Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1456 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1456 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Jasmine grinned. “It’s okay, as long as I’m sober. I can drive you to City Hall after I kidnap you while you’re half–conscious. Once we receive our marriage license, you’ll be mine and can’t run. away anymore.”

Josh said, “I won’t run away, I’m willing to be bound to you for life. I’ll be your lifelong support and provide you shelter. All the money I earn will be for you to spend.”

“Mr. Bucham, you’re proposing a toast but keep exchanging sweet words with each other. You should consider the feelings of bachelors like us.”

Callum smiled and joked when he heard the sweet talk between Jasmine and Josh.

Josh clinked glasses with him and responded with a smile, “You’re not far behind.”

He looked at Camryn, who was sitting quietly beside Callum.

Camryn could not see Josh but could feel his gaze. While facing Josh and Jasmine, she felt around to find her glass and raised it to them.

“Mr. Bucham, Jasmine, I wish you a long life together.”

Jasmine smiled and clinked glasses with her. “Camryn, thank you.

Camryn beamed.

She did not want to come with Callum but was convinced by him.

When she came, not only could she feel the strange gazes of many people looking at her, but she could also occasionally hear some whispers around.

Camryn came here with Callum. Those people who whispered about her punishing her family because justice demanded it even made sarcastic remarks behind her back about why she was so righteous. They said it was because she found a backer and had climbed to the top.

Even so, Camryn faced them calmly.

She did not think what she did was wrong.

Her mom and uncle conspired to kill her dad. Should she not sue them?

Did her dad deserve to be killed?

Not only did they harm her dad, but her mother also wanted to kill her.

Camryn did not feel torn about it at all; perhaps she was deeply hurt by her mom and uncle for the past two decades or so. She did not have any love for them, so when she sued them for killing her dad, she was not swayed by the kinship between them.

The lively engagement party ended late at night.

Josh arranged for the guests who traveled far to stay at Wiltspoon Hotel and that he would settle all expenses.

After Josh and his driver sent the Soxes home, they went upstairs to rest. Only Jasmine stayed to accompany him. He said he had too much to drink and was too thirsty, so he wanted some water.

As such, Jasmine poured him some warm water. He had one glass after another and did not seem to have the intention to leave.

Jasmine dozed off several times and urged him, “Josh, how many more glasses of water do your want to drink? It’s past midnight, so you should hurry back to rest. Didn’t you say we’ll go get our marriage license tomorrow? We can only get up early if we turn in early. I’ll see you at the entrance of City Hall at 9:10 am tomorrow. If you’re late, I’ll delay the matter indefinitely.”

“Jas, we’re engaged now. Everyone in Wiltspoon knows we’re engaged.”

Josh looked deeply at Jasmine, who understood the meaning behind his gaze.

Jasmine helped him fill his glass with water again then put it down hard in front of him. She sat next to him and reached out to twist his ear. “Don’t think about it. Wait until our wedding night.”

Josh hugged her and said, “Jasmine, Jazzy, Dear, I’ll just hug you to sleep and won’t cross the line. I’m an old man and am not used to having a woman around. Let me practice and get used to it so that I won’t be shy on our wedding night.”

Jasmine said amusingly, “You’re the last person who would be shy. You talk a lot when normally give Mr. York love advice–you’re very experienced.”

Josh hugged her tightly and then let her go. Since he loved her, he would respect her. She might seem cheeky, but she was very conservative.

“I was just teasing you.”

Josh dotingly and lightly pinched her pretty face. He stood up and said with reluctance, “I’m leaving. You should get some rest soon. Good night.”

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