Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 735

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 735

In the evening a few days after the incident, Jamie brought Narissa to his own vehicle modification club that he and a few friends had funded and built.

The place was usually taken care of by his friends.He, on the other hand, would only drop by when he needed to use a car.

“Let me introduce you.This is Narissa Cuber, a good friend of mine that went through hell with me”

Jamie said to his friends before turning to Narissa.

“And these are my friends”

The men were very enthusiastic and they nodded as a greeting.

However, the woman named Charissa Wynd looked sullen as she scrutinized Narissa from head to toe.

“We own this place.You can just tell them anything you need.”

Jamie put his hand on Narissa’s shoulder casually.

“Don’t hold back.We are buddies.”

“Relax.I won’t! “Narissa faked a laugh.

Feeling a vibration coming from inside of his pocket, Jamie took out his phone and glanced at it before he pressed the ‘answer’ button and put his phone to his ear.

After a few seconds had passed, he said into the phone, “Keep an eye on it for now.I will be right back-”

After Jamie hung up, he put his phone away while explaining, “Where is a sticky situation at the company.I have to go back for a bit.Take care of Narissa for me.I will buy dinner tonight”

“Don’t worry about things here and go get busy.You can be at ease leaving her in our safe hands,” one of his guy friends assured him.

Jamie then said a few more words to Narissa before he finally turned around and Icft.

Seeing a car being modified beside her, Narissa walked over and put her hand on its body to touch it.

The man who was talking to Jamie earlier quickly followed after her and said warmly, “Anyone who is Jamie’s friend is our friend.Just tell us anything you want.Don’t be shy.”

“Thank you,” she smilingly answered.

“Can I take a look at the modification process?”


The man nodded and gestured with his hand, inviting her over.

“Go ahead”

Curious to see what was so special about the woman Jamic had brought over,

the few of them went after Narissa.

However, Charissa had a stoic face the whole time.She even disgruntledly muttered to herself, “What an age we are living in.Looks to me like just about anyone could get into vehicle modification if they wanted to.”

Hit by a feeling of impending doom, the few men who heard her immediately observed Narissa’s reaction, only to feel relieved when they noticed she hadn’t heard a word from the distance that she was at.

The man next to Narissa didn’t hear it as well, and he even naively tried to get the women closer to each other.

“Speaking of which, your names are really similar, Charissa and Narissa.This must be fate.”

“Don’t say that.I can never compare with her.”

Charissa quickly denied and explained, “My looks are far behind Miss Cuber’s.I would have acted coy and flirted with the men by my side too to get the things I want if only I was as pretty as she is.”

Anyone who heard Charissa’s words could catch the peculiar tone she was speaking in.It was obvious that she was covertly doubting Narissa’s capabilities.

The air was suddenly thick with awkwardness, and the men started looking at each other.

Narissa only continued to slowly encircle the car that was being modified without batting an eyelid at the provocation.

“You seem to know a lot about vehicle modification, Miss Wynd.”

“Just a thing or two.”

Charissa didn’t miss a beat as she walked with Narissa.

“But Jamie does need to ask for my opinion before he plans to get any advanced modification done.”

Narissa hummed and nodded, seemingly in deep thought.

“I didn’t know that Jamie respects your view so much.Does this mean that you were the one who modified his ‘girlfriend’ that he was going to drive to the race at Ender Mountain?”

“Of course!”

Charissa bragged.


Narissa stopped in place when she heard the words and pretended to be surprised.

“Why didn’t you notice there was a problem with the brakes, then? Could it be that you took Lucas’ money and intentionally kept it secret? Were you trying to kill Jamie?”

Jamie’s car was directly sent to be scrapped after the accident.

The few of them, who thought that Jamie’s habit to replace old things with new ones had gotten worse, had no idea about the truth of the incident.

Upon hearing Narissa’s words, the crowd who had gathered around the women turned to look at Charissa with surprised expressions on their faces.

Even though they didn’t say anything, their gazes were already full of doubt.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Charissa anxiously blurted out, “Don’t you all know what kind of person I am?

How could I ever fall for a b*stard like Lucas?”

She stopped herself when she said this, and proceeded to bang the car frame as she pointed at Narissa.

“Who the hell do you think you are, trying to drive a wedge between us?!” she roared.

This was her territory, and yet this woman who just came did not show her any respect.

“No, stop.”

Two men, Key and Leo, hurried over to break up the fight.

“We are all friends.Come on, don’t do this.Let’s talk it out.”

“Who is friends with her?!”

Charissa flung Leo’s hand aside as her eyes went wide with anger.

“Didn’t you hear what she said? She accused me of wanting to hurt Jamie! Isn’t it obvious she is trying to come between us? You men always fall for these kinds of women’s tricks.I could tell at a glance what trick she has up her sleeves!”

The men fell silent at that.It was hard for them to interfere in a fight between women.

One of the ladies was someone Jamie had brought over, and the other one was an old friend of theirs.

Instead of helping either one, the only thing they could do was quietly watch on.

Narissa smiled curiously as she murmured, “Actually, I would like to know what ‘tricks’ I have that you have seen through”

“Charissa is only joking.Please don’t mind her,” the man beside her abruptly chimed in.

“I am not joking”

Charissa didn’t initially want to blow this issue up, but there was no way she would take a step back when Narissa was trying to ruin her relationship with her friends.

“You think I am scared to say it? I know that you are onto Jamie to satisfy your own needs because he is rich and kind.You are no different than those women who sell alcohol at nightclubs! Not to mention you are even trying to get into vehicle modification! Ruining a car is like destroying a shirt for people like us.Just look at you and your cheap clothes.Do you really think that you have climbed up the social ladder just because you caught a rich man? You are


Narissa couldn’t help shaking her head and sighing.We are both women.

Why is her malice toward other women so strong? “What is wrong with selling alcohol? There is nothing shameful about earning your own keep.And clothes,

too.Who cares as long as it is comfortable? You don’t have the right to talk about the price.”

Narissa crossed her arms across her chest.

“You, on the other hand…You sound so high up, but how much of the money you spend is actually earned by yourself? It is not shameful to live off your parents, but this is the first time I am hearing someone so proudly boast about it.”

The morc Charissa listened, the angrier she became.

That shame instantly turned into anger then.

“D-Do you really think your driving skills are all that great? It just so happened that the racing track that day was right for your vehicle.

Jamie would have been utterly humiliated if you drove a car with four wheels instead! You definitely would’ve lost!”

“That is enough.Stop it,” the man beside blocked Charissa as he apologized to Narissa.

“I am sorry, Miss Cuber.Charissa might not be feeling well right now.Please don’t let her words get to you.”

“Don’t touch mc!”

Charissa was scolding everyone in sight at this point.

“An amateur like her has no right to join our club!”

“If that is the case, we will let the results do the talking!” Narissa challenged.

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