Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1446 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1446 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Serenity had not been able to sleep well for several consecutive days after Liberty mentioned that to her Every time she woke up with a start at midnight, she would surreptitiously grope her way to Liberty’s bed. She would stretch out her hand to check Liberty’s breathing. Not until she confirmed that Liberty was still alive would she feel at ease

Having lost both her parents at a young age, Serenity experienced the pain of losing her loved ones. Therefore, she feared losing her only sister

“Let’s go. I’m taking you upstairs to get changed.”

The Yorks and the Buchams were on friendly terms. Now that Josh got engaged, Tania would certainly do the Buchams the honor of attending Josh’s engagement party. What was more, Tania’s relatives and the Buchams had close relationships. Tania’s relatives would also make an appearance tonight.

Serenity rose to her feet gently and walked upstairs with Tania.

Soon, Serenity had changed into a gown. She put on light makeup and a pair of high heels. She brought along the engagement gift she had prepared for her best friend before heading downstairs with Tania.

Liam and Zachary were waiting for Serenity and Tania in the dining room.

Seeing Serenity and Tania walk down the stairs, Liam and Zachary greeted their beloved wives respectively.

Zachary said, “Seren, go and eat something to fill your stomach first.”

At noon, Serenity hardly ate anything.

She could not possibly eat to her heart’s content at the Buchams’ place.

Zachary was worried that Serenity was starving.

Serenity had long since felt hungry, but she was too shy to say it. Coincidentally, Zachary was thoughtful enough to let her fill her stomach first.

The four of them were ready to leave the house. On the other hand, Callum was still pestering Camryn to visit the Buchams with him.

“Camryn, I’ve helped you quite a lot. I’m asking a favor from you now, yet you turned me down. How disloyal of you.”

Callum stuck to Camryn like glue.

Camryn was watering some plants.

As she listened to Callum’s grumbles, Camryn stopped in her tracks. She turned around and faced Callum before she said nonchalantly. “I’m very thankful for your help. Mr. Callum I always treated you to a meal as a token of appreciation after receiving your help We don’t owe each other now “I can’t attend social gatherings with you. This is what your girlfriend or wife should do.”

Callum looked at her and said, “Your eldest uncle asked me to bear a responsibility toward you. To me, you’re my girlfriend.”

Camryn was speechless.

After pausing for a moment, she replied, “Mr Callum, everyone has been sitting in judgment over me ever since I sued my uncle How will others see you when you take me to the Buchams’ place? I don’t mind being criticized, but I don’t want you to go through the same thing.”

“You place righteousness above family loyalty to take revenge on your dad’s behalf, so why will they sit in judgment over you? You don’t have to be bothered about what your elder aunts say They side with your uncle!

After Camryn sued her biological mother and uncle for killing her father twenty years ago, two of Mr Newman’s sisters came over to chew her out. If it had not been for Callum’s presence, Camryn’s two elder aunts would have destroyed Spring Blossoms.

Camryn’s youngest aunt was the only one taking her side.

However, her youngest aunt was very concerned about her.

The police had investigated Camryn’s eldest uncle, and he was very likely to be sentenced. Even so, he would be sentenced for committing other offenses with her biological mother instead of the murder of her biological father.

Currently, there was no evidence in support of her uncle’s murder of her biological father. Her recording might not be convincing enough.

Mr. Newman hired the best lawyer in Wiltspoon for himself and Camryn’s mother.

Camryn’s youngest aunt was worried that Camryn would lose her foothold in Wiltspoon.

Although Camryn did not do anything wrong, her two elder aunts would not let her off.

They were married to families in Wiltspoon who were quite well off. Recently, her aunts had been spreading rumors and badmouthing her.

This affected the Camryn’s flower shop business.

Instead of buying flowers, most of the customers visited her flower shop lately to see what Camryn, who placed righteousness above family loyalty, looked like.

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