Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1518 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1518 | [Serenity & Zachary]

After the meal, Grandma May and Mrs. Stone had a chat before the former left the Stones‘ residence with River.

Everyone saw the grandmother and grandchild out. After River drove away with Grandma May, Mrs. Stone turned to look around. When she saw Remy, she pressed her lips together. Ultimately, she did not say anything and went back into the house.

Alice had to take a nap after having a meal.

Mr. Stone went to accompany his wife.

Elisa and Remy were the only ones left in the garden

“Do you want to go for a walk?” Elisa asked.

He smiled gently. “It’s said that taking a walk after meals promotes longevity.”

Elisa looked toward his smiling face. He gave off a gentle and elegant aura. Whenever he talked to her, he would have a gentle smile. That smile felt like the spring breeze, soft and warm.

They walked out of the Stones‘ manor.

In one of the rooms on the second floor, Mrs. Stone stood by the window. She watched her lovely daughter walk outside with Remy.

She said to her husband with a tight expression, “That Johnson boy asked Elisa to go on a walk with him again.”

Mr. Stone walked over and looked outside. He saw his daughter walking with Remy side by side.

They were in a conversation and laughed as they walked.

Mr. Stone tore his gaze away from them. When he saw his wife’s tense face, he said, “If you don’t like. them talking to each other, just make it clear. You’re making this displeased expression in front of me, but your daughter and the Johnson boy can’t see it.”

“That boy must be blind. He always comes over during mealtimes. He doesn’t even seem to understand when I frown at him.

“Elisa said she’s friends with him, and they get along well. It’s not nice for me to scowl in front of Elisa 100.”

Mrs. Stone used to dominate the business world alongside her husband, but she was utterly clueless. about Remy approaching her daughter.

Elisa treated Remy as a friend.

There was softness and a hint of passion in his gaze toward her. He doted on her a lot too. He obviously liked her, but he had not confessed.

Mrs. Stone loved Elisa the most among her three children. She knew her daughter did not have many friends. If Mrs. Stone were to stop them from seeing each other, it would probably start a conflict between herself and Elisa, as Elisa thought of Remy as a friend.

She decided to talk to Remy.

Mrs. Stone had requested Zachary to talk to the boy, but nothing had changed.

When Remy came, she would hint Remy to leave while her daughter was not paying attention. However, that boy’s face was thicker than a wall. Regardless of whether she was being direct or indirect, he continued drinking and eating.

As long as Elisa did not chase him away, he could stay from morning till night. It was to the point where it felt as if he wanted to take a bath at the Stones‘ manor before heading home.

“Actually, Remy isn’t bad. He’s not inferior to Zachary by much. I admire him,” Mr. Stone said.

“I know Remy is decent, but he’s from Annenburg. It’s so far away. We only have one daughter. I can’t bear Elisa marrying off to a faraway place.”

Mrs. Stone was fixated on that.

Mr. Stone could not bear his daughter being married off to a distant place too.

“The new house Remy bought is right beside ours…”

Mrs. Stone glared at her husband. “Are you thinking of giving your permission? Yes, he did buy a house beside ours. He lives in Wiltspoon long–term too. However, who can guarantee he won’t bring Elisa back to FC Manor after marrying her?

“Maybe he just bought that villa to coax us into agreeing to Elisa marrying him. Will we be able to decide where he brings Elisa after she marries him?”

Mr. Stone said, “You should talk to Remy about that.”

“Clive came back today. We can get Clive to find some time to go to Remy’s company and chat with him so that Elisa doesn’t find out.”

Mrs. Stone did not want her daughter to know that their family did not accept Remy.

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