Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1442 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1442 | [Serenity & Zachary]

“Hank’s still thinking of begging for mercy for Jessica’s sake, and his heart is on Jessica. He might’ve felt regret, but he would never mourn divorcing my sister. My sister doesn’t regret divorcing him too. Chelsea, I advise you not to look for my sister or me for this matter anymore.”

After speaking, Serenity did not give Chelsea a chance to talk and left her behind. She walked toward Zachary, who was waiting for her at the door of the ward, without turning her head back.

Zachary could not hear their conversation. When he saw his beloved wife’s dark expression, he knew that the chat did not go well.

“Seren, should we make her leave?”

“Not this time,” Serenity replied. Then, she told the bodyguards, “If the Browns come again in the future, chase them away. Don’t let them see my sister or Sonny before my sister recovers.”

After recovering, Liberty would continue running All You Can Eat and be back in business. She would not be able to keep the Browns out. That family was shameless. They would go to the breakfast diner every day and make a fuss. It would significantly impact the business at All You Can Eat.

The Browns were pretty scared of Zachary at first. However, they noticed that Zachary was cold yet reasonable. Aside from making Hank lose his job, he had never done anything overboard to the Browns.

Therefore, the Browns were not that afraid anymore. They would simply avoid Zachary’s men and pester Liberty.

The Brown family was relieved to have handed Sonny’s custody rights to Liberty back then.

No matter how shameless they were, they were still Sonny’s biological father, grandparents, and aunt.

Serenity, who wished to make the Browns miserable, would have to take it easy on them for Sonny’s sake.

“Yes, Missus.“

In fact, the bodyguards had always kept the Browns outside the ward every time they came. Unless Liberty was willing to meet her ex-husband, it was useless for the Brown family to come. every day

After Serenity instructed the bodyguards, Zachary held her waist and left with her.

“What did that woman say to you that your expression looks so bad?” Zachary asked out of concern as they walked.

“What else? Their family consists of shameless people willing to embarrass themselves to arhieve their am They’re still fixated on one thing. They are flustered seeing Mr Lewis was concerned about my sister and trying their best to stop them from getting together

“What right do they have to stop them? Do they think Hank is the best guy in the world? My sister won’t remarry Hank even if all the men in the world die. They even used Sonny to negotiate After the accident, Hank’s concern toward Sonny didn’t even last for two days.”

Serenity added angrily, “Some people say that little devils are hard to deal with The Browns are exactly that They’re such difficult people.

“Let other devils go up against their kind

Zachary soothed his wife and offered a solution. He said, “Back then, the Brown family used your granddad and the others to stop your sister from getting a divorce. We can use them to deal with the Browns too

“Those people will be fighting against themselves while we enjoy the show and peace”

Serenity said, “This is a good idea. We can use my grandparents, but not my cousins. Noah will be useful too. That kid is afraid of me because I beat him up. He won’t dare disobey my instructions”

Noah truly did not want to be remembered by Serenity.

He was scared because of her punches.

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