Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1503 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1503 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Zachary placed the phone on the table and said to Serenity. “Nana is getting craftier.”

He wanted to call her devious instead but was afraid that she would get back at him if word got to her.

In the end, he decided to keep to himself.

“A matchmaker is only responsible for introducing two people to each other, not to guarantee that the couple will have a child.”

Serenity teased Zachary.

Grandma May was only responsible for helping her grandsons choose their wives. How they pursued their wives was their business; it was not something for her to worry about.

She still had several grandchildren at home who were still single.

Recently when Dylan and the others learned about their nana’s method of choosing their wives, all of them grew nervous. In fact, they were shivering in fright.

Every day, they wondered what kind of wife their nana would choose for them.

Recently, they tried sweet–talking and coaxing their nana every day, wanting her to let them remain single for a few more years. They prayed that their nana would not move on too quickly to them.

In short, they went through all kinds of hoops to remain single.

After breakfast, Serenity did not have time to rest and had to deliver breakfast to her sister.

However, Sonny had to go to class.

Jim was already waiting to pick him up.

“I don’t want to go to class. I want to go with you and see Mom.”

The little guy had thoughts of quitting after a few days of class.

When Serenity brought him out of the house and he saw Jim waiting for him outside, he immediately turned and wrapped his arms around Serenity’s legs.

Serenity squatted down and said to her nephew, “Sonny, we can’t give up halfway. We have to stick to the end. Didn’t you say that you wanted to learn self–defense so you can protect Mom and me?

“If you don’t persist, you won’t be able to learn self–defense, and you won’t be able to protect Mom.

“Sonny, no matter what you do, when you decide to do something, you have to take it seriously. You can’t give up halfway.”

Sonny pursed his lips and said pitifully, “It’s really tiring. I–I just want to rest. I want to go to the hospital to stay with Mom.”

Serenity knew that self–defense training was very tiring. When she learned as a child, she had wanted to quit often but she persevered.

Now, ordinary punks were no match for her.

“Sonny, I know it’s very tiring, but you have to persevere. Learning self–defense is all about perseverance. You have to practice every day. Once you get the basics down, it’ll be easier for you later on.

“Jim will collect you after class and send you to the hospital to accompany your mom. Follow Jim to class first, okay?”

Sonny pouted.

Serenity wrapped an arm around her nephew, kissed his cheek, and said gently, “Our Sonny is the most amazing boy.”

Sonny stopped pouting.

“I’ll go to class, Aunt Ser. I want to be the most amazing boy.”

“You can do it, Sonny!”

Serenity stood up.

Jim came forward.

“Missus, I’ll send Sonny to class now.”

Serenity hummed. “Be careful on the road.”


Jim picked up Sonny, who waved his little hand to Serenity to say goodbye. Soon, Jim drove the car away and took Sonny away from the villa.

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