Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1396 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1396 | [Serenity & Zachary]

It was Serenity who offended the unknown woman. The woman wanted to take revenge on her, so she found Jessica and forced her to use Sonny.

That woman said that even if Sonny was in her possession, as long as he behaved well and did not cry or cause trouble, she would not do anything to him. As long as Serenity went to see her, he would return safely.

Sonny would not lose a single hair.

How could Jessica know that Liberty would get hurt because of Sonny?

Sonny was going to be fine no matter what.

Hank stood in place and muttered, “How could it be Jessica? How could it be Jessica…? How could it be?”


Mr. Brown shouted fiercely and slapped Hank all of a sudden. The slap was as loud as it could be.

Everyone watched, but no one stopped him.

“It was you-it was you who brought that spiteful woman into our family. She broke your marriage and caused havoc in our family. Sonny’s custody was given to Liberty, and yet she did such a malicious thing to him. That vicious woman… It was you-you were blind!”

Mr. Brown pointed at his son and cursed at him.

Hank did not dare speak even after being slapped by his dad. He covered his beaten face and could not look at his parents.

He did not know it would come to this-even he could not imagine Jessica plotting something. against Sonny.

Sonny was given to Liberty. If they did not go to see him, Sonny and Liberty would definitely not appear in front of them and their lives would not be affected at all.

Why would Jessica do this?

Was she afraid that Hank would rekindle his feelings for Liberty because of Sonny and would ask for a remarriage?

She underestimated Liberty.

Since Liberty divorced Hank, there was no way she would go back to him..

Not to mention Liberty’s life was getting better while Hank’s was getting worse. Even if it were the other way round, given her temperament, she would not look back and disturb his life.

A smart person would not return to the life that had been given up.

Liberty was that person. She would rather be a single mom for the rest of her life than return to a

terrible man like Hank.

“I told you not to marry her as she’s not as good as Liberty. You didn’t listen and insisted that you were truly in love. Pfft, you used to say that about you and Liberty too!”

Mrs. Brown scolded her son, “What about now? Look what Jessica did. She quarrels with me and fights with your sister every day. She even said that we joined hands to bully her, but it was she who has been bullying us. She relies on your love for her and disregards us.

“Hank Brown, are you satisfied now? Are you?!”

After scolding her son, Mrs. Brown pushed her husband and scolded him instead, “I stopped you from transferring the money to Liberty and told you not to let them divorce. Neither you nor Hank listened to me. Now, you’re blaming your son for it!”

Mr. Brown pushed Mrs. Brown back in anger and said, “The worst was you and that great

daughter of yours. If not for you talking so much, liking to pick fights, and sowing discord between Hank and Liberty, would this have happened?”

“How much better do you think you are? Have you ever said anything? Have you ever made a sound?”

Mrs. Brown knew she was wrong-so wrong.

She made Liberty, who used to be a good daughter-in-law, leave her son. As a result, her son. married Jessica, a troublemaker and spendthrift who stirred their family into a tempest.

It was fine if that was it, but that evil woman wanted to harm Lucas and Sonny.

Chelsea was loose-tongued, but as their aunt, how could Jessica be so ruthless as to collude with the kidnappers to kidnap Lucas?

Did she do that to get back at Chelsea?

After Liberty divorced Hank, she never clung to him. If Hank and Jessica did not always pester her, she might not have wanted to see them at all. She did not affect Hank’s new life whatsoever, and yet Jessica wanted to harm Sonny.

Mrs. Brown recalled how she kept asking her son to divorce Jessica and remarry Liberty. She even said that Liberty was capable enough to earn money and successfully slimmed down to how she looked pre-marriage. If she and Hank remarried, Hank would benefit a lot from it.

Did Jessica become resentful because of that and targeted Sonny as a result?

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