Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1358 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1358 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Jessica was not able to complete the task given to her by the unknown woman. She was worried that the other party would act on her family again, so she wanted Hank to send her home.

Her family was also in the countryside.

Hank was not too fond of visiting his mother–in–law. Every time he went, his mother-in-law would say that she was feeling unwell and that she lacked some things at home. Whenever he heard her, he would give her some money as he felt sorry for her.

Although he did not give much, this happened every time he visited. He felt uncomfortable about it as if his mother–in–law was taking him as an ATM.

Luckily, Jessica truly liked Hank and wanted to spend her life with him. When his mother–in–law demanded a high amount for bride price, Jessica stood by his side and went ahead to get their marriage license behind her parents‘ backs. There was nothing his mother–in–law could do.

In the end, the bride price was reduced to tens of thousands of dollars.

Even so, it was still a high figure in Wiltspoon’s countryside. After all, they were ordinary and not. rich families, so they could not be compared to those wealthy people.

Nevertheless, after receiving the bride price, the Yateses explicitly said that the Browns would have to pay for the wedding reception, or they would not hold it at all. If that happened, the Yateses would bring a group of relatives to the city to have a wedding dinner at the Browns‘ residence instead.

Hank discussed it with his parents and agreed to the Yateses‘ request. On the day of the wedding, both families and their relatives would get together to celebrate.

The reception was set in a restaurant, but they did not dare choose a classy hotel as they could not afford it.

The Yateses would not give Jessica dowry and would only give her a few bedding sets.

If she felt that her dowry was shabby, she could ask her husband to pay for her dowry, or she could pay for it out of her pocket.

Whether it was the Browns or the Yateses, they knew Jessica had some savings.

The Browns wanted her to pay for the renovation of their marital home, while the Yateses wanted her to help improve her family’s lives. Jessica’s mom even scolded her and said that she was raised for nothing. Her education was provided for, but she did not give back to her family with the money she had earned. Instead, she saved a lot of money for herself.

When Jessica worked, part of her monthly salary was for her family, and she saved the rest for herself.

No matter what her in–laws and family said about her, she did not touch her savings.

This was her bottom line after marriage.

She did not want to be like Liberty, who emptied her savings and had to ask for money from her husband after marriage.

Jessica’s mom had always said that a son was not as good as pocket money, and a lady needed money to stand on her own.

If she expected Hank to support her, she would only follow in Liberty’s footsteps.

Once the wedding was done and Sonny’s matter was over, Jessica would look for a job. Even if she could not find a secretarial job, she would work as an ordinary clerk or open a store as Liberty did. If she was the boss, whatever she earned from the business would belong to her.

“I’ll send you to the entrance of your housing area and you can walk home. I’m not going in. I’m scared of your parents. Every time I visit, they say they’re unwell and need money to see the doctor. They just want my money.

“Otherwise, they’ll say they lack certain things at home and ask me to buy those things for them. After that, they’ll say they don’t have the money to pay me back and will owe me first. How can I ask them to pay me back?” Hank said while getting into the car.

He disliked his in–laws very much.

Jessica said, “My parents are getting older, so they’re often unwell.”

“If they’re unwell, what about your brothers? Why won’t they pay for your parents to see the doctor? Besides, do your parents have no money? They have the bride price I gave them, and they’re not giving you dowry. Isn’t that money?”

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