Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 733

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 733

“Thank you, Elise.”

After Brendan gavc his thanks, he hugged the basin and started peacefully eating.

Danny reacted by disdainfully rolling his eyes at Brendan before he took his own bowl, and with a ladle, scooped a dumpling into his mouth.His eyes immediately widened, and he kept rolling his eyes at Brendan as he aggressively cursed at Brendan while still holding onto his bowl.

Dmn bstard! How could you hide such delicious home- cooked breakfast from me?! Just you wait and see, Brendan Griffith.

I won’t let you have even one bite of the breakfast tomorrow! From afar,

Madeline had noticed Brendan and Danny gulping down their food.

As soon as she sat down, she started finding fault with Elise on purpose.

“Just look at you! You should have prepared a simpler breakfast.Look at how they are practically inhaling the food.This is a bad habit to have!”

It was Elise’s turn to look helpless.

“But this is the simplest breakfast I could think of; she objected.And it really was.With the meat filling prepared the night before, all she had to do was wrap it up in dumpling skins, toss them into a pot, and scoop them out when they were cooked.There was no recipe simpler than this.A look of impatience appeared across Madeline’s face when she heard Elise’s reply, and the older woman reprimanded, “Just listen to what your mother-in-law says.Don’t you know what it means to respect your elders?”

Before Elise could speak, Danny quickly interrupted, “Jeez, Mom! Can you please not nag so carly in the morning? Isn’t it nice to have a quiet meal?”

After all, where was he supposed to beg for a meal if Elise didn’t want to prepare breakfast anymore because of Madeline’s words? Madeline unhappily smacked her lips together and when she suddenly thought of something, she

started chewing him out instead.

“I haven’t even asked you why you didn’t come home that night, young man”

Danny’s face immediately froze at that, and he swiftly lowered his head while putting on a dumb act.

“Which night are you talking about? I don’t remember.”

“It was just two days ago.”

Madeline relentlessly questioned him, her wary cycs staring at him.

“Spit it out.Are you messing around outside without me knowing?”

“Gosh, what are you talking about? Of course not!”

Danny denied rather guiltily.

“That is good, then.”

She nodded slightly.

“Your brother’s ‘accident’ was enough.I don’t think I can stand it if another one of you were to do the same thing.”

Alexander opened his mouth and tried to argue, but Elise stopped him just in time.She had already accepted the fact that this was how Madeline had spoken all her life.It wasn’t something that anyone could change.

As a younger person, the least Elise could do was to let it go.

That way, they could avoid having conflicts with one another.

“Your mother is right,” Adam said as he bit into his dumpling.

“Just bring your girlfriend home if you have one.We can discuss on a date to have a meeting between the parents then.Don’t be like your eldest brother.He made our family look like one who doesn’t have manners.”

Madeline had only intended to ridicule Elise for having a marriage unapproved by the parents but with Adam’s unnecessary input, he somehow managed to put the blame on the whole of the Griffith household.

With that, Madeline angrily threw him a look, only for the man to not notice the change in his wife’s mood.

In that instant, it was as though she was trying to break a plate, only to realize that it was made of soft plastic.

“Don’t worry, Dad!”

Danny gloatingly laughed.

“I will immediately bring my girlfriend back as soon as I get one”

Nodding, Adam grunted and as if remembering something, he turned his head and said lightly, “Just one thing—be more careful when it comes to ‘that’”

“What is ‘that’?”

Danny only realized what his father meant after he blurted out his question.

With his cheeks suddenly flushed red, he immediately stood up.

“I’m full.There is something I need to do at the company.See you all later!”

He bolted out of the room after saying that.

Yuri only came downstairs for breakfast then.

Seeing her, Madeline warmly invited her over as she pulled the chair beside her.

“Come, Yuri.Have a seat here.”

“Thank you, Mrs.Griffith.”

She sat down with a smile.

“What are you waiting for, Elise? Hurry up and bring Yuri a bowl of dumplings,”

Madeline instructed.


Elise took a bowl and headed toward the pot, only to see that it was already empty.

Brendan put down his “basin” at this time, and calmly Ict out a burp before he turned to look at Yun and stated, “Oh—excuse me.This is how it is in our house.You won’t get your share if you arc here late.Be mindful of this next time,


“Brendan Griffith!”

Madeline glared at him with sharp eyes.

“What nonsense are you spouting?!”

This punk! Why would he do something like this when Yuri is obviously interested in him? Is he trying to keep her away?! Instead of getting angry, Yuri let out a smile as she mused, “You don’t look like someone with a big appetite,

Mr.Brendan.You sure can eat, though.”

“Yeah, nothing is as simple as it looks,” he taunted.

“There are too many things about me that you don’t know the truth about.”

“What a jokester you are, Mr.Brandon, ” Yuri replied with a small smile on her face as she grabbed a piece of toast and slowly chewed.

Watching the silent war going on between the two in front of her, Madeline couldn’t help but feel so upset she lost her appetite.

Dear God, just what are you punishing me for?! she cried silently.

Why do all my sons seem like they are soft in the head? Why would you let a woman like Elise be pampered while you push aside a girl who possesses both beauty and brains, and comes from a good background? At this rate, it seemed

like Madeline’s dream of making Yuri her daughter-in-law would forever only stay as a dream.

At IPM, Abby came to an elegant-looking house according to the address given to her by Elise.

The decoration here was simple.

The overall structure and furniture of the house were made of dried bamboo.She also noticed the ink paintings on the wall and a pot of daffodils on the coffee table, which gave the place a touch of life.

When she heard footsteps, Abby turned around and she saw a beautiful figure slowly walking out from behind a bamboo screen.

Abby immediately held her hands in front of her and bent her upper body to give a respectful bow.

“Greetings, Master.I am here to learn embroidery under the recommendation of Miss Elise Sinclair.”

“I am aware of the situation.I will be teaching you for two hours every noon from now on.I hope it will benefit you in some way.”

The master who hid behind the screen had the charming voice of a mature woman.

“Thank you, Master!”

Abby sincerely gave her gratitude.

“We shall begin, then.”

However, Abby remained unmoving in that position.

“Yes? Is there something else?” the older woman asked indifferently.

“Do speak.I do not like people who beat around the bush.”


Abby’s bowed head dropped further.

“Master, I would like to make a request.If I can’t can’t get better than you in embroidery, could you possibly take my place and fight for Cittadel’s glory?”

“Are you thinking of relying on others before you have even tried?”

The master’s tone turned sharp and she stood up angrily.

“I sure do not have such a spineless person as my student.”

“No, Master.I am just…I am afraid I can’t live up to everyone’s expectations.I might lose my will to live if I were to lose and dishonor Cittadel.”

Abby’s tone was sincere as her eyes turned red.

Hearing this, the master asked her, “Do you fear death?”

“I do not,” Abby firmly replied.

“What else could you be afraid of then, if you do not fear even death itself?”

The master boomed, “I will not agree with your request.I want you to know that you have no way out of this.Your failure to learn will lead to the ruins of both the Mellor Family and Cittadel.”

At that point, Abby dropped to her knees.

“I will do my best.I will not let you down, Master!”

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