Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1561 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1561 | [Serenity & Zachary]

“Good luck. Let’s see if you can marry Camryn by this year.”

Callum said confidently, “I’ll definitely make you a mother–in–law by this year.”

“All right, go back to work. I’m going to your uncle’s place.”

Callum hummed and waited for his mother to hang up.

After Rosella finished talking to her son, she got up and left.

The three sisters–in–law were very close and were like actual sisters. When they heard that Zachary and Serenity were back, Rosella and her other sister–in–law, Sasha, went over to Tania’s place.

The house was bustling with liveliness,

Of course, the most popular person was the sweet and dashing Sonny.

Rowan wanted to take Sonny out to fly a kite, saying that it was windy today. The best place to fly a kite was on the lawn.

Zachary asked him, “Have you finished your homework?”

Rowan said smugly, “I finished them last night. I wouldn’t dare see you if I didn’t finish my homework.”

“You finished it all in one night? Looks like you don’t have enough homework.”

Rowan would only start his junior year in September and was still currently a sophomore. In high school, only sophomores had it a little easier.

“I had plenty of homework. My teachers assigned homework for every subject. Zack, you don’t know that I worked till midnight last night to finish all of them. I finished everything early because I wanted to play. with my brother during these three days of holiday.”

Whenever there was a holiday in the past, he spent it doing his homework. If he did not finish them, his older brothers would not let him play.

Thus, Rowan became smart. Every time he had a holiday, he would finish his homework on the night. before the holiday itself. It did not matter how late he had to stay up. That way, he would be able to play with his brothers.

“I’ll send you several sets of test questions later. Do more practice and strive to get into a good. university. Don’t embarrass us.”

Rowan pulled a face upon hearing that. He hugged Sonny and said to Serenity. “Serenity, reign in Zack a little. I finally have a three–day holiday and finished my homework, but he wants to give me more test questions. Can’t I rest and have a good time with my brothers?”

Rowan clung to Serenity from the first time he saw her.

Back then, when he saw his high and mighty eldest brother helping Serenity carry her bags, he knew that Zachary would fall into her hands sooner or later. Thus, he clung to Serenity tightly.

Serenity said to Zachary, “Rowan finished all his homework. Let him relax for the holidays. You at least have to let him play for a day. Studies are important, but he needs to have a good school–life balance. You can’t keep forcing him to study. It’ll be counterproductive sometimes.”

Rowan echoed, “That’s right, that’s right. Everyone is forcing me to study and putting pressure on me. All eight of my older brothers were at the top of their classes. God knows how much pressure I’m under.”

“I’m still sending the test questions to you. You don’t need to revise today and do the questions, but you’d better be a good boy and finish them in the next two days. Seren, you have a lot of test questions in your store, right? Take a few sets for him to do.”

Rowan looked at Serenity as if pleading for help.

He forgot that his sister–in–law owned a bookstore, so she had test questions for days. Even if there were test questions that were not available in the bookstore, Serenity would probably be able to find a way him to do them.

Serenity laughed. “There are many indeed, but I’m on vacation now and the store isn’t open. Next time. then. I’ll bring Rowan a few sets for the next holidays, during summer vacation. When he starts senior year, he can take any set of test questions from my store.”

Rowan was speechless. “Thank you in advance… Serenity.”

Fortunately, Serenity did not say that she would send him the test questions now.

However, he had eight older brothers. If all eight of them sent him a few sets, they would pile up into a mountain on his desk.

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