Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1455 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1455 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Serenity smiled. Zachary’s nana was the best grandmother she had ever met.

Her grandmom was worlds apart from his nana.

“You should treasure Nana. Having a dozen of your nana is never enough for me.”

Zachary was closest to Nana. He said, “Elders are treasures.”

After Serenity fell quiet for a moment, she said, “It depends. Some elders like to kick up a fuss and bring chaos to the younger generation. In that case, those elders aren’t treasures.”

Zachary held her hand.

“Mr. Bucham and Jasmine are coming for a toast.

Serenity refused to talk further about the unhappy things. She immediately changed the topic.

Josh and Jasmine went to each table to drink a toast. When they reached Zachary’s table, Zachary mocked his buddy playfully. “Josh, you’re grinning from ear to ear tonight. Your cheeks are as red as a tomato. Is it because you’ve drunk or laughed too much?”

Josh burst into laughter before he responded, “Both.”

He and Jasmine raised their glasses to Mr. Donald and his wife.

Mr. Donald and his wife were the oldest at the table.

The rest were from the same generation as Josh.

Seeing his beaming cousin, the head of the Buchams was happy for Josh. He had a different perspective on relationships. Perhaps being in love and getting married was not as terrifying as it seemed.

“Mr. Bucham and Ms. Sox are really well–matched.

When Mr. Donald expressed his wishes, he cast a glance at his children.

Hayden drank her wine nonchalantly.

Mr. Hugh pretended as though he was unaware of his father’s profound glance.

Hayden was not close with Josh. She raised her glass, clinked glasses with Josh and Jasmine, and conveyed a generic greeting to them.

Josh soon headed to another table with Jasmine for a toast.

Although the two of them kept toasting to the guests, they did not drink much.

Even so, Josh was worried that Jasmine would get drunk. He softly reminded Jasmine many times, saying, “Jas, just do it for show. Don’t drink too much, or you’ll be drunk.”

“I’m just drinking one sip every time. I won’t get drunk.”

Jasmine’s eyes swept around before she whispered, “You too don’t drink too much.”

“Don’t worry. I know my limits.”

Josh held Jasmine’s hand and beamed with pleasure. “Jasmine, we’ll get married tomorrow. We’ll officially become a married couple.”

As their wedding date was near, they would begin to prepare for their wedding once they got their marriage license.

Josh wanted to prepare a grand wedding for Jasmine, so he put a lot of effort into the preparation.

Josh knew that Zachary hired the best international bridal designer to tailor a dress for Serenity. Given that his wedding was drawing near, he could only hire the best local designer to create a dress for Jasmine, which was a shame for him.

The best international bridal designer was too busy to accept his request at such short notice.

It was unlike Zachary and Serenity’s wedding, which would be taking place in the fall. They had ample time to prepare as their wedding was several months away.

“Are we going to get married tomorrow? I’m afraid you’ll be too drunk to wake up tomorrow.” Josh replied, “I’ll stay sober… I won’t get drunk so that I can get married to you tomorrow.”

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