Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1368 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1368 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Serenity had no idea what to feel when she got the results back. Despite engaging in intimate activities for a while, she had not been knocked up Now that Serenity was in the hospital, she intended to do a full medical examination.

Zachary did not want to as he believed they were fit and great in health.

He simply believed that their time had not come yet.

“Since we’re here, we might as well go for a physical. What if there’s something wrong with us? Early detection is early prevention.”

Serenity tried to convince Zachary to have the full medical examination with her.

“I’m healthy. I always have a full check–up every six months, so I would know if there’s something wrong with me. You’re fine too. You rarely catch a cold. How can you have an issue? We don’t need an examination. It’s just not our time yet.”

Zachary dragged Serenity to leave.

He was not in the mood for a physical.

Zachary firmly believed he was fine!

So was Serenity!

“Many people look healthy, but something off might show on the medical report. Are you scared of doctors, Zachary? Are you scared you might see something you don’t like?”

Zachary scowled. “I’m fine. I’m not scared of doctors. Seren, we’ve been together for six months. It’s not strange that you’re not pregnant yet. Don’t think too much about it. We can come for a medical check–up if it’s been a decade and you’re not pregnant yet.”

“It’ll be too late if we come ten years later. I would be pushing forty. It will take years to remedy the issue if something shows up on the report. By then, I would be having a high–risk pregnancy due to my age. There’s also the possibility of it having no cure.

“Why can’t we just do an examination since we’re already here? You look like you’ve seen a ghost. I just want to tackle the issue if there’s one so that we can have a baby of our own.”

“You talk as if I might have a health issue and deliberately try to get out of seeing a doctor. I know my body. You know better than anyone if I’m fine in that department.”

Zachary’s face turned grimacing.

Serenity said, “Yes, yes, yes. You’re fine. You’re in the best of health. It’s my issue. Alright. Then, I’ll get the examination. You don’t have to.”

“There’s no need for you to do the medical examination either. I said we’re both fine. Don’t put the pressure on yourself.”

Serenity believed that she should at least get a clear idea of where her health was. She should bring her health up to the optimum level if it was not quite there.

With the couple unable to prevail over the other, Zachary blew up and shook Serenity’s hand off. Wincing his face, he uttered, “You can do whatever you want.”

He ditched Serenity and turned on his heel to take strides out of there.

The security team exchanged glances as the couple got into a fight at the end of the hallway. While the bodyguards stayed on alert, no one dared interrupt them.

Now that Mr. Zachary stormed off without waiting for the missus, the security team knew it was bad.

The couple was at it again.

Mr. Zachary was furious.

In the end, the team of security split into two.

Half of them went after Zachary while the other half stayed to protect Serenity.

It hurt Serenity that Zachary threw her hand off and walked away with a scowl. She felt a lump in her throat, and tears welling in her eyes as he took off without looking back. She stubbornly refused to let herself cry.

All she wanted was to get a physical and see if there was anything wrong with them. They had been married for seven months and had been a real couple for five months. However, she was not expecting yet. Although they were not in a hurry to start a family, there was nothing wrong with ruling things out.

If there was a problem, early detection was early prevention.

Was she wrong?

Zachary’s tantrum as an heir was showing again.

Serenity believed there was nothing wrong with Zachary, but why could she not have a medical examination anyway?

He looked anticipated when they arrived at the hospital just now.

Now the couple had a falling out, and he abandoned her to go off on his own.

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