Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1460 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1460 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Camryn would not abandon her flower shop. She would always be there.

It was working hours at the moment. Camryn would think that Callum was busy working in the office and would not go to her shop, so she could show up. Callum could then catch her red- handed.

Callum had not been avoided like this before.

In fact, Camryn had always been in the shop. When Callum went there in the morning, she asked. her two assistants to lie to him while she hid in the bathroom.

Her phone was turned off because she changed a new phone and number.

As such, Callum’s call did not go through.

After accompanying Callum to attend Josh’s engagement party last night, Camryn thought about it all night. She did not know why Old Mrs. York picked her. Did Old Mrs. York not mind that she was blind?

Or did Old Mrs. York already know she was someone who played dumb?

However, even her little aunt did not know she had long arranged for someone to enter Newman Enterprise and meddle in their business.

Old Mrs. York could not have known.

Camryn felt that she was not suitable for Callum. While she had not fallen in love with him, she would withdraw herself and leave. She did not want to have any more interactions with him.

Therefore, she changed her phone and contact number. Her new number was only given to Dalton.

Dalton Mitchell was now the deputy managing director of Newman Enterprise. He was second only to Mr. Newman and was deeply trusted and relied upon.

How Camryn and Dalton met was another story. In any case, Dalton would not betray Camryn.

At this moment, Camryn and a strange man were the only ones in Spring Blossoms. The strange. man was Dalton.

Despite that, Dalton had disguised himself, so Mr. Newman would not be able to recognize him even if he was present.

“Dal, you shouldn’t come over. You’ll be exposed if someone sees you.”

Camryn held up a teapot and poured a cup of tea for Dalton.

Dalton looked at her with his dark eyes and said gently, “Given the situation, I won’t be at ease if I don’t come and see you.”

“They can’t be aggressive now.”

Camryn originally had a plan too, but she met the Yorks because of Serenity, and things did not develop according to her plan. Luckily, the final result was good. It was several times better than the outcome she would have gotten from Implementing her plan.

Her plan was only to get back everything that belonged to her and to seek justice for her dad.

Camryn’s dad was treated as the successor because he was loved by his parents, and harmed by his brother as a result. As for Camryn’s mom, she wanted to be with Camryn’s uncle and did not. hesitate to kill her then–husband, leaving Camryn fatherless at the age of two.

Camryn understood that her dad was mainly killed for them to gain benefits.

If it was only a matter of feelings, Camryn’s mom could have filed for divorce and married the now Mr. Newman instead of killing her husband.

What they wanted was all the Newmans‘ family fortune.

Hence, they killed Camryn’s dad.

After Camryn’s dad died, her grandparents soon passed away one after another. Newman Enterprise ended up with the new Mr. Newman and Mrs. Newman.

Camryn admitted that Newman Enterprise prospered and had assets of over a billion dollars after it fell into her uncle’s hands. That said, her uncle stepped on her dad’s corpse to rise to the top. This was something she could not tolerate and accept.

As such, she arranged for Dalton to enter Newman Enterprise and used him to understand the company’s business. She wanted to lay things out bit by bit to reclaim the enterprise.

Camryn planned to let Mr. and Mrs. Newman do the work for her.

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