Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1562 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1562 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Rowan was scared by the thought of his study desk being filled with test questions.

“I’ll just play for one day.” Rowan said conscientiously and did not dare ask for more holidays.

His mom seemed ignorant of this and did not care about his cousins pressuring him with sets of test. questions.

Rowan was the youngest among the cousins, and the youngest was the most favored. With eight excellent brothers watching over him, his mom was happy to do nothing.

“Sonny, come on, I’ll take you out to fly a kite.”

Rowan, who managed to ask for a day off, took Sonny out to go wild and play.

Duncan was worried about Sonny and followed them.

He wanted to continue to win Sonny over and make Sonny fonder of him. That way, he would soon be able to replace Hank and become Sonny’s dad.

“Rose, I heard Camryn’s aunts came to see you. What was it about?” Old Mrs. York asked her second daughter–in–law.

Rosella answered, “Those two have no sense of propriety. They came to tell me that Camryn is blind and isn’t good enough for Callum, wanting me to break them up. I wonder if they’re Camryn’s aunts at all.”

Old Mrs. York asked further, “How did you respond to them?”

“I told them that we don’t mind that Camryn can’t see. Even if she marries into our family, we don’t need her to do anything as long as she knows how to spend money. Her aunts were pissed off.”

Old Mrs. York was pleased with her daughter–in–law’s reply.

She said, “Camryn isn’t as weak as she appears. Her flaw is that she hasn’t recovered her eyesight, but her eyes can be treated. Callum is waiting for the genius doctor’s apprentice–Dr. Carden–to return to Annenburg, and then he’ll ask her to treat Camryn’s eyes.”

Mrs. York asked with concern, “Dr. Carden can cure Camryn’s eyes, right? I heard Camryn’s aunts say that she has been blind for a decade and has seen numerous eye specialists but nothing worked.”

It would be best if Camryn could regain her sight.

If she were blind her whole life, Mrs. York would still accept it. As long as Callum liked her and did not mind, Mrs. York would have nothing to say as a mother–in–law,

After all, it was not Mrs. York who would be getting a wife, but her son.

Everything would be up to her son’s wishes.

“Dr. Carden is the miracle doctor’s only successor. It is said that she’s an expert in medicine and poison. Camryn lost her sight due to drugs. If even Dr. Carden is helpless…”

Old Mrs. York did not go on. Everyone present understood what she meant.

Serenity said, “Nana, I’ve asked Carnryn about it. She said she can see some light now but not clearly. She said a doctor used to treat her eyes and that it was effective, but unfortunately, that doctor later died of illness. Her treatment stopped after that.”

Mrs. York was slightly relieved. She asked, “In that case, there’s a chance for her eyes to be cured. When will Dr. Carden return to Annenburg?”

Zachary answered instead, “Dr. Carden and the fourth son of the Johnsons are in love, and she’s pregnant. now. Even if she returns to Annenburg, she won’t travel far to treat patients so soon. We might only be able to ask her to come and treat Ms. Camryn’s eyes after she’s done with giving birth, the baby’s sip and see shower, and her wedding to Mr. Johnson.

“We’ll probably have to wait a few months.”

Zachary was most informed about Dr. Carden.

This was because he had the most dealings with the Johnsons.

“Camryn has waited for a decade, so a few more months will be nothing. We won’t give up as long as there’s a little hope. Even if there’s no hope, I won’t despise her,” Mrs. York expressed.

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