doubling down.

Narissa was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.It was the same trick back in the hotel.

Lucas remembered when his friends were teasing him with the magazine, and he gritted his teeth.

“You b*stard! You are playing with me!”

Hearing this, Jamie turned around and put his hands in his pockets, his expression turning serious.

“What are you talking about? Are you trying to take your words back? Everyone,

look at him—this is Young Master Lucas from the Potter Family.He is a sore loser!”

The audience immediately booed at Lucas.

“Young Master Lucas, you must admit defeat! I’m waiting to see your naked performance!”

“Yeah, let us see your good figure too!”

Lucas became angrier and slowly clenched his fists.

“Yeah, I am a sore loser! Attack them!”

Upon hearing that, men from Lucas’ gang jumped over the guardrail and rushed toward Jamie.

Jamie was ready to take on the challenge, and he pushed Narissa behind him.

“When the fight starts, you must run away.Don’t worry about me.I’m a Keller, so they won’t dare to do anything to me?’

The moment he said that, someone grabbed him by the collar and pushed him away.

Jamie staggered back and watched Narissa rush forward.She then kicked Lucas and sent him flying, before she spun around to hop onto the motorcycle and start the engine.

“Get on!”

Narissa shouted in a commanding tone.

Jamie didn’t think much and jumped in the back seat.

Almost immediately, Narissa released the clutch and quickly drove down the mountain.

Although Lucas and his gang chased after Jamie and Narissa for a long distance, they were eventually left far behind.

Jamie proudly grinned and turned his head, only to find that his hand was on Narissa’s waist.He was stunned as he looked at the slender waist.

Realizing Narissa was a female, he hurriedly pulled his hand away.

However, there was a turn.

Narissa slowed down the motorcycle, so Jamie fell forward under inertia and instinctively grabbed her waist with both hands.

The man was instantly stunned and he hurriedly sat up straight, thereafter putting his hands on the armrest of the back seat to grab the only iron piece.He did not dare to relax even for a moment.

God, I’m not trying to take advantage of Nanissa! It was an accident! Just an accident! Oh, Jamie Keller, you and Narissa are good buddies.

How can you be such a beast?! No looking and no touching.

Goodness! Jamie shook his head vigorously and finally calmed down.

As the Griffiths were going to have a rare dinner together, the film crew suddenly announced that the first guest had arrived.

Everyone hurriedly put down the tableware to greet the guest.

Soon, a tall and smiling girl walked in with a suitcase.

The moment Brendan saw the girl, his calm expression froze.

“Hello, I’m Yuri Fox.I’ll be in your care in the next few days.”

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