Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1463 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1463 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Camryn responded calmly, “Mr. Callum, what’s the relationship between us then? Who I hang out. with and who I get close to is my freedom. You helped me a lot, Mr. Callum, but you have no right. to control my social relations, do you?

“I take you for a valued guest, Mr. Callum.”

“A valued guest? Just a guest?”

Callum reached out and grabbed her shoulders. “Camryn, do you dare say that you’re not avoiding me? I told you the truth and that I treat you as my fiancée. You avoided me after that and stopped answering my calls.

“Now, you’re even flirting with another man. Is that on purpose?”

Camryn was still very calm. She moved Callum’s hands away and retreated to the counter. She felt safer if there was a table between them.

She might look calm, but in fact, she was a bit panicky at the moment.

Camryn did not know why she was panicking.

She just felt that she had done something wrong to Callum.

However, they were not a couple, so it was not as if she betrayed him.

She could feel Callum’s anger.

“Mr. Callum, as I said, who I hang out with and who I get close to is my freedom. Yes, you did tell me that your grandmother chose me as your wife candidate. I’m flattered that Old Mrs. York chose me.

“As for you treating me as your fiancée, that’s your business and doesn’t represent my thoughts. I consider you a normal friend at most, Mr. Callum. I’m also very grateful that you helped me, but I’ve repaid your kindness by treating you to a few meals.

“Also, I wasn’t avoiding you; I only changed my phone and my number. If I were, I wouldn’t be here and would’ve closed the shop and left long ago.”

Callum stared at her.

Since Camryn could not see, it was useless for him to glare at her. It did not affect her, and she did not even know he was staring at her.

Callum added, “You accompanied me to the party last night.”

“Didn’t you force me to go, Mr. Callum? You even brought up your sister–in–law, I went to show her and Jasmine respect, not to accompany you on purpose.

Callum’s face darkened.

Camryn was determined to make things clear between them and did not want to cross paths with him anymore.

“Who was that man Just now?” Callum asked.

He could accept that Camryn was avoiding him and wanted to draw a clear line with him. After all, it was one–sided for him to treat her as a wife. She did not know at all.

When he suddenly told her the truth, it was normal for her to avoid him.

That said, Callum was jealous to see her being so close to another man.

He had considered her his wife, and his wife could not be so close to men other than her relatives.

“You don’t know him anyway.”


“Mr. Callum, you don’t need to shout. That’s my personal matter, so I don’t think I need to tell you.”

Callum’s face darkened again. He stared at her for some time before he gritted his teeth and asked, “Camryn, do you really think there’s nothing between us?”

He propped both hands on the cashier counter and leaned over to move his handsome face closer to hers.

They were so close that she could feel his warm breath on her face when he spoke.

Camryn trembled but quickly straightened her back again and answered calmly, “Mr. Callum, we’re considered friends–normal friends.”

Callum ground his teeth and stared deadly at Camryn again. When he saw her eyes, he remembered that she could not see him clearly at the moment as she was blind. It would be a

waste of effort for him to glare at her.

All of a sudden, Callum grabbed her shoulders again with both hands and pulled her toward him.

Camryn hit the counter as a result. Before she could even react, he kissed her lips.

She was speechless.

Camryn only felt her mind go blank.

She did not expect Callum to kiss her!

Soon enough, Camryn reacted and immediately pushed Callum away. Despite that, he held her head in place instead of grabbing her shoulders so that she could not get rid of him.

Callum was furious.

He could not act like a gentleman anymore.

Every time he was with Camryn and saw her red lips, he wanted to taste them to see if they were soft and sweet as he had imagined.

He tasted them at this moment.

Callum initially wanted to kiss Camryn as a punishment. After their lips met, he instinctively wanted more.

The more she struggled, the harder he kissed.

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