Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 732

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 732


Everyone other than Brendan was enthusiastic.

Yuri’s gaze swept across the crowd and when her eyes landed on him, it lingered for a long second as she nodded to greet him.

However, he didn’t have much change to his expression other than the slight frown on his face.He seemed as though he was in deep thought.

Madeline used to have a favorable impression of Yuri after learning about her in advance.

From the information that Madeline had received, it seemed like Yuri, who grew up abroad, was a renowned fashion designer with parents who were both lecturers.

Now that Madeline saw Yuri and Brendan throwing looks at each other, she immediately nodded and Iet out a relieved smile.


Another one of my sons has finally enlightened as well! Hold on! Madeline stopped herself.

What do I mean ‘as well’ Although Alexander’s enlightenment wasn’t satisfactory in the least, it was a reality that she had no way of changing.

Madeline could only try her best to match Brendan and Yuri together.

There should be at least one son whose marriage she could be satisfied with,

right? With this in mind, she intimately linked her arm with Yuri as they headed to the restaurant.

“I am sure you haven’t eaten, Miss Fox.We were just about to start.Would you care to join us, if it isn’t too much to ask?”

“Of course not! I love a lively atmosphere,”

Yuri replied with a warm and friendly smile on her face.

Finding Yuri easy to get along with, the Griffiths did their best to accommodate her as they enjoyed the meal together.Their hospitality was not unnoticed by Yuri either as they sat together to have dessert after dinner.

Jack was the one who brought it over and had it kept in the refrigerator.

After Madeline saw it when she went and took the fruits, she took it upon herself to take it with her as well.There initially were eight slices of cake with two slices left because Elise and Yuri didn’t want their share in order to watch their figure.

Jack had also rejected it when the cake was offered to him.

“This cake is delicious.”

Madeline was in a good mood tonight.

After she finished her own slice, her eyes shifted to the last one on the table.

“Are you sure you don’t want the cake, Jack? I will have it, then?”

He didn’t have much of a reaction on the surface, but he soon secretly lowered his gaze and observed, “Experts say that the human body absorbs sugar at a much higher rate in the mornings compared to at night.Eating too much sweet food will speed up the aging of the skin’

Hearing this, Madeline came to a halt and only her eyes moved as they shifted between the cake and her son.She finally decided to put down the slice of cake,

after which she turned around to chat with Yuri.

After a while, he voluntarily stood up to clear the table.

“Carry on with your conversation.I will clear the dishes”

Jack, who rarely participated in variety shows, always showed his glamorous side only whenever he made an appearance onscreen.

The film crew couldn’t help but do more takes of him being a homely man.

And so, the videographer followed him even when he headed into the kitchen.It was enough to annoy Jack, but he managed to keep his temper at bay until the filming was complete.

Then, he quickly called Winona to the kitchen when no one was around.

“Mr.Jack? Do you need me for something?” she asked innocently.

He leaned against the side of the counter top as his gaze drifted to the middle of the counter.

“There’s only one piece of cake left.Go ahead and have it.”

A confused Winona turned to look at him before a pure smile appeared on her face.

“That’s not very nice of you, Mr.Jack.Are you trying to make me gain weight instead of your mother?”

Jack frowned upon hearing that.

“Will you have it or not?”

“I will!” She cheered.

“Of course I am going to eat it.I am not worried about gaining weight!”

She picked up the cake as she said that.

The instant she sent a bite into her mouth with a fork, she smiled contentedly and praised, “This is too good!”

Her shoulders seemed to quiver when she looked at him and her eyes were full of admiration.

“How do you manage to find such yummy desserts everytime, Mr.Jack?”

“I have my ways,” he boasted with a proud face.

“Wouldn’t everyone be able to be me if just anyone could find these desserts?”


Winona nodded in agreement.

“No one can ever take your place.”

“To you as well?” Jack asked suddenly.


Winona’s face froze and she swiftly tried to brush off the air of awkwardness.

“Of course.I am your fan now, Mr.Jack!”

“I should thank you for admiring me, then.”

His words were spoken in a way that she couldn’t tell what he was feeling.

Now that she was starting to feel uncomfortable, she didn’t reply to him, and only quietly finished her cake before she said goodbye and left.

As Jack stood alone in the kitchen, he looked over to the empty plate on the counter top, and the light in his eyes dimmed slightly.

Brendan found it hard to fall asleep even when it was late at night, hours after the dinner.

With a bathrobe covering his body, he went to the balcony for fresh air.

It was less than two minutes later that Yuri also came out to stand on the balcony beside him.

After she gave him a faint smile, she walked over to the railing and placed her hands there, thereafter taking a deep breath.Her exquisite yet delicate face seemed to look even smoother and fairer under the moonlight.

The silence dragged on for a long while.He broke the silence first by asking her a question.

“Why did you come back?”

Hearing that, Yuri lifted her chin and kept her focus on the moon hanging in the night sky.She then replied nonchalantly, “Because I wanted to.”

“You arc still coming and going as you please.You are still as self-centered as you always were, aren’t you?”

Brendan sounded as though he was sulking when he said this.She lowered her head and turned to look at him.

“You are still angry at me,” she noted.

It was more of a statement than a question, to which he didn’t deny.

Yuri sighed when she didn’t get an answer from him.

“All those things happened in the past.We are adults now.We should be looking ahead”

“Yes.You are right.I know d*mn well how good you are at letting go of the past.I don’t need you to remind me!”

At that point, Brendan was slowly losing control of his emotions.

At that, Yuri commented, “Anyhow, I am only here under the show’s arrangement.Just think of me as any other guest, okay?”

“Guest? Fine.Remember your words.”

He only threw out that sentence before he turned around and went back into his bedroom.

She looked at the moon that was out of reach again as she stood under the night sky, her gaze gradually staring into the distance.

Alas, she could never go back in time.

When the next morning came, an absent-minded Danny sat on the table as he let out a yawn.

Out of nowhere, Brendan brought out a massive bowl made of stainless steel and placed it on the table.

Strictly speaking, it was more of a basin than a bowl.Its diameter alone was about that of four bowls.

Danny was in the middle of yawning when he was caught by surprise.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Mind your own business”

Brendan chided as he crossed his arms over his chest.

After hearing that, Danny intentionally picked a fight with him.

“I am just curious as to when the talented designer from our family has turned into a pig.”

Brendan only narrowed his eyes and turned away without saying another word.

After a while, Elise brought some freshly cooked dumplings to the table.

As soon as he saw that, he immediately brought his basin in front of her and said, “My darling sister-in-law, I will have a bowl, please.Just one bowl is enough for me.”

Saliva almost came sputtering out of Danny’s mouth.

“Are you crazy? Are you really eating so much?! What are we supposed to eat if you finish the whole thing?”

Brendan didn’t seem to have any intention of answering his brother as he proceeded to roll his eyes at him.Elise could only sigh before she gave Brendan a little bit more than his usual portion.

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