Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1392 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1392 | [Serenity & Zachary]

When Sonny was snatched, even if Liberty and Hank did not go after him, the men who were secretly protecting them could also save him. They had long set up a trap and were ready to

catch the kidnappers.

Only, they neglected a mother’s determination to protect her child.

Mothers were willing to sacrifice themselves for their children.

A mother who saw her child being abducted would definitely run after the child.

The men who were protecting Liberty and Sonny thought of that but did not expect Liberty to be able to keep up with the kidnappers. Her physical strength was amazing.

She refused to give up no matter what.

Even when she was kicked hard and stabbed by the bad guys, she did not let go.

Only when she saw the Yorks’ bodyguards did she know it was safe and was willing to let go. In the end, she was seriously injured while Sonny was unharmed.

Duncan turned around and punched the wall.

Yes, he too had sent people to protect Liberty and her son.

Despite that, Liberty was still hurt.

Duncan failed to protect her well!

At this time, Clive and Mrs. Stone arrived.

“Zachary, how’s Liberty doing? Have you told Serenity about this?” Clive asked.

Mrs. Stone was so scared that she clutched her husband’s hand. She was afraid that her niece, whom she had only recently reunited with, would leave with her sister.

She had searched for her sister for decades but when there was finally news about her, it turned out that her sister had passed away more than a decade ago. Luckily, she still had two nieces to console her.

Now, if even her niece was…

“She’s still inside and hasn’t come out yet, so I don’t know about her situation. I’ve told Serenity, and she’s on her way back.”

Clive hummed.

Afterward, he comforted his mom.

Jessica had also quietly come and was keeping Hank and his son company. Her face was pale white.

Sirens sounded endlessly at that time, so she knew many police had arrived.

She also found out that Zachary had arranged for people to secretly protect Liberty and her son all this while.

Since Jessica helped the bad guys snatch Sonny away… She had probably been watched for a long time too. Zachary was waiting to collect evidence and catch those people in one go.

Perhaps Liberty getting hurt was an accident to Zachary and the others.

Hank told his parents about what happened.

They were almost scared to death when they heard that their grandson was almost kidnapped again. They were only relieved after knowing that he was fine. When they heard that Liberty got injured from protecting Sonny and was being treated, they came to the hospital as well.

Hank advised his parents to wait at home, but they were not willing to do so.

Not long after Serenity, Jasmine, and Elisa arrived at the hospital, the door of the emergency room was opened.

“Doctor, how’s my sister doing?”

Serenity jumped over and grabbed the doctor’s sleeves. She asked anxiously.

Zachary held her.

He was afraid that she might faint.

The doctor responded, “The patient’s vital parts weren’t stabbed, but her internal organs were injured, and she lost too much blood, which endangered her life. We operated on her, but she needs to be transferred to the ICU now and monitored for a few days.

“If she pulls through these few days, she’ll be fine.”

Surviving the next few days would mean that Liberty had truly passed the critical period and would be able to live.

“Doctor, you must save my sister-you must!”

The doctor said, “We’ve done everything we could. Now, it’s up to the patient to get through it.

“The stab wounds weren’t fatal, but what’s keeping her teetering on the edge of life and death are her internal injuries.”

Serenity’s legs went weak.

Zachary held her and comforted her, “She’ll be fine-she’ll definitely be fine.”


Serenity turned around and buried herself in his arms. She cried in pain.

“I’m so scared-I’m scared that she’ll… I’m only left with her… My parents are gone, so she’s the only person I have left. If even she is… Zachary, I’m scared-I’m really scared.”

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