Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1354 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1354 | [Serenity & Zachary]

“I was afraid Zachary would say that I’m stingy and cheap such that I’m unwilling to get Sonny a more expensive bicycle,” Duncan added.

He pulled Sonny over and pointed at the cardboard box as he said, “Sonny, I bought you a small bicycle. Do you like it? Do you want to ride it?”

Sonny thought about the other children with bicycles he saw during his evening walks with his mom downstairs at their place. He nodded and answered, “Dunc, I like bicycles.”

Duncan smiled. “Then I’ll unpack it now and assemble it for you. I’ll take you outside to ride it later, okay? I also bought you a windmill. If it’s attached to the head of your bicycle, it’ll spin when you ride. It’ll look great.”

Sonny was full of anticipation. He could not hide his happiness at all.

When Liberty heard Duncan say that the bicycle was just over a hundred dollars and that he also brought up his friendship with Zachary, she stopped asking him about the bicycle’s cost. She just thought she would let him dine at her breakfast store for free for half a month from tomorrow onward.

With that, Duncan unpacked the box and helped Sonny assemble the bicycle.

When Serenity came downstairs and saw this, she walked over and asked with a smile, “Mr. Lewis, do you not have to work today?”

Last night at the banquet, she saw Duncan and Lily getting along quite well. The two of them even danced to a song after that. Mrs. Lewis smiled from ear to ear. Everyone present was smart, sol they knew Lily was her ideal daughter–in–law.

As such, Duncan and Lily were naturally taken as a pair.

Serenity did not expect Duncan to come over when her husband was not even around. He even knew that her sister and Sonny were here.

“I got too high last night, so I wanted to rest at home today.”

Duncan gave the same reasoning.

“I bought a small bicycle for Sonny. I heard from Zachary that Sonny is here, so I sent it here.”

Duncan said while unpacking the bag of tools that were delivered together. He took out the tools and looked at the instructions before he began assembling.

Sonny was delighted. He played with the bicycle parts from time to time or squatted in front of Duncan to watch him work the bicycle.

By sending Lego bricks to Sonny and teaching him how to assemble them, Duncan managed to get closer to him. He also made the little one adore him.

Hank had cursed Duncan internally for being cunning and using Sonny’s innocence to get closer to Liberty.

In fact, Duncan did put some effort into closing the gap between him and Sonny. Now, whenever he wanted to carry Sonny, Sonny would not be as reluctant as before.

“Liberty, I’m going to eat.”

Serenity was hungry. After watching for a while, she said to her sister and walked to the dining hall.

Liberty did not assemble the bicycle with Duncan. She was not good at putting things together. Whenever she bought things that needed assembly, Serenity would usually be the one doing it.

She followed her sister into the dining area.

“Liberty, let’s eat together.”

“No, I’m not hungry yet. Are you having breakfast or lunch now?” Liberty roasted her sister.

“I’ll just eat a little to fill my stomach. I’ll eat with Zachary again when he’s back.” Serenity sent a message to her best friend. After knowing that her best friend was not up yet, she said with a smile, “Jasmine is worse than me; she’s still in bed now.”

Their bookstore would not be open for business today.

Liberty wanted to say something else when her phone rang.

“It’s Hank,” Liberty said to her sister.

Afterward, she picked up her ex–husband’s call.

Serenity heard her sister say to her ex–brother–in–law. “You want Sonny to be your flower boy? You’re picking him up now to try on his suit?”

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