Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 734

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 734

A few days later, Alexander was sitting in front of his desk at the headquarters of Smith Co. as he gazed at Elise, who was sitting on the sofa.

“You have stubbornly and persistently gone out in the afternoon these days.Where did you get the time to come pay me a visit today?” he teased.

Elise then answered with a smile, “Of course I am here because I need to trouble you with something.I have an ulterior motive.”

“You are making me hope you would have more troubles you need my help to solve.” Alexander sounded like he was joking.

“Are our current troubles not enough for you?”

Hearing her complain, he let out a low chuckle.

“I am not scared of troubles.The only thing that scares me is not being able to see my wife.”

At that point, a series of knocks came from outside the office door.

“Come in.”

Alexander fixed his playful expression, and it soon returned to its usually stern onc.

Melody’s female assistant was the one who walked in as soon as the door opened.

“Mr.Bailey,” the assistant placed a set of documents on Alexander’s table.

“Miss Melody says that your signature is needed on this document.”

Alexander picked up the papers and glanced at them, then flipped through to give it a general overview.

Seeing this, the assistant reminded again, “You can just sign the last two pages”

Alexander raised his head after hearing her words.

Within that short second, he locked his sharp gaze on the assistant’s cycs, and a powerful aura naturally came from him.

The assistant’s gaze flickered as she quickly looked away while lowering her head.

This tiny gesture instantly raised his alertness, but he didn’t show any immediate reaction.

Instead, he naturally turned to the last page.

Pointing to the place where he was supposed to sign, he asked, “Here?”

“Yes, Mr.Bailey.And the few pages at the back as well,” the assistant informed in a small voice.

He swiftly picked up the pen and placed one signature after another before he put the documents together and handed it back to the assistant.

As soon as she took the file from him, she respectfully nodded and turned around to leave.

“Is she new?” Elise asked after the assistant left.

The woman’s awkwardness didn’t go unnoticed by her.

“Most probably.”

Alexander calmly leaned into his chair, a faint smile appearing on the corners of his mouth as he murmured, “We will find out soon.

Elise squinted her eyes and slowly looked at him, wondering what he was up to this time.

Alexander, however, only smiled as he leisurely leaned back into his chair, his concentration not breaking one bit.

After a brief moment of silence, they heard rushed footsteps approaching the room.

The office door was pushed open from the outside the next moment, and in strutted ‘Johan’ and his underlings.

“How brave of you to show your face around here.”

One of the reasons Elise came to Alexander this time was to use Smith Co’s influence to investigate Johan’s background.

They definitely did not expect him to come over himself.

“I am a law-abiding citizen, after all.Why can’t I come here?”

Johan’s face was full of arrogance as he boasted and after he said that, he walked in front of Alexander and sat down.

He was looking around when he commented, “The decoration is not bad, but it is not my style.Seems like I will have to get rid of everything and renovate the place again”

“What are you trying to say?”

Alexander was still coolly sitting in his seat.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

Johan spread his hands.

“Remember what this office looks like.This is the last day you will be sitting here.”

“Looks like I was wrong.You are indeed Johan Olson.Your mouth is still full of nothing but nonsense!”

Elise sneered.

Johan’s face turned cold then.He reached out behind him and within the next second, his bodyguard had placed a file in his hand.

Johan proceeded to wave the file around as he looked at Alexander confidently.

“Looking familiar? That’s right.This is the document you signed just now.However, the last document is an equity transfer agreement.Smith now mine”

As he spoke, he stood up with the file in hand and paced around the room.

“Tsk! No wonder you were so generous that time to say no to the Griffith’s property.It turns out you have such a beautiful nest outside, Alexander Griffith.Oh, wait a minute…I should be calling you ‘Mr.Bailey instead.You have

been keeping your secret really well, Mr.Bailcy”

There wasn’t a trace of emotion on Alexander’s face.He only nonchalantly spoke again a moment after Johan was done.

“You are still hung up on it, Matthew.”

Hearing that, Johan whipped his head around and barked, “Who told you that?”

“I don’t need anyone to tell me anything.”

Alexander slowly added, “Who other than Matthew would be interested in my property?”

A cold glint flashed across Matthew’s eyes then.Gritting his teeth, he turned around again and pretended to be calm.

“So what if you recognize me? You still have lost to me.”

“Don’t get happy too fast.”

Alexander’s faint gaze swept over the man.

“I suggest you take a closer look at the document”

Matthew frowned slightly as doubt started appearing on his confident face.He only opened the document and turned to the last page after a long time.

All he saw then were the big, black words clearly written on the white surface of the paper—Matthew Griffith.

“What is going on?”

Matthew muttered to himself as he recalled the details of his plan.No mistake should have happened!

“You know that I have been using my identity as Kenneth Bailey to do my business for so many years.Do you really think you can deceive me with your little tricks?”

Alexander continucd calmly, “You are as impatient as you always were.Do you think I would let an assistant who has only started working here less than six months handle a document that requires four of my signatures?”

Hearing this, Matthew gritted his teeth as he twisted the file with both hands.

“You are just like your mother!” he spat.

“Ever so cunning, aren’t you? But now that I am back, don’t think you can have a peaceful life ahead of you!”

After throwing that out, Matthew angrily stomped his way to the door.

“Matthew!” Elise called out to him.

“Is Jacob doing well?”

There was no other person in this world except Jacob that could make a mask that could conceal one’s identity.

Matthew coldly glared at her from the corner of his eye.

Just like a wounded wolf, he refused to let go of his pride no matter how hurt he was feeling on the inside.

“You care so much about a stranger and yet, you don’t even ask me how I have been even though I have always treated you kindly.Luck will not always be on your side.I will make sure that each and everyone of you feel the pain that you deserve!”

He proceeded to walk away without sparing them another glance.

The office immediately turned quiet after they left.

Elise could only shake her head as her thoughts consumed her.She knew that Matthew would never let her go.

“Let him be.”

Alexander stood up and put his hands in his pockets.

“I will actually give him everything he wants if only he is willing to make a change for the better.Too bad he will never know this.His heart is filled with hatred and thoughts of revenge that there is no room for anything else.”

“He won’t appreciate your sympathy”

Elise looked to Alexander and said thoughtfully, “His grudges are the reason he has the will to stay alive.”

Unwilling to continue the conversation, Alexander promptly changed the topic.

“You said you needed my help with something, no? What is it?”

“Act a part with me,” Elise solemnly told him.

“My new student needs a little push.”

“Student? Are you talking about Abby Mellor? Didn’t you say that she has talent?”

“She does, but she lacks the courage to go all out.The competition this time is unlike the ones before.I don’t want her to lose, and neither do I want to stir up trouble.I want to bend and mold her to the point where she can gain complete independence.”

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