Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1529 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1529 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Josh laughed and asked Jasmine. “Isn’t it good to be a landlady? I remember you said you didn’t have a

big dream and will be content with living as a landlady as your parents did

“Being a landlady is too boring. All I do is collect rent every day.” Jasmine replied to him.

“You can ask me to collect rent for you”

Jasmine laughed. “You’re a landlord yourself”

Back then, she did not want to help her parents collect rent every day so she rented this place and opened a bookstore with Serenity to pass the time

It did not matter if they made money as long as she did not need to go around collecting rent

“The people from our hometown found things to do to pass the time My aunt drives a Porsche to work now, which is better than her boss’s car She’s a cleaner and gets about three grand a month, but she does a serious job.

“Her boss said her car was too good, so she drove a BMW instead the next day. Her boss still thought that it was still too nice of a car, so she could only buy an electric vehicle Like me, she drives that electric vehicle every day to be paid about three grand a month at work.”

Josh laughed so hard that his stomach hurt. This is the portrait of the life of Wiltspoonians

Families had several houses for rent. Those who were as amazing as Jasmine’s family had many buildings and stores for rent The monthly rent was something that could not even be earned by many people in a lifetime.

After putting away the shelves in front of the store, Jasmine pushed her e-bike in and locked the store She left in Josh’s car.

Josh brought Jasmine to the hilltop villa.

It was several hundred meters away from Zachary’s house.

It did not cover as large of an area as Zachary’s house did, but the decorations were not inferior at all.

Josh’s car entered the villa. He drove to the entrance of the house and stopped.

Before getting out of the car, Jasmine saw the two rows of people standing in front of the house.

There were about twenty of them comprising maids, a chauffeur, and bodyguards hired by Josh to serve.


“There are so many people.”

Jasmine commented softly. “There are more people here than there are in your family.”

She remembered that her in-laws did not have that many servants.

Josh unfastened his seatbelt and said, “They’re specially hired to serve you. There aren’t many of them- only over twenty I can hire a few more if they’re not enough. They’re all experienced in their trades and can take good care of you.”

Jasmine was speechless.

How was over twenty people not a lot?

Jasmine’s family was also nich, but they did not hire maids. They would only hire a few part-timers to help spring clean during festivities.

Big and small affairs in their family were usually handled by Jasmine’s parents. Echoing her mother, if there was no housework to do, they could only live their days counting the money they had.

“You’ve been to Wildridge Manor. The Yorks are the ones with plenty of servants. Their family splits tasks in detail, so there are nearly a thousand workers in the manor

Josh felt that since he and Jasmine had just gotten married and that there were only two of them, they did not need so many attendants for the time being. Once their family had new members, he would hire a few nannies.

Jasmine did not say anything else.

“Let’s get off and meet everyone. You’ll be their missus from now on.”

Josh’s parents would not move here to live with them, so he and Jasmine would be the bosses of this villa.

“Sir, madam.”

After the couple got out of the car, the two rows of people standing in front of the house greeted them with respect under the butler’s lead.

Jasmine responded to them with a smile.

“Sir, madam, dinner is ready,” the butler said respectfully.

Josh replied gently, “We’re not used to people serving us during dinner. You’re dismissed.”

The butler waved his hand, and the servants dispersed in an orderly manner.

Only the butler was left following the couple into the house.

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