Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 737

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 737

A faint smile appeared on Matthew’s face after he heard Celina’s words.

“It seems like you have indeed changed a lot.”

“You would too, if you see your father who loves you so much being burned to death with your own cyes” Celina solemnly said without a hint of a smile on her face.

The old Celina had died in the fire along with her father.

The only belief she had now was to avenge her father.

Celina wanted Alexander and Elise to experience all the pain she had to suffer.

A strong interest arose in Matthew’s eyes, and he stretched out his hand again.

“It is a pleasure to collaborate with you.”

He saw the same hatred and anger in her eyes.It was hatred that would never diminish and be diverted.It was deep and strong enough to bring about destruction.

At that, Matthew thought to himself, Alexander and the Griffith Family, you’d best watch out.

I am back, and I am bringing your nightmare with me this time.

Back in the private house, it was so quiet in the space that even the rustling as the breeze blew through the green leaves and branches outside the window could be heard.

Abby was in the middle of embroidering a picture of a serene night scenery when the movements of her hands suddenly stopped as her mind unconsciously drifted.

The woman behind the screen noticed this, and she stood up slowly.

Her tone was neither light nor heavy when she asked, “It is only for two hours,

and yet you can’t calm your heart?”

Her voice pulled Abby back to reality, and the girl hurriedly stood up to bow and apologize, “I am sorry, Master”

“Come, tell me what you are thinking about.”

The woman’s voice didn’t have much emotion.

“There has been a shortage of silk threads for students lately.I can’t even get them online or in physical stores.I am worried that I won’t even have threads to use on the day of the competition,” Abby said worriedly.

“I see.I will take care of that.All you need to do is focus on practicing,

understand?” the woman said.

“I understand, Master.I will concentrate on this,”

Abby genuinely assured her.

As soon as she finished speaking, her teacher who had been behind the screen all this time suddenly walked out slowly.

When Abby saw her, she was so shocked that she didn’t know what to say.

Her teacher turned out to be the nation’s film royalty, Riverlyn Zabel! Even though Riverlyn had not been on screen these years for some reasons, Abby had seen her films before, and she was impressed by Riverlyn’s acting skills

and morale.

“What’s wrong? Do I not meet your expectations?”

Riverlyn showed no emotion on her face.

Abby shook her head as quickly as she could then.

“No! I just didn’t expect it to be you”

“There are too many unpredictable things in this world” the actress said.


Abby nodded in agreement.

“I was the one making a fuss”

“It is okay.Let’s stop here today since you can’t concentrate.Pack your things and come with me”

Riverlyn instructed.


Abby immediately started packing up her threads and equipment.

The two left the private house and grabbed a ride that brought them to a residential apartment in the city.

Riverlyn went upstairs and when she came down again, she was holding an old,

worn-out book in her hands.She then handed the book to Abby.

“This is what my teacher passed on to me, and now I am passing it to you.Time is running out.You won’t be able to learn a lot just relying on my teaching.How much you can learn depends on your understanding of the knowledge you have in hand”

“Thank you, Master, I will definitely study hard.”

Abby was very grateful.

Hearing this, Riverlyn nodded and said, “Let’s go cat something with me.”

After Abby tucked the book away, the duo walked to the side of the road and they started to cross the road.

However, as soon as they reached the middle of the road, a car suddenly rushed out of the alley next to them and drove toward them quickly.

Riverlyn’s immediate reaction was to protect Abby, which resulted in her own fall to the ground.

She had just got back on her feet when four or five people came out of the car and surrounded them.

“You are Riverlyn, aren’t you? Where is “The Embroidery of Citadel’? You better hand it over!”

Abby’s eyes widened in horror, and she unconsciously touched the backpack behind her.She remembered clearly that the book Riverlyn had just given her had the words ‘The Embroidery of Cittadel’ printed on the cover.

It seemed like these people were here for the secrets the book held.

“Who are you?”

Riverlyn was extremely calm as her tone remained neutral.

“We are people who want your life.”

A flash of killing intent appeared in the eyes of the leader of the pack.

“Where is the book?!”

“I don’t know.”

Riverlyn held her head up high without backing down.

“Fine.A feisty one, aren’t you? I will fulfill your wish and make you disappear from this world, then.Even if there is the book, Cittadelians will never be able to beat Rosepeak in embroidery as long as you are gone.”

“Get her!”

After the man finished speaking, the rest of the group rushed forward and dragged Riverlyn into the car.

“Master! Master! Let go of her! Let go of my master!”

Despite how Abby tried her best to stop them, she could never be these men’s opponent with her strength alone.She could only watch Riverlyn being stuffed into the car.She wanted to follow them, but she was pushed down to the ground.

“Don’t come over here, Abby.Protect yourself, and protect yourself well!”

Riverlyn then shouted loudly, “Remember, your talent is far more than what you think you are capable of.You can’t lose the competition.You can’t lose!”

Bang! The door was unhesitantly closed, and all that was left in Abby’s head was Riverlyn’s resolute expression.

The girl got up and chased after the car for a while before she finally thought of calling someone for help.

“Miss Sinclair, M-Master Zabel has been abducted…”

“What?! How did this happen? Are you alright?”

Elise’s voice came from the other end of the call.

“I am okay, but those people said they are going to kill Master Zabel.What should we do?!”

“Don’t worry about these for now.I want you to get a ride back home right this instant and stay home.I will come to you.”


As soon as Abby hung up the phone, she ran to another street and stopped a taxi.

After she told the driver her address, she took her backpack and pressed it against her chest tightly.

This was both her and Riverlyn’s hope, and this was also the whole of Cittadel’s honor.

Even a woman of such skills wasn’t afraid of death.

How could Abby, the only descendant of the Mellor Family, be so timid in the face of reclaiming justice for her country? The more she thought about it, the more she saw things through.

Even her eyes had sparks in them now.I won’t disappoint you, Master Zabel! On the other side, the car turned into a corner before it started to decelerate.

It even changed directions several times in a row before it finally drove into the courtyard house in the historic town area.

Seeing Riverlyn get out of the car, Elise took the initiative to reach out and hold her hand.

“As expected of a film star.Your acting is one of a kind”

“Acting is what I do to earn my keep.How am I supposed to stay in the industry if I can’t even do it well?”

Riverlyn smiled bitterly before she joked, “But your driver’s driving skills are pretty bad.He almost hit your beloved student.”

“Children won’t grow up if you don’t show them tough love,”

Alexander interjected as he stood beside them.

Hearing this, Riverlyn nodded in agreement.

“If that is the case, would you like to sign your contract now?” Elise asked.

“You are the boss.You call the shots.”

Riverlyn replied with a smile.

Truth was, Riverlyn had already prepared herself to re- enter the industry the moment she agreed to play the part in this little show they put on.She could sign the contract anytime.

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