Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1469 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1469 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Zachary hummed and said, “Don’t order takeout for lunch. I’ll send food over to your side. Let’s eat together.”

Serenity was alone in the store, and Zachary could not bear to let his beloved wife eat takeout. He had already ordered food from Wiltspoon Hotel and a bodyguard picked it up. Then, he would bring the food over during lunch break so the couple could have lunch in the bookstore together.

“Okay, I won’t order takeout. You get back to work. School is almost out, so I’ll be busy too.”

Serenity hung up the phone after speaking.

On the other side, Zachary looked at his phone and complained, “She didn’t even give me the chance to say bye.”

Serenity began to work while Zachary finished his work and left the office.

The bodyguard just came back from getting the insulated lunch boxes from the hotel. He rushed out to receive Zachary when he saw the latter come downstairs.

A few minutes later, Zachary’s car drove out of York Corporation.

He left ten minutes before lunch break, so there was no traffic on the road yet. He arrived at the bookstore soon after.

There were still students buying stuff in Serenity’s bookstore. Some students saw Serenity alone and asked, “Serenity, I haven’t seen Jasmine for a few days. Where is she?”

The only young bookstore owners in the vicinity were Serenity and Jasmine, so most of the students addressed them affectionately. Serenity and Jasmine were pretty and treated the students well, so the students liked to visit their bookstore when school was out.

“Jasmine has an important event today and isn’t free, so I’ll be the one looking after the store for the next two to three months. Why? Do you miss Jasmine?”

Serenity rang them up while joking with the students. After she calculated the total, she gave them a discount.

“Two to three months is a long time. Doesn’t that mean we’ll have to wait until next semester to see Jasmine? Of course we miss her. We missed you too when the store was closed these few days. Serenity, we miss you so much. You have to give us a bargain.”

Serenity laughed. “I thought you guys really missed me, but you were just trying to get a discount. Don’t worry, I won’t overcharge you. There are so many stores here, so you can compare the prices. I’ll never rip you off.”

It was April now. Josh took two months off after Jasmine and he got married, and by the time Jasmine came back, it would be almost summer vacation.

Zachary walked in with the insulated lunch boxes.

Although the students were aware that this man, who was so serious he was even scarier than the dean, was Serenity’s husband, they still feared him when they saw him. They were too scared to

joke with Serenity again.

After Serenity helped to bag their purchases, they hurriedly took the bags and slipped away.

However, they could not help but secretly glance at Zachary as they left.

Serenity’s husband was really good looking.

It was just that his expression was too grim and scary.

“Do you need help?” Zachary asked after he left the insulated lunch boxes in the kitchen.

He looked around the store. There were only a few students and parents remaining inside.

Serenity laughed. “Your help will only scare away my few customers. I’ll pass. Why did you come over so early?”

“I left early.”

“It’s great being your own boss. No one says a word when you leave work early.”

Zachary smiled.

Ten minutes later, the customers finished buying the stationery they wanted and left.

“Didn’t you say Sonny would be sent here?” Zachary asked.

“Sonny wanted to be with Liberty, so Jim had no choice but to send him back to the hospital again.”

After almost getting kidnapped again, Sonny was clingier to his mother.

Zachary did not say anything else. He went back to the kitchen, transferred the packed dishes to plates, and brought them out.

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