Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1560 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1560 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Callum said, “Lucky guess. Her eldest and second aunts went to her house last night to make a stink, and Camryn ordered the bodyguards to drive them out. I was with Camryn then. They told me to my face not to be with Camryn, saying that she was blind.

“I’m not surprised at all that they went to the manor to find you. What did they say to you, Mom?”

“In a nutshell, they just said that Camryn is unworthy of you. They said that not only was she blind, but she also sued her mother and harmed her stepfather. They also called her an ungrateful wench with no morals. They hoped I would stop you two from being together.”

Callum guessed that Camryn’s aunts would go to the manor. However, his expression still grew dark when he heard his mother’s words.

Not even he could bear to scold Camryn.

However, her aunts kept scolding her, calling her blind left, right, and center.

The next time he were to see them, he would not be a gentleman anymore. He would just tell the bodyguards to kick them out!

Callum asked his mother, “How did you refute them?”

He did not think that his mother would listen to the two women.

Rosella said, “I told them that we’re very open–minded parents. As long as you like Camryn, your dad and I won’t intervene in your emotional affairs. I also said there’s nothing wrong with Camryn being blind.

“She doesn’t need to do anything after marrying into our family. All she needs to do is spend money.”

Callum laughed.

“You’re awesome, Mom!”

Rosella snorted. “Although you haven’t succeeded in wooing your wife, you’re trying to pursue her. Camryn will be my daughter–in–law sooner or later. If I don’t disdain her, how can they have the right to? They’re her biological aunts, but they can’t stand to see her doing well. Camryn is better off without them.”

“Camryn has three aunts, and only her youngest aunt, Evelyn, had a good relationship with her father. Evelyn cares about Camryn. On the other hand, her two older aunts are on the same side as her uncle. They want to go back to their maiden home to compete for the property. They just can’t stand to see Camryn doing well.”

“They want to come home to fight for the property? Who does the Newman family property belong to now? If it’s still under the names of Camryn’s grandparents, then her aunts might be able to win over some shares.”

Callum replied, “Camryn said that the Newman family villa was left to her by her father. The company should also have been taken over by her father, but it fell into the hands of Mr. Newman after her father was killed. Now that I think about it, most of the Newman property should be under Mr. Newman now.

“Mr. and Mrs. Newman got married when Camryn was just two years old. Even if they greatly disliked Camryn, she grew up by their side. It’s only natural to form a relationship between a ward and her caregivers. Camryn is Mr. Newman’s stepdaughter and also has the right to inherit the property. Besides, the Newman Enterprise that Mr. Newman took over should have belonged to Camryn’s father in the first place.”

“Didn’t Mr. and Mrs. Newman have a son and daughter after getting married? Mr. and Mrs. Newman

haven’t been sentenced yet. If Mr. Newman is sentenced to death, it might be possible for his two sisters. to fight for the property after his death. However, he’s not dead yet. Why did they come back to fight for property?”

Callum said, “That’s why Camryn fell out with her two aunts. Now, Newman Enterprise is temporarily. controlled by Camryn and Dalton Mitchell. Dalton is the deputy managing director of the company and was deeply trusted by Mr. Newman. However, he has known Camryn for many years and treats her like a younger sister. I only recently learned of their connection.”

Rosella was silent for a moment before saying, “I didn’t expect Camryn to have this trick up her sleeve. It’s no wonder your nana chose her, Callum, since this has to do with your wife’s family, you should help out more. Don’t let your future wife suffer.”

“Of course. Don’t worry, Mom. I won’t let your future daughter–in–law suffer.”

As expected of mother and son.

Camryn had not accepted Callum’s feelings yet, but Rosella already regarded her as her future daughter–in -law and protected her. She was afraid that Camryn would suffer losses in the fight over inheritance.

“Ask Zack if you need help, or tell me if you need me to come forward. I’ll never let my future daughter–in- law be bullied by others.”

Once again, the York family’s protectiveness was vividly showcased.

When Tania protected Serenity, the latter had already become the former’s daughter–in–law. It was natural for a mother–in–law to protect her daughter–in–law.

However, Camryn had not married into the York family yet, but Rosella already treated her as a daughter–in -law and watched over her.

Callum smiled. “I’m relieved by your words, Mom.”

Deep down, he was actually a little worried that his parents would not be able to accept a blind woman as their daughter–in–law.

His mother’s words gave him assurance.

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