Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1450 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1450 | [Serenity & Zachary]

*Josh and Ms. Sox will live happily just like we do.”

The elders of the two families were extremely grateful to Zachary and his wife

The Buchams felt that even though Zachary was married, he even helped his good buddy by introducing Jasmine to Josh. He had such a strong sense of honor toward Josh.

The Soxes felt the same.

The Bucham elders were content with Jasmine Now that the Sox elders had their son-in-law, Drake had to get out of the way, let alone Jasmine If Jasmine criticized Josh in front of her parents, her parents would glare at her

Jasmine always grumbled about it in front of Josh. Ever since she got together with Josh, her parents seemed to have become his parents.

Josh was smug about it

The guests who came to attend the engagement party drove here However, a few guests were an exception as they came by private jet The private jet landed on the ramp that belonged to the head of the Bucham household.

Out of curiosity, Serenity asked the man beside her, “Do you know the guests who came by private jet?”

“If I’m not mistaken, it should be the Queens from Jensburg. All the other guests the Buchams invited have arrived regardless of whether they’re from Wiltspoon or other cities. The Queens from Jensburg are the only ones who haven’t turned up

The Queens were wealthy, so it was unsurprising that they had a private jet

Zachary had his own private jet and luxury yacht as well.

“The Queens from Jensburg? Is it Hayden Queen’s family?”

To Serenity, it was a regret that Old Mrs. York did not bring her along to Jensburg. Therefore, Serenity did not get to watch any good shows. She did not expect the Queens from Jensburg to send some people to attend Josh’s engagement party and convey their wishes.

It was undeniable that the Buchams were well-connected.

Many guests from other regions were big shots who were rich and powerful.

No wonder Josh could manage any task that Zachary assigned to him no matter how difficult it was. It was all because of the Buchams’ powerful connections.


Zachary gently tapped his wife’s pretty nose and said with an indulgent smile, “Later, I’ll introduce Mr Queen to you so that both of you can get along and bond with each other.

“Hayden has been pretending to be a man for over 20 years She’s cold and distant, so she might not be nice to get along with.”

Serenity said with confidence, “I firmly believe that I can socialize well. I can make friends with anyone. Since Callum has started to pursue Camryn, what I’m most interested in now is Kevin and Hayden’s relationship.”

In Jensburg, very few people knew that Mr. Queen was a woman.

If someone suspected that Mr. Queen was not a man, Hayden would ask her twin brother, Hugh, to make an appearance. They both looked very much alike. Those who did not know them would not be able to distinguish between the two. They would think that Hugh was Hayden.

Serenity wanted to know how Kevin would make Hayden admit that she was a woman.

“But babe, if Hayden shows up as a man, will other people misunderstand us when I approach. her?”

Serenity was aware that Hayden was a woman, but the rest was not

If she made small talk with Hayden, other people would gossip about them.

Zachary was speechless.

He neglected this point.

“Babe, will you be jealous if others gossip about Hayden and me?”

Zachary darted a deep glance at her and asked, “What do you think?”

Serenity chuckled. She quickly hooked her arm around his and said gently, “I love you most No. one treats me better than you do.”

Zachary often succumbed to the green-eyed monster. As long as Hayden continued pretending to be a man, Serenity had to keep a distance from her. Otherwise, she would be gossiped about and Zachary would become jealous.

Even though Zachary knew that Hayden was a woman, she looked exactly like a man. Thus, he could not guarantee that he would not feel jealous.

As Serenity and Jasmine were good friends, Zachary would sometimes blame Jasmine for distracting Serenity’s attention from him.

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