Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1505 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1505 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Upon hearing what Serenity said, he could not help but think, ‘As expected of Zachary’s wife.”

The husband and wife said almost the exact same thing.

“Serenity, I can only say that I won’t give up as long as your sister doesn’t remarry.”

Duncan spoke solemnly.

There was nothing else Serenity could say.

Putting aside everything else, she held quite an admiration for Duncan.

The three of them entered the in–patient building together. When they arrived at Liberty’s ward, they saw Hank standing by the door early in the morning.

This time, Hank came alone.

Olivia and Chelsea did not tag along..

Hank was also holding a bouquet and an insulated lunch box.

His parents asked him to do this.

Serenity was a little surprised when she saw Hank. Did her grandparents not stop him from coming out?

However, Olivia and Chelsea did not come, so it was still better than before.

Hank was a walking contradiction now and could easily be driven away.

“Hank Brown, are you here to disturb Liberty’s rest again? Get lost!”

Noah walked past the trio and stormed up to Hank!

With one hand, he snatched Hank’s bouquet, threw it on the ground, and lifted his foot to step on it. The flowers were flattened by his stomps.

He wanted to snatch the insulated lunch box from Hank’s grasp, but Hank gripped the handle tightly. The York family bodyguards watched from the side as Noah tried to wrestle the lunch box away.


Serenity walked over and called out to her youngest cousin.

–“Serenity, you’re here. This guy is really hateful. He used his parents to distract Grandmom and Granddad while he slipped away. I chased him all the way here with my car but couldn’t catch up to him and he managed to come here to disturb Liberty.”

As Noah spoke, he saw Hank distracted and finally managed to grab the lunch box.

Just when everyone thought he would throw it into the trash, he opened it up instead and drank the soup straight from the box.

The others were speechless.

“That soup isn’t for you, Hunt.”

Hank snatched back the insulated lunch box, but Noah had drunk half of the content inside.

He flushed with anger and yelled at Noah, “Did you inhale the soup? Half of it is gone!”

“You’re the stingy one for only preparing one bowl of soup. What’s strange about me drinking half of it in one go? In order to stop you, I didn’t even eat breakfast. I’m starving now. Anyway, I already tried the soup. Liberty would definitely be disgusted by it. It’s better for me to drink the rest.”

Noah grabbed Hank’s lunch box again, turned around, and finished off the soup.

Hank looked at Serenity.

Serenity said with a cold face, “Mr. Brown, my sister doesn’t want to see you. Please don’t come here again.”

“Serenity, Jessica did it because she was threatened. She…”

Serenity’s expression grew colder. “You show your face so early in the morning not because you care about my sister, but to plead for your wife, didn’t you? You really do love your wife. Not only did you forgive her for harming your own son, but you also want my sister to forgive her.

“Noah, please drag this eyesore out after you finish the soup.”

Noah responded, “Don’t worry, Serenity. I’ll take care of him for you.”

Serenity did not want to deal with Hank anymore and entered the ward as the bodyguards opened the door for her.

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