Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 738

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 738

At the same time, Narissa was modifying a racecar with Jamie at the vehicle modification club when her phone vibrated for a short second.She whipped out her phone, only to see that she had received a message from an unsaved

number that she didn’t recognize.

‘7PM tonight.Silver Bell Spot.Room 202.

Jamie: As though entertained, Narissa suddenly revealed a smile.

Jamie noticed the odd smile, and he huddled closer to take a peek at her phone.

“Whose message did you receive for you to get all jittery like that?”

“It is none of your business!”

She quickly kept her phone.


The man turned to the other side.

“It is not like I want to know anyway.”

Narissa pondered for a moment before she suddenly put a hand on his shoulder.

She had a wide smile on when she asked, “Poor Jamie, would you like to come along? I have a drinking session with my friend tonight at 7.30PM.”

“What do you mean ‘poor Jamie’?!”

He stubbornly added, “Yours truly is a busy man.I have a few rounds to go tonight.I can’t make time, okay?”

“Oh—is that so?”

She nodded understandingly.

“I won’t force you anymore then.I need to get home to prepare myself.Bye!”

“Hey! We are not done with this car here.Are you just leaving like that?!”

Jamie called out to her, only for Narissa to wave him off without sparing him another glance.

“D*mn woman who doesn’t listen when I nag a little! 1 would’ve gone with you if you tried to persuade me”

Jamie quietly grumbled to himself.

Narissa came to the appointed location when night fell.

As soon as she pushed the door to the private room open, she wasn’t at all surprised to not see Jamie in there.

The ones sitting in there were the other people from the club, and Charissa was the leader of the pack.

“There you are, Narissa.Welcome!”

“Come sit.Don’t hold back”

The men pretended to welcome her and had her sit beside Charissa.

Narissa calmly took a drink from the table, and even intentionally asked, “Why isn’t Jamic here?”

The people in the room each gave a different reaction then, but they all attempted to hide the truth from her.

“Something came up.Jamie is late, but he will be here soon.”

“Indeed, indeed.He even asked us to take good care of you.”

“Yeap.We can start drinking while we wait for him” corners of Narissa’s lips lifted as she put on a naive expression.


As soon as she said that, a bottle full of whiskey was loudly placed on the table in front of her.

Charissa had her grip tight around the bottle as she squeezed out a fake smile.

“Miss Cuber, this is your welcome party we are having to welcome you to join our club.But, we have a rule.All newbies will have to finish a whole bottle of

whiskey if they want to be recognized as an official member.”

Narissa kept nodding at Charissa’s words.

“What you mean is that I not only have to prove my skills, I also have to prove my alcohol tolerance? Is that it?”

Everyone else’s expressions immediately dropped after they heard her words.

As their goal was to cause trouble for her, they naturally wouldn’t have a reason to justify their actions.But now that Narissa was putting her words in their mouths, they couldn’t help but feel slightly offended by it.

They were expecting her to quietly take their low blows in order to join them,

and at least pretend that everyone was harmonious with one another.

However, the way Narissa was saying it sounded as if she was trying to blow this issue up.

Jamie would definitely get angry if he were to find out that his friends were bullying his other friend.

Right in that instant, everyone exchanged glances with each other, and none of them dared to recklessly do anything.

Narissa voluntarily tried to ease the awkwardness then.

“I don’t mind drinking, but isn’t it meaningless to have a drink by myself? I would prefer having someone to be my drinking buddy’ The air immediately felt more comfortable as everyone let out a breath of relief then.

“Sure thing! Go on and choose someone.It is fine even if you get everyone here to drink with you!”

“That is a bit too much.”

Narissa’s eyes were like crescent moons as she smiled.

“Why don’t you drink with me, Charissa? It would be fun for the ladies to drink together”


The men somehow started to hesitate.A bottle of whiskey was no child’s play.

Even if Charissa wasn’t the worst drinker among them, she wasn’t great to the point where she could finish a whole bottle of whiskey.

“I will drink two glasses if she drinks one,”

Narissa threw out her bait.


Just like that, Charissa had taken a bait, and she proceeded to fill two glasses to the brim.

“You are fun!”

She placed once of the glasses in front of Narissa.

“I will have to oblige your request, then.Come, chug it down!”

Narissa took the glass and clinked it to Charissa’’s glass.


She smiled.

They both looked very normal when the first glass went down.

Charissa had to calm herself down when she was on her third glass.

By the fifth one, she couldn’t even take another sip.

Narissa, on the other hand, slowly finished the contents of her glass before she gently put pressure on Charissa.

“There’s no need to rush, Miss Wynd.I can wait.”

For people who lived a life weaving through society, dignity was what kept them afloat.

Upon hearing her words, Charissa was overcome by the need to win.She then tilted her head and gulped down half of what was in her glass.

However, instead of drinking it in, most of the liquid was flowing out from the corners of her mouth.

She still couldn’t finish the whiskey even when she did that.

What was more, she even started throwing up as she held herself on the table.

Narissa shook her head and put down her glass when she saw this.

After she picked up her bag and stood up, she looked down upon them from above and said, “I am up for any challenge you throw my way, but it don’t do something as cowardly as using Jamie’s name”

She abruptly left without sparing them another glance after that.

In the corridor, Narissa happened to come across Jamie, who had just arrived.

“Wasn’t it supposed to be 7.30PM? Why are you leaving when I just came?”

Jamie looked at his watch, only to see that he was 15 minutes earlier than the time she told him.

“What can I do? My opponent is too weak,”

Narissa solemnly said.She looked as though she had no intention to stay there any longer.

“You do reck of alcohol.”

He intentionally flapped his hand around in disdain.

“How much did you drink?”

“Not much.Only a bottle of whiskey,” she simply said.

“How is that ‘not much’?”

Jamie turned around and threw a glance at her.

“What kind of friends are these? How can they let a woman drink so much at night? Try not to hangout with them too much”

“It is nothing.My family has a winery.I have been drinking alcohol like it is water since I was young.A bottle of whiskey is just right for me to warm-up,”

Narissa continued to explain nonchalantly.

“D*mn, you are good!”

Impressed, the man gave her a thumbs-up.

Narissa was already walking away in big strides, but the gang she was drinking with still managed to catch up to her by the time she and Jamie reached the entrance of the establishment.

“Jamie!” one of the men called out to him.

Jamie still had a face full of smiles with Narissa at first, but as soon as he saw Charissa and the men, his eyes darted back at Narissa and he immediately understood what had happened before his arrival.

“Jamie, look at how drunk Charissa is.Why don’t you give her a ride home?” one of the men from the gang asked.

Jamic’s expression was indifferent as he coldly growled, “You lot should be able to manage.”

Hearing this, the man started to question him, “We have been friends for so many years, Jamie.Are you really tossing Charissa aside for that woman?”

“You mean, I need permission from you to send people home?”

Jamie narrowed his eyes.

“I don’t mean it that way.”

The man looked as though he had been wronged.

“But…Don’t blame me for saying this, but Narissa is a heavyweight when it comes to alcohol.She pretended to be all innocent and naive when Charissa asked her to drink, which is why Charissa is so drunk now.That woman has no


Instead of answering him, Jamie asked in return, “And you think it is classy for you to let a woman finish up a bottle of whiskey?”

“Isn’t it normal for her to drink more since she has a high tolerance?” the man rebuked.

“You should probably shut up now.”

Jamie was thoroughly irked at that point.

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