Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1364 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1364 | [Serenity & Zachary]

“You can ride the bicycle better if you pick up the art of self–defense. Do you want to learn to fight?”

“I do.”

Zachary carried Sonny to a man in black who was standing not too far away. As he was walking. Zachary said, “Sonny, I got you an instructor to teach you to fight. You must listen to him and work hard.”

Everybody turned their attention to the stranger.

Serenity said to her sister, “Zachary mentioned he’ll get someone to teach Sonny to fight for himself. He can train and learn to protect himself.”

“That’s kind of Zachary,”

Liberty was grateful.

Her brother–in–law did bring it up after what happened at the zoo.

Liberty believed boys should pick up a skill for self–defense.

Duncan jumped in. “You could’ve told me that Sonny wants to learn to fight. I can teach him.”

“Mr. Lewis, you’re busy with work. I wouldn’t want to bother you.”

Liberty thought to herself, ‘It must cost a lot to hire Duncan to be my son’s instructor. Sure, I have made some money now, but that doesn’t mean I can afford Duncan.”

Zachary hired the son of the instructor who taught him, his brother, and his cousins. Although the son was not as skilled as their instructor, the man knew enough stuff to put Sonny in the right. direction.

Reminded by his hefty workload, Duncan smiled without saying anything more.

“This is William Jr., the son of William Sr. who taught me, my brothers, and my cousins. He’s really good and has opened a few gyms of his own. A lot of people learn to fight from him.”

Zachary introduced William to his sister–in–law.

Liberty said hello to William.

William was about Dunca’s age. He was a decent young man with a towering build. Although he looked stern, the man curled his lips when Liberty greeted him. “Hello, everybody.”

Zachary put Sonny down.

William kneeled down, getting at Sonny’s eye level as he sized Sonny up. The man felt Sonny’s limbs and torso before telling Zachary, “Mr. Zachary, we can train your nephew young, and he’ll be able to take down a dozen people alone after years of training.

“But I doubt he can be the champion of the world.”

Zachary answered, “We just want Sonny to learn to fight and protect himself, William. He doesn’t need to be famous for being the best. Just teach him to the best of your ability.”

The art of self–defense, for people in their circle, was merely for what it was called–self–defense.

There was no need to make a name for themselves in the world of fighting.

Many would take it up as a hobby or enjoy a class or two.

The York family hired the real deal to teach them to draw blood because of Grandma May’s wishes.

Zachary mentioned that Serenity’s skills were more than enough to take out girls or regular thugs.

However, Serenity had no chance of surviving against a real professional.

William’s mind was at ease.

Instead of feeling flattered, William felt the pressure when Zachary came asking for his help. William was concerned that Zachary may ask for a lot, and that he would not be able to meet Zachary’s demands.

William was not in the position to say no because the York boys had learned to fight from his father. That was why William came with Zachary to meet with his future and youngest student.

Thank goodness Zachary had no intention of letting the boy be famous in the fighting world. He could focus on guiding the young child in the art of self–defense.

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