Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1408 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1408 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Duncan stopped talking.

After everyone saw Liberty, Grandma May asked his daughters–in–law to head home first and not to disturb Liberty here.

Zachary and Serenity looked extremely tired as well.

The Stones and the Soxes also came to visit Liberty after learning that she was out of the woods.

Mrs. Stone stayed in the hospital until Liberty woke up for the second time and only then did she feel relieved.

The Yorks‘ bodyguards bought breakfast for everyone.

After having breakfast, Zachary said to Duncan, “Duncan, you should get some rest at home first. We agreed to each keep watch for half of last night, but you stayed up the whole night by yourself.”

“I’m fine. I’m neither sleepy nor tired. I’ll wait a bit more.”

Duncan looked at Liberty, who was surrounded by her relatives and friends.

When Liberty woke up for the second time, she still spoke weakly but was in a better spirit than when she first regained consciousness.

She did not even notice Duncan, who was outside the crowd.

Duncan looked at her in a daze. It was fine even if Liberty could not see him. He was tall and could see her from beyond the crowd. Duncan was just happy to see her awake. He did not feel tired at all.

Ring, ring, ring…

Duncan’s phone rang at this time.

He left the ward to answer the call as he was afraid of disturbing Liberty.

It was his mom.


Mrs. Lewis asked directly over the phone, “Are you in the hospital?”

The incident yesterday caused a huge stir.

It was because the police caught a lot of people.

Many were saying that almost all of the police in Wiltspoon were dispatched yesterday for so many people to be caught.

After knowing that a child was almost kidnapped, many families with children carried their children while out and about if they could. Children who were older and could not be carried anymore were held tightly by their parents as they were afraid that their children would be taken away.

It was not surprising that Mrs. Lewis knew about the incident.

Despite that, it was only later that she learned that the kidnapped child was Liberty’s son.

She also found out later that Liberty was injured.

When her youngest son did not come home last night, Mrs. Lewis purposely went to the houses belonging to her son today to look for him but to no avail. He was also nowhere to be seen at his office, so she guessed that he was in the hospital.

“I’m in the hospital. What’s wrong, Mom?”

Duncan asked his mom in a deep voice, “Is something wrong?”

“Is Liberty okay? I heard she was stabbed a few times.”

Liberty was stabbed several times for the sake of her son. Since she was also a mother, Mrs. Lewis admired Liberty for that.

“She woke up at five in the morning. The doctor said she was no longer in critical condition, so she was released from the ICU and transferred to the general ward.”

Mrs. Lewis responded, “Thank God. As long as she’s fine.”

Following that, she changed her tone and asked her son, “How did you know what happened at five o’clock? When did you go to the hospital?”

“I arrived at the hospital yesterday.”

Duncan did not avoid his mom’s question. He answered honestly, “I stayed in the hospital all night. I couldn’t be at ease when Liberty was still in danger.”

Mrs. Lewis knew it was bad when she heard that her son had been watching over Liberty all night.

Was her worry turning into reality?

“Liberty could be watched over by her sister. Must an outsider like you keep watch there overnight?”

“Mom, I stayed voluntarily. I was just worried. As long as Liberty wasn’t awake, I couldn’t leave the hospital. Even if I did, I wouldn’t be in the mood to do anything.”

After Duncan realized his feelings, he became very frank when facing his mom.

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