Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1542 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1542 | [Serenity & Zachary]

“We won’t be open for a few days because school holidays start today. Liberty, your body hasn’t fully recovered. You should be lying down more.”

Serenity put Sonny down. He raced ahead energetically while the sisters strolled behind him.

“My bones will grow moldy if I keep lying down. I don’t feel any discomfort now. It’s just some itch and pain from my wound.

“I’ll have to return to manage All You Can Eat after Jasmine visits her family.”

Serenity and Liberty would be having a meal with the Sox family when Jasmine returned to visit them after their wedding day.

After that, Josh would take Jasmine on their honeymoon.

He had two months of marriage leave.

While the sisters were walking, a maid came over and said respectfully, “Missus, Mr. Lewis is here.”

Upon hearing the maid’s words, Serenity looked toward her sister instinctively.

Liberty said indifferently. “Seren, whether he comes or not, it has nothing to do with me.”

Duncan was holding back when she was still in the hospital. He did not want her to be distracted by relationship matters while recuperating.

Once Liberty was discharged, Duncan stopped suppressing his feelings for her.

Even a fool could tell that he was pining for her.

Every time Duncan saw Liberty, his fiery gaze would always follow after her.

“Duncan is here for you,” Serenity said. Next, she said to the maid, “Go and check if Zachary is awake. If he isn’t, have Sam invite Mr. Lewis into the house and attend to him as our guest. My sister and I still wish to walk a little longer.”

Her sister did not accept Duncan’s feelings.

She was on her sister’s side.

The maid replied respectfully and carried out Serenity’s instructions.

Everyone was used to Duncan coming over early in the morning for free breakfast.

Even without Serenity’s instructions, Mr. Lewis’s car could enter the villa freely.

Before Duncan parked the car, he saw from afar that Serenity and Liberty were taking a walk and admiring the flowers

When he took another look after parking the car, he could not spot them anymore.

He was not in a rush to go over to them.

He got out of the car and asked Sam, who was out to welcome him, “Sam, is Zachary still sleeping?”

“Mr Zachary got a little drunk last night. He hasn’t woken up yet.”

Sam smiled and said, “You may come inside to wait, Mr Lewis. Mr Zachary should be up soon.”

The missus was already strolling in the garden.

Mr. Zachary would not be able to stay asleep for long.

After getting drunk, he would sulk if he could not see the missus the next morning.

In the past, everyone would feel anxious whenever Zachary sulked. It was as if the end of the world was upon them.

However, everyone was no longer afraid because Missus was there. They were simply guessing how long it would take for the man of the house to wake up sulkily.


Duncan followed Sam into the house.

The moment he stepped inside, he saw Zachary, who was about to come downstairs.

Zachary’s face was tense with a serious expression on it. It was just as Sam predicted.

He had felt a headache when he woke up after getting drunk the night prior. Before he opened his eyes, he let out a groan on purpose so that his wife would coddle him.

It turned out that his wife was long gone. He touched her spot under the duvet, and it was chilly. It meant. Serenity had woken up very early.

Zachary was used to being prioritized. He hoped Serenity would revolve around him, especially when he was feeling uncomfortable.

However, Serenity would be the last person to revolve around him.

Upon seeing his friend, who had come over bright early in the morning and even before he got downstairs, Zachary’s expression turned grimmer.

Only Duncan could walk to the sofa and sit calmly without caring about Zachary’s stern expression.

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